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  1. Justin, A skyshed pod for a 12” Dob will not be very useful, just not enough room and limited horizon. Why not just buy a cheap plastic Keter shed and lift the Dob out when you want to use it. I’ve kept a couple of dobs in one of these for years. No leaks or maintenance on the shed and telescopes are well protected and down to temperature. All the Best, Linton
  2. Thanks very much for the info. I saw a chaps Pulsar dome recently that had been sanded right back and then painted with two pack and it did look a very good job once finished, but quite an amount of work. I was hoping for a short cut! Linton
  3. Steve, Can I ask why the single coat you applied in February needed to be removed? Had it deteriorated in some way? Having seen the various before and after photos from those that used the product I had thought I would give it a try. Many thanks, Linton
  4. Looks very smart! I'm sure you will enjoy getting all the kit installed and in use.
  5. I am lucky enough to have several telescopes including a slightly older version of this Orion Dob. If the old adage that ‘the telescope you use most is the best‘ then this one wins hands down! As you say easy to handle and ready in minutes. I’m sure the new owner will be very pleased. Best wishes,
  6. Excellent, it was certainly blowing a gale here. Send me an image sometime in the future when you get something you are happy with. Checked on counter weights but sadly only more of the same size. All the Best, Linton
  7. Wow! Glad to hear you’ve got the mount all set up and imaging so quickly. Let me know how you get on, I will have a look for a smaller counter weight. All the Best, Linton
  8. Hi how about my TAL 100 R full details and photos in the for sale section. Cheap as chips and they would have to try hard to damage it!
  9. 4” Russian achromatic refractor with Mount, tripod, 25 & 10mm Plossls, diagonal, original case etc Condition is good, just a few small scratches on the tube, no dents. Colour correction is pretty good, on a par with a Vixen 102M I used to own. Very solid and well built. Original wooden crate is something you just don’t get with a modern scope! Cash on collection from Bedford or I may be able to take to Stratford upon Avon if that helps. £210 Thanks for reading, Best wishes, Linton
  10. Excellent, many thanks for the suggestions. In following them up I have just found a plastics firm in Biggleswade that seem to have every material under the sun in all sorts of colours and finishes. They also do a cutting service and are only about 6 miles away. Hopefully they will be able to sort me out Best wishes, Linton
  11. John, Many thanks for the link, I will give them a try. Best wishes, Linton
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