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  1. First purchase in my patient road to EAA capability, Hyperstar 3 for my 8” Edge. Compliments of ABS.
  2. Had notification from Nick at Altair Astro, that Ikarus Technologies have recently made the drivers for the Altair Astro range of cameras available for download with their StellarMate plarform. I would imagine at this stage they are probably still in Beta status. I’m favouring the INDI approach due to the lightweight small footprint of the required hardware and more importantly that the platform is intended for remote operation over iOS.
  3. Hi there Louise, unfortunately even though I live in what is probably the only border line green/yellow zone left in central Scotland (Slamannan), it still doesn’t make up for the surrounding central Scotland light-dome.... Thanks for your feedback regarding my imaging/eaa requirements. As you’ve no doubt already picked up, from my later post, my imaging strategy has firmed up in the past week, I will shortly be the proud owner of a Hyperstar. So I’m now looking for the best sub1k camera to pair with my 8” EdgeHD in this format. Clear Skies Paul.
  4. Guys, I have an order in for a Starizona Hyperstar for my 8” EdgeHD. What sub-1k camera would you pair with this kit? Also what is the learning curve involved, bear in mind I have no imaging experience? I have been looking at the Altair Astro Hypercam Pro TEC 183c, which seems to be getting some favourable comments. My intention is to use an INDI based platform, probably a StellarMate for image and focuser control. Paul.
  5. Hi there folks, my EAA/AP ambitions got severely curtailed last year due to unforeseen domestic expenditure. Moving into the new year, resolution renewed, I’m looking at investing in an EAA setup. Had been thinking about the new Altair Hypercam 183c TEC cooled offering. However on reading up it appears that the pixel size would not be a great match for the 8” Edge. So, looking for some advice from you guys as to what the ideal camera would be to pair with the 8” EdgeHD. Initial concentration will be on EAA however I would like to have the flexibility to move into a more traditional AP setup down the line. Camera budget is £1000. Kind Regards Paul.
  6. Hi there, our Astro group were booked into our normal dark skies venue for an observing weekend in February. Unfortunately, the accommodations are now going to be undergoing renovation and will be closed for the first 3 months of the year. We are looking at a couple of alternative venues. These are field study centres, one at Blancathra near Keswick and the other Malham Tarn in the Yorkshire Dales national park. Wondering if anybody has any observing experience of the skies in these areas. Kind Regards Paul.
  7. Soooo many... But for me it’s a toss up between The Pillars of Creation and the Deep Field, maybe just The Pillars of Creation by a whisker
  8. Well I missed the postie earlier in the week so had to do my own delivery, but very happy with my new acquisition
  9. Well I found after I removed my Baader SteelTrack and it’s smooth 10:1 focus capability from my setup, that going back to the stock focuser just wasn’t going to work for me. The FeatherTouch is yet to see first light, but the movement certainly feels silky smooth so bodes well for my next observing night... whenever that is
  10. Finally received my new FeatherTouch Microfocuser from FLO. Fitted over the weekend.
  11. Well since it’s reached that part of the year where my other hobby fly-fishing begins to get the focus of my attention, happy to say that Postie very kindly delivered my newly repaired waders from Diver Dave.
  12. With the incorporation of the mirror locks in the EdgeHD design, from an imaging perspective, mirror flop is not really an issue, that is of course if the claims by Celestron are to be believed
  13. Thanks for the feedback guys, in the end I placed the order with FLO. Was given a bum steer initially by a price of £334 at one website, which is what prompted me to look at US suppliers. Kind Regard Paul.
  14. Anybody from the UK ever buy a Feathertouch Microfocuser from the US? I’m considering replacing my Baader Steeltrack with the Feathertouch. Comparing prices in the UK against suppliers in the US it seems that it might be beneficial to buy direct from the US, especially considering that as a CN member you get 10% discount from Astronomics. If the package is small enough it might just get by customs as well
  15. Thanks for the offer Craig, but I think I’ll hold off for now. Let me know how your little project goes
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