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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, new to SG lounge and new to the hobby. I have just bought my first EQ Mount (Used 2018 model HEQ5 pro, belt modded). I hate to be the newbie to ask questions about polar alignment, but I have what I hope to be a relatively simple question to answer, yet have had no luck with the search bar. When my mount is in the home position (counterweight bar down) and tripod north my polar scope reticle is orientated as per the attached photograph (photo 1). When I was reading prior to getting the mount I had simply assumed that the reticle would be oriented with 0 being directly at the top and 6 at the bottom when in home position. As this is not the case, my question regards what I do during the process of polar alignment. Do I rotate the R.A. so that 0 is at the top and 6 is at the bottom and then place Polaris in the relevant position as per my iOS polar alignment app (photo 2) or do I need to somehow rotate the reticle within the polar scope such that the reticle is orientated vertically in the home position? Are the date and time dials on the mount itself obsolete now that we have the privilege of apps that do the work for us? Apologies if this is a basic question that has been covered before.
  2. I'm on an EQ3 and I have had trouble calibrating it. I'm trying to calibrate the reticule but .... It seems that barrel of the polarscope is off axis in the tube - it sort of moves the whole image around, as if you were swirling a pair of binoculars around. Maybe I can make a video. Is it time for me to buy a fresh one that I didn't meddle with? The outcome is that I can only shoot 20second images before the stars elongate. polar-align-problem.mp4
  3. Hi The older Celestron CG5 mount had 3 retaining screws that allowed the polar finder scope to be rotated 360 deg when mounted. Newer finders are screw fit but what to do if once the finder scope is inserted and tightened only to find that the vertical axis of the finder display is not at 90deg from horizontal plane? The 3 screws only allow for centering the reticule and I would need to disassemble the finder to rotate the reticule holder but how can I be sure that when put back together it will be correctly aligned? I am referring to the skywatcher HM5 for the EQ3/5 mount. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Guys, Desperately need help here. I have recently got a setup Skywatcher 200 with EQ5 so a newbiee me. Anyway I am setting up Polar alignment perfect. Using compas, mount bolts and lat is spot on. GPS and time is also spot on. Using 3 star alignment as well as 2 star alignment. Synscan goes to the first star which is not even in FOV of the finder scope, Then I use hand held to get it in view and alligned. Second star nearly is on target and with handheld I align using the handheld. 3 rd star is also way out. Once aligned I go to an object which does not center at all and is in the top left of the FOV. I have to keep re-aligning every 15 min to see anything. However Polaris remains where it should be using polar alignment scope. What am I missing? Pls help
  5. Been waiting for days in anticipation for the first clear night with my new SW 200P reflector and HEQ5 mount. I found instantly that I couldn't locate the North Star due to bloody trees and also the moon was so bright it made all other objects so much more dim in my scope. The Polaris Alignment scope LED's are so bright I couldn't align any star in the scope at all, let alone see through it. I did check it was clear and it didn't have the cap on or the weight bar obstructing it. I tried adjusting the brightness but found no settings in the SynScan handset for my model! I also found out that my clock ring rotates even if I lock them to the specific axis. (Annoying) In the end, instead of just messing around trying to align the damn thing I just span it around and zeroed in on the moon and other stars. I found pretty quickly that I can only focus on the moon IF I use a 2X barlow lense in the chain and that the focuser doesn't move back as far as my older Vixen refractor. Anywayyyy to make the most out of the full moon and the fact it was clear I took some photos and made a mosaic out of 54 individual photo's I took. The original photo is 388MB, so I've uploaded a much smaller version. My first proper AstroPhotography photo, any thoughts or solutions to the problems I found on my first night out? I'm hoping the next time I go out, it's much smoother. Enjoy. - Pesky
  6. Hi there, has anyone ever used this or something similar: http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p5950_90--comfortable-View-for-your-Polar-Finder.html Would be interested to hear everyone's thoughts on the use of such an accessory. Strikes me our knees, backs and necks would be most appreciative :-) Kind Regards Paul J.
  7. Hi there. I'm a planetary guy with a Meade LT6 ACF Alt/Az mounted. No problems... The issue is happened to a friend of mine with his new AVX Advance + C9.25. I have minimal experience using EQ mounted scopes. Here is what we do to setup: Level tripod with one leg pointed north.Add scope align the notches on the mount. Set latitude to our position. No polar scope so we just roughly centre Polaris through the 'hole'Perform either a 2 star alignment or use the Star Sense. After this we slew to Saturn. It's towards the left of the FOV.Now we use ASPA. It tells us we have a slight error. We choose a star and it slews to it. The slews to the place it ought to be if polar alignment was correct.We are now supposed to adjust the Alt and AZ of the mount to centre the star, in first NS and EW. This is where we seem to stuggle. I manage to centre the first and second part. Then the scope loses the plot. Alignment reads XXX XXX. Trying to slew to Saturn again will move the scope into very peculiar positions! Looking at the latitude dial now reads something completely different to our actually location.... Any obvious errors that I am making? Thanks for any input. Skips
  8. From the album: Stargazer33's Album

    C9.25; CGEM; ES 3× tele extender; Zwo ADC; QHY5LIIc Captured in EZP, sorted & centred in PIPP, stacked in Autostakkert2, wavelets in RS6, final processing in PS CS4 extended.

    © Bryan Harrison

  9. The QHYCCD PoleMaster polar alignment system is generating a lot of interest and it certainly seems to work very well indeed. The process is very simple and following the on-screen prompts makes it quite easy to achieve a very good polar alignment but the instruction manual does come in for a lot of criticism. Sooooooo ....... I''m sure you can guess what's coming ....... My own version of the Polemaster manual - enjoy! PoleMaster User Manual English UK Northern Hemisphere.pdf
  10. Hi all, This evening I wanted to have a go (again) at trying to figure out if my polar scope in the HEQ5 is aligned with the RA axis. So I tried first to set it up on my balcony and view a far away object (this in sunlight). I did turn the dec axis to open up the scope sights. I did not see ANYTHING. only darkness..... I even tried pointing it at the sun, and that barely shone through (did NOT put my eye behind it). So, tried putting it inside, and use a flashlight on top of a cupboard at the other end of the room. Strangely, that (also only barely) came through, but in a really weird way: it only shows on the left side of the "viewing circle"... when I turn the mount to move the light toward the middle crosshairs of the scope, the light disappears, as though it went behind an obstacle... It looks as though the polar scope is WAY off alignment, that far that the tube is obscuring part of the incoming light.... I am not touching the adjustment screws on the polar scope at the moment... First I need to hear some feedback as to what this could be... Has anybody seen this kind of problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Gerhard.
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