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  1. have you ever used the smart histogram in sharpcap?

    it will tell you your optimum exposure and gain settings for each filter!

    im going to use it on the next good night.

  2. is the jupiter challenge seperated into groups of aperture?

  3. just out of interest, what Bortle class are you under? Also, have you ever ran that 1600mm uncooled to see the difference?
  4. deepskystacker , Robin Glover and my experience would tend to dissagree with you. You can stack more with lower temperatures than with higher ones,but you cant get past the sky brightness itself ,so you get to the point where stacking more and more makes no difference at all.
  5. Past a certain number of exposures,there is simply no point.
  6. i was planning to do the same object last night, but the Taiwan haze came. ime using a simple zwoasi290 uncooled for my imaging with an f4 8" scope, it will be interesting to compare the result when i do it. i love mono galaxy images,this one in particular , it reminds me of the outer limits series from the 50s.
  7. i need to know more about the jupiter challenge.

    is it seperated into groups of aperture,because its obvious that the big aperture guys are going to win if it isnt!


  8. there is a 3D image of the dust storm of 2020 here.Look at the instructions for the stereo image of the Trifid to view this.
  9. superb, i love them! i did exactly the same as you but i used a 9.7 inch scope. i will post them soon. they are about the same quality as yours!
  10. Bill Phenix

    Trifid nebulae

    this is a stereo image i generated from my trifid data. to view it,place a dark piece of card in the dark centreline of the image that is preferably 12 inches long. place your nose against the card and just look. you should see the trifid in 3D, do enjoy! the image has no scientific value at all,it is purely how i imagine it to look in stereo if you could have eyes that are a few hundred light years apart!
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