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  1. The issue is present in both alt and az directions Andrew
  2. Hi Alan, I'm currently charging my power tank to rule it out as an issue but for now, here's what's happening. I turn on the scope, handset initialises as expected and then I begin to align, in this case a one star align to check the issue. First request to move scope to object is carried out normally using main motor. Then I try to centre object and although the motors sound like they're working, the scope does not move. Earlier this evening when setting up , all worked fine. If I accept the alignment, the motor sounds as if it is tracking normally but it's obviously not as object is lost quickly. My theory ( and hope ) is that the fine motors require more torque than the main motor so maybe it is my power supply. Only a good few hours of charge will tell me. The power tank in question is 3 yrs old and was fully charged about a week ago. Failure occurred after about 4 hrs of use. Thanks again for your reply :-) Andrew
  3. Hi All, Merry Christmas to you first and foremost , I also have a question to ask if possible, My CPC 925 developed an odd issue tonight, after running for a few hours, it's not tracking properly, infact it seems the main motor is working fine but the fine motor won't move the scope. The engineer in me thinks this is possibly just a power tank issue but given the main motor is working fine, is it possible I'm just not getting the grunt required to shift the smaller cog ? Power tank is 3 yrs old but was fully charged before tonight. Are the CPC motors prone to failing? Thanks in advance for any thoughts etc. Andrew
  4. Hi All, Now I've fixed the self inflicted damage to my scope, I'm left with the original cause of the fiddling. I use a William Optics Star Diagonal on the back of my CPC925. If I happen to be using this in conjunction with my Celestron Reducer, I have something of a problem tightening / listening everything. The Star diagonal in question unscrews in two to allow the fitting of an SCT visual back to it. Once this and Reducer are on the scope together, they actually turn in opposite directions when loostening or tightening. One easy way to solve this would be to turn the diagonal itself rather than the back but I can't do this as the Focuser is in the way. Probably a very convoluted explanation and possibly not that eloquently put either but has anyone here found themselves with a similar issue? If so, what have you guys find to work around it? Thanks in advance and apologies for the rambling explanation. To help explain, I'll follow up with s pic of the setup I'm trying to explain. Andrew
  5. Combination of things really. I saw a video which described how to pass a thing rubber band or thread into the thread of a broken screw using a screwdriver. I did that and had a decent wiggle about. Eventually after about 30 mins of tugging back and forth, I loostened it just a tad. Once it was loose enough, I was able to find a small ridge of material where it had snapped. I used s small pin hammer and the screwdriver to tap it round until it was out enough that I could grab it with my fingernails and screw it out. Hell of a carry on but worth it! Like I said , lesson firmly learned!
  6. Update - after much perseverance and no small amount of luck, offending remains of screw are safely out of the shaft ( ahem...) David Hinds have been superb in assisting with advice well above and beyond their remit. Not a lesson I'll forget any time soon, thanks all for the help/ comments Kind Regards Andrew
  7. Thanks guys for all your replies. Perhaps all is not quite lost. library man, do you happen to have Wayne's contact details at all? I'm going to take this as a lesson not to go into a job half cocked! This all came about from a viewing session last night, I have a William Optics star diagonal which I was using in conjunction with s Celestron reducer. After a good nights viewing I found I was unable to remove the star diagonal or reducer as they had become very tight. Due to the profile of the focuses, I couldn't spin the star diagonal to loosten. Still right this morning, I decided to remove the focuser to give me some room. The rest is history and a painful reminder to check what you're dealing with first! Lack of sleep probably to blame :-) Thanks again all! Andrew
  8. Hi guys, I had a bit of an issue last night with my CPC 925 which I thought I'd try and resolve. Turns out I've made it infinitely worse by rushing and am now hoping my scope isn't fit for the bin. Long and short of it, I was trying to remove the feather touch micro focuser on my CPC 925 and forgot about the retaining screw in the end of the shaft. I now have a sheared half screw stuck in the shaft itself and the focuser in two halves ( outer section and gold inner section ) Does anyone know if the shaft can be replaced in these scopes? I've tried to get out the remains of said screw but there's not much to get any purchase on. If anyone happens to be local to Wellingborough , Northants and repairs scopes, please also give me a shout. Just hoping the scope isn't a complete write off :-/ Thanks in advance for any advice/ help Andrew
  9. Got it - I was using mobile version and it didn't appear. Those pics are phenomenal, I'd be over the moon with anything in that ballpark! Congrats , and thanks for the reply. Andrew
  10. Seem to be missing the link ( or very possibly I am ,myself , the " missing link" )
  11. Hi all, Frustrated with trying to get nice deep sky images at f10, I've considered a 5/6" newt as a second scope for this purpose. Tonight , however it occurred to me I might be missing a trick. In your much respected opinions, are there any reasons not to try and take deep sky pics while using my reducer. In theory at least, this would give me an f6.3 scope to work with, allowing my exposure times to come down a fair bit. Will using my DSLR through a T adaptor be affected by introducing the reducer in any way or have I simply been missing a solution staring me in the face? Opinions much appreciated. I hope the skies are playing ball for you all - lovely and clear tonight in Northants :-) Andrew
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