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  1. 16", but this is not much of an issue. I was using it on a handmade 16" but the surface it was screwed on was wooden and was completely flat. In any case the worst possible scenario is to create a small gap under the focuser.
  2. Baader Steeltrack focuser for newtonians for sale. 140 pounds + shipping from Greece.
  3. Ι had not seen this missing screw. I don't even know what it does. Anyway, anybody can find a screw like this to replace it.
  4. Baader SteelTrack focuser for Newtonians for sale with2"->1.25" included. Shipping from Greece. I am asking 150 pounds + shipping.
  5. Hello guys, I have bought several green laser pointers all these years for education purposes (Uranography) but none of them works well. Every time I want to use them, they don't work because of the law temperature or for other unknown reasons. Where can I buy a reliable one that works well?
  6. johninderby, I see an interesting bag in this shop but I don't see choice for shipping to Greece. I asked them but no answer until now.
  7. Sorry about this mistake!! I corrected it so no other guy faints... The truth is that I had sewed a case about 8 years ago but the fabric was not thick enough and it is going to collapse any time soon so I am searching for something better. I know I can find it but I don't know how to search it. The tent pole or awning pole bags at ebay are 98cm or 125cm long.
  8. Hello guys, I am searching of a bag to store and transport the 8 truss poles of my 16" truss dobsonian. I am searching for ski bags or photo light stand bags or fishing rod bags but some are too big, some too small. The length of the truss poles are 140cm. What do you personally use for their store and transport?
  9. Guys, I want to ask: In these cases with the precut foam like the B&W, how can you glue the foam back again to rearrange your eyepieces?
  10. It happens I am selling a 20mm T5 nagler these days, very small for 2", lightweight and the views are awesome. It is a legendary eyepiece.
  11. Nagler 20mm T5 in it's box, very good condition, the only minor is a small mark on its barrel caused by the focuser's screw. Perfect optics. Shipping from Greece. Asking for 370euros or 320 british pounds + shipping.
  12. Explore Scientific 30mm 82° eyepiece for sale like new in box, used only 8-9 times. I never use so small magnification so it has to go to fund other purchases. From Greece. I can send it everywhere in Europe. Asking for 240€ or 220£.
  13. The image in reflectors are turned 180 degrees while in RACI finders it is just correct so they have a 180 degree difference between them. In refractors with a diagonal the image is mirrored at left-right direction. So ideally I would like the image in the finder and the main scope to be the same.
  14. 1. Is there any refractor finder that shows the image the same orientation as the reflector? 2. How many mm exactly is the outer diameter of the celestron 76mm? In order to see what rings i need. 80mm rings are enough?
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