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  1. Postie brought the Altair Astro adapter plate for my Starbase tri-pier. Followed a couple of weeks later by the required spacer to allow the footing of the SXW to sit securely in the adapter plate. Spacer was very kindly produced by an Astro friend with a 3D printer, works a treat.
  2. Starbase makes landfall in Slamannan Scotland Been after one of these for a while now. Sometimes you can get taken in by marketing hype, especially in the Astro market place, but this baby lives up to all the hype and then some. Just need to sort out an adapter plate for the Sphinx now PS: Special thanks to Mark for ending my search.
  3. Pete, that would be much appreciated. Just PMd you. Paul.
  4. Pete, am I right in my understanding that the mount attachment rod for the SXG tripod uses an M8 thread? Looks like after speaking to Altair Astro that I may have sourced an adapter plate that even though not designed for Vixen products may be fit for purpose https://www.altairastro.com/skywatcher-celestron--ioptron-pier-adapter-cnc-442-p.asp I still need to source an attachment rod/knob from somewhere though, any ideas? Kind Regards Paul.
  5. Oops, just remembered Opticron are no longer Vixen distributers...
  6. I remember you provided an expanded design diagram for the declination clamp when I had issues with it a couple of years ago. Something similar for the base of the mount would be ideal. Kind Regards Paul.
  7. Pete, you wouldn’t happen to have the exact measurements for the base of the SXW handy would you.
  8. Pete, what year did Vixen standardise on the 45mm central aperture. Can’t remember whether my tripod was an SXG or the older HAL130. My kit was purchased in 2012 I think, if my memory serves my right Paul.
  9. Hey there folks, hoping somebody in this thread will have some advice for me. I have the opportunity to acquire an Altair Astro Starbase Tripod, which I intend to use with my SXW, Thre is a slight problem with this plan, in that the Starbase was never ever equipped with an adpater plate for Vixen mounts. The Starbase is however compatible with Skywatch mounts (HEQ5 etc...) Just wondering if anybody here has had to get an adapter plate manufactured for their Vixen mount? Would appreciate any feedback in this proposition, positive or negative . For those not acquainted with the Starbase heres a link to a review on Cloudy Nights. https://www.cloudyni...od-review-r2946 Kind Regards Paul.
  10. Finally took the plunge into the world of EAA. Postman delivered my Atik Horizon. Now just need some decent skies to inspire me to get around to climbing the ‘skill mountain’
  11. My second 22ah Golf Cart power unit. These are awesome mobile power units and at only £139, a real bargain compared to the Tracer units I’ve previously bought.
  12. Not before time I have eventually sourced a protective carrier for my Oberwerk Tall Tripod. The Geoptik carrier for Eq6 and tripod. It has a bit more capacity than I envisaged, wondering if I might fit my Vixen HAL 130 alongside it, need to get the Vixen in from the garden to check it out. No more dings and scrapes
  13. I contemplated getting one of the Telegizmo 365s, then one day whilst visiting a Halfords branch came across motorcycle covers, and thought they might be worth a try. I’ve used the bike cover now at numerous dark sky sites, under wind rain and snow and they work a treat. When covering up I secure the base of the cover to the ground with a number of strategically placed steel tent pegs, then a pair of bungee cords secured to alternate tripod legs ensures that the cover stays put. Consider some of the weather we have had this summer, my kit has been out there through it all. Of course all eyepiece glass has been removed, and all possible ingress points to the optics have been carefully covered and obviously the battery pack has been removed indoors. I don’t remember the exact price but it was like £28 or something.
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