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  1. Kinch I guess your control would be via ASCOM then? I foresee an issue for me there, in that I may not be able to source an ASCOM driver for my ‘somewhat Vintage’ Sphinx SXW.
  2. Hi everyone, not sure if this is the correct forum for this thread but thought it was close enough to topic In prep for my Pulsar Obsy build a couple of months from now I’m looking to get ahead of software requirements for the dome. Can anybody provide advice on a decent ‘Skinny’ software stack for mount and dome control. Observing has been simple for me thus far, only need to worry about mount control. However, I got to thinking about how clumsy and inefficient things would be if goto commands were two separate unrelated actions one for mount control from my chosen planetarium so
  3. Guys just wondering what options are available for me to upgrade the standard SXW Vixen clamp to enable it to accept Losmandy style dovetails. I recently acquired a CGE dovetail that I would like to use with my 8” Edge. Kind Regards Paul
  4. Hi there everybody, hope you are all keeping sane during COVID. As already revealed in an earlier thread I will be building an observatory this year. Whilst it’s a bit early for the exterior elements of the build, I’m keeping busy putting together all the accessories I will need from an interior perspective. In doing so I’ve discovered a couple of thorny issues. 1/. I will need a 2.1mm power lead from Vixen to connect up to my new Pegasus UPB2; oh and just saying, what a fantastic piece of kit it is too. If needs be I can always buy in the whoppingly over-priced AC/DC adapter from Vi
  5. Hi there, I’m currently in the throws of planning an observatory build for this year. Now I hear you say, what has an observatory got to do with large aperture dobsonians... bear with me all will become clear. My intention is to eventually set up my EdgeHD in the observatory as an imaging platform in Hyperstar mode, but I feel I still need to see those photons in their raw form, so at some point I would like to add a good quality large aperture Dob to my growing Astro ‘stable’. Towards this end I have been reading up on products by a couple of vendors. Initial thoughts were more along
  6. Latest addition to my observatory accessories, I just can’t believe how small this unit is, and it still packs a real punch electrically. 5-15v Variable, 13.8v Fixed, 25A Continuous output, 30A Surge. Sadly, the kit won’t see ‘first light’ until later in the year on completion of my observatory build.
  7. Ok, so having read up on data cabling, and considering that I will laying about 30m of data cable in-line with my power cable, I’m thinking that my best option is outdoor rated CAT6/6A solid F/FTP to minimise the possibility of EM interference. A minor wrinkle in the decision making concerns the bending radius of solid CAT6 in the context of the observatory build. My intention is to run the data cable up through the centre of the observatory and into the pier, which means that it will need to go through a 90 degree change from horizontal to vertical, my concern is that the solid constr
  8. That’s very useful Malc, seems my planned build conforms to all these requirements
  9. Thanks for your feedback Malcolm. I’m not one for DIY, so absolutely I will be getting the electrics done by a qualified electrician. As for planning permission my understanding is that this really only becomes a requirement if the construction is adjoined to an existing structure or it exceeds certain height restrictions, and the impression given on the Pulsar web-site is that permission is generally not required for their product, however I take your point, probably best to have all the Ts crossed and the Is dotted
  10. Ok... so some great feedback so far guys, much appreciated. However as so often happens, more knowledge has the habit of raising yet more questions. What started of as a relatively simple ‘let’s build an observatory’ approach is rapidly growing arms and legs 1/. I have a thorny little issue with regards to multiple voltage requirements. My remote control computer is an Intel NUC, that runs off 19VDC, all my other gear, dew control, camera and mount run off 12VDC. I would like to run a single cable from a wall unit which will hold the mini consumer unit, and perhaps UPS (similar to O
  11. JayStar, how did you mount the sockets and lights inside the SkyPod? Meant to include this in the original post, but slipped my mind. Have you some photos of your obsy interior? I’m trying to get a feel for how best to lay things out in the Pulsar unit. Since the walls are just fibreglass, I can’t see how they could be mounted on the walls, which means I suppose rigging some sort of frame on the flower for all the electrical units. I intend to have a single accessory bay, so perhaps this space might be used in some way, or alternatively mount the sockets on the floor around the periphery
  12. Hey guys, hoping to launch my Observatory build this year (2.7m Pulsar), and looking for some advice on electrical requirements. Apologies for the brain dump, but when I started typing this up, I just seemed to keep coming up with other questions:-) My observatory site will require a 20m cable run from the house, which I am hoping will be as a spur off existing circuitry, although still to get my tame electrician to give me the low-down on the best solution. Normal approach is to run a sub-surface conduit for both data and electricity supply, however it occurred to me that an alter
  13. Postie brought the Altair Astro adapter plate for my Starbase tri-pier. Followed a couple of weeks later by the required spacer to allow the footing of the SXW to sit securely in the adapter plate. Spacer was very kindly produced by an Astro friend with a 3D printer, works a treat.
  14. Starbase makes landfall in Slamannan Scotland Been after one of these for a while now. Sometimes you can get taken in by marketing hype, especially in the Astro market place, but this baby lives up to all the hype and then some. Just need to sort out an adapter plate for the Sphinx now PS: Special thanks to Mark for ending my search.
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