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  1. Hi all, Any advice much appreciated. I’ve tried ( and apparently failed to update my Starsense for skywatcher setup tonight. I think I may have caused an issue as when I tried to update - usb to HC and rest of Starsense setup as usual - I did a search to discover devices - 4 were listed. What I didn’t realise when updating was the Skysync module was also plugged into the Starsense aux unit. Now when I try to start the Starsense, it completes verifying packages stage and sticks on initialising...28. All worked fine before, I can only assume I’ve caused an issue. I’ve tried starting the mou
  2. Hi everyone, hope you are staying safe? Today I took delivery of a nice used setup - an EQ6R Pro Mount and a Celestron Edge 800. Although i am very happy with it, there a couple of bits and the seller didn’t send and can’t find. They’re not massive bits but crucial in keeping everything clean and dust free. I’m specifically after a polar finder cover for the mount ( see pic ) and the rubber cover for the back of the 800 OTA. I can get the polar finder cover from Germany but the £15 postage seems a bit lively . Anyone got spares of either knocking about ? Thanks for looking and clear
  3. Yes - very much the case, it seems to be fouling on the wider plate closest to the OTA which I wouldn’t expect for the correct dovetail? It is a Vixsn dovetail which I thought should fit fine but maybe not! Thanks for the advice!!
  4. Hi there, ive recently purchased a used Orion Optics CT 8 ( with dovetail for neq6 Mount ) and a EQ6r pro Mount. When I tried putting them together I had a bit of an issue , namely that shown in the picture. Coming from a CPC scope, dovetails are a new thing to wrap my head around and I’m certain I’m being a bit simple but this surely isn’t the correct fitting? See pic, the dovetail doesn’t sit correctly and seems to foul on the larger surface preventing a better contact? have I got the wrong dovetail as it seems or is there a simple adjustment I can make to resolve my issue?
  5. Thanks a lot for your view - to be 100% sure, I’ve removed my OTA from its case - I’ll leave the cases open in the garage / garden for a few more days just to be sure - I’ve only just Got my new scope so last thing I want to do is damage it! Best Andrew
  6. Hi All, I’ve recently pimped our a couple of plastic storage tubs for my OTA’s and am ( was) very happy with them. That was until a fellow astronomer contact pointed out that foam and contact adhesives can be problematic and give off fumes that could potentially damage my OTA’s glass. Now, with this in mind, I went and checked the glue and foam and the glue is solvent free and the foam high density acoustic foam. I think all should be ok, but with excessive caution my preferred approach, I just thought in would seek other opinions. Any anecdotal or other views on this? Thanks
  7. Thanks a million for the info Olly, not overload but also not info that’s familiar to me so lots of food for thought. As it happens, I eventually settled on an EQ6R Pro Mount, hopefully here next week so the learning can begin in earnest. I’m expecting a very different experience to that my CPC925 has given me the past 5 yrs. Andrew
  8. That sounds like a great idea - let’s do so and good luck!! Clear skies...
  9. Hi All, Hope you’re keeping well! Today I took delivery of a impulse purchase ( one I’m very happy with ) - An Orion Optics CT8. My intention is to use this to delve into a little more Astrophotography, at least for the next couple of years, this will be using my DSLR. I’ve managed to confuse myself a bit with research into what mount would be best in terms of handling payload and remaining within suggested tolerances. The OTA comes in at 7kg so, allowing for a few other bits and bobs, I’d imagine I’ll be somewhere between 10-15kg all in. I very much like the look of the Skywatcher AZ-EQ6
  10. That’s really great! Thanks a lot for taking the time to help! I’ll get in touch with David Hines and see if they can help source replacements! Thanks again Andrew
  11. Hey, thanks for the heads up - I have found this also but as you state, unfortunately no list of parts or good enough quality pics to work from. Really appreciate the reply Though!! Cheers!!
  12. Hi All, Before I go on, just a small caveat - I'm quite certain this will be one of the strangest posts you'll read today. Some while ago ( nearly 3 years ) I purchased a HD Wedge Pro to sit my CPC 925 on. After a few attempts at getting my head round using it, I decided I would box it back up and revisit when I had more time. My family and I have recently moved and I decided this week ( Covid 19 means I have plenty of time to hand ) to get the Wedge back out and try again. Unfortunately I found an open box in the garage with quite obviously a few bits, including any documen
  13. Hi All, Hope everyone is safe and well and at least getting some clear skies to use whilst we are all stuck at home. Just a quick question - if there is any anecdotal experience then all the better. i have a much loved CPC 925 and whilst it’s good at many things, it’s F10 credentials don’t exactly scream DSO imaging so I’ve decided to put my Canon 60Da to work piggybacked on the CPC Mount. My question is this - assuming the use of a 135mm lens ( I’ve just invested in the Samyang 135mm F2 and about Astronomik clip in CLS filter ) how long do you think I could reasonably expect t
  14. The issue is present in both alt and az directions Andrew
  15. Hi Alan, I'm currently charging my power tank to rule it out as an issue but for now, here's what's happening. I turn on the scope, handset initialises as expected and then I begin to align, in this case a one star align to check the issue. First request to move scope to object is carried out normally using main motor. Then I try to centre object and although the motors sound like they're working, the scope does not move. Earlier this evening when setting up , all worked fine. If I accept the alignment, the motor sounds as if it is tracking normally but it's obviously not as o
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