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  1. That's a cracker Chris - well done! Out of interest, was it the 350d or the 1100?
  2. Cheers Mr P! Hopefully the car going in for repairs will leave enough in the slush fund for me to pick one up!
  3. Hey Guys, Clouds lifted for a couple of hours (before being replaced by fog, argggh) last night, so I decided I'd skip the Chelsea game and get out into the garden. Was still quite hazy, so I decided that rather than trying to image anything, I'd have a concerted effort to get guiding working. Things went "more or less" OK for a first real attempt, and I managed to get nice round stars in a 5 minute exposure - and "roughly acceptable" stars from a 10 minute exposure. I had a hell of a time trying to find guide stars however - I'm thinking that it's probably a combination of the guidescope I'm using (a Celestron 102SLT) and the camera (an SPC900nc). In fact, the only way I could get a guide star was to slew to a bright named star, and have that centred in the guide camera FOV. I guess at some point I'm going to need to switch to the ST80/QHY5 combination - but I'd rather hold off on that while I can - other commitments are sapping spare funds right now! If I was to switch only one component, which would be the best to do first? Is the QHY5 significantly more sensitive - or should the SPC900 be OK if I'm connecting it up to an ST80? Another issue I had was with the 10 minute sub. I'm using an Astronomik CLS filter, so I'm used to a shifted green channel in my image, but in the 10 minute sub, the blue channel was basically off the right hand side of the histogram (see attached image). Am I right in assuming that there's not much I can do about this, and 10 minutes is too long a sub for my sky conditions / the capabilities of the filter? Also, as a final question, my current guidescope sits alongside my main scope in an ADM dual mount bar - but I have it sitting in a set of adjustable guidescope rings - am I right in thinking that I want to get rid of these rings at the first oppurtunity to avoid flexure? Cheers!
  4. It can depend a lot on the user - are you quite a patient type? Hunting down feint fuzzies can be quite a challenge, and some nights you manage (or at least *I* manage) to not find anything I was looking for!
  5. I reckon you should go have a cup of tea with the bloke that's selling it, and take up his offer of letting you try it out....
  6. I'd happily put up with the moon for three solid weeks of clear skies!!
  7. It's like Gandalf blew a smoke ring into space. So delicate, excellent image!
  8. That metal peg is what your AZ adjusters press onto, so you really want that tripod replaced.
  9. I use an Astronomik CLS Clip filter in my 300d, and it's the absolute business.
  10. Nice find! Just ordered myself a handful!
  11. Ian's one of the good guys, eh Loving mine to bits - had a scan around the moon with it last night (was too cloudy for anything else). Tack sharp views. Excellent kit for a knock down price. Now - to save for the 110!
  12. Whispy stuff all over the place here in sunny Suffolk. Wishful thinking tells me it's thinning out, and the gear is outside cooling as we speak. I'm getting so starved of scope time I'm happy to chance it and try and find something in the gaps between the clouds!
  13. EQ mounts can be a bit of a mare to get your head around the first few times - then it soon becomes second nature. Get your gear along to a club and I'm sure someone will give you a hand with setup. Failing that, where are you? Maybe there's an SGL member close by who can give you some pointers? Keep at it, you'll get there! You should have seen the pickle I got in the first few times out (2nd hand scope, eq mount, zero instructions!).
  14. peonic

    Best planet?

    You appear to have missed one from the list.....
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