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  1. I am so pleased you all had a great time. The sky did do well for us. I am relieved as the last few skies have not played ball. I hope you all got home safe and sound. Adrian bless him had a not so good journey. I hope you are feeling ok after all those roadworks Adrian. Mike Thanks for all your help. You had gone by the time I finished work, I will ring you through the week. Take it easy over the next few days. Thanks for a great star party folks, Hopefully see you all at Galloway.
  2. Hi Folks, Sorry it has been so long, it's all been going on since I was last here. Superb Tony, so pleased you can all make it - No wellies needed Sir!! Everyone will be pleased to hear that our swimming pool is no more. The yard has been levelled off. Perhaps not a professional job but it has gone. Dennis excellent stuff, hopefully I will be able to spend a bit more time with you this time. I am going to be much more organised this time. So pleased that business is doing great Steve, thank you for the review, you will be a miss. It would be nice to see you both when you are passing.
  3. Howdy everyone, hope all are ok. I have been reading a few of the observing posts this evening, it sounds as if there has been clear skies of late. I have not seen any up here. We will soon be able to look at the long term forecast and keep an eye on the weather, I so hope and pray we get a good sky. Surely this one will go in our favour. My word Astronymonkey, we are bound to have clear skies with such offerings and would happily accommodate your slow cooker. Are you sure you have not been to a CSP before !! You sound like a Pro - next you will disclose you are partial to a wee whiskey
  4. Thankyou for this. Watched it over and over again.
  5. Excellent Tony, Hope you can get time off work. Would be great to see you. Cameron has got our tent out already. Our field has just been cut, the sheep have gone and to make things even better they will not be back until after our star party.
  6. Hi Folks, Everyone is booked in, Good Stuff We could do with some better weather for CSP 11, it has not quite played ball the last two parties, lets hope we get 1 out of 3. I will hold you to it Adrian, try your best. We should be able to start looking at the forecast in a couple of weeks time. I will cook on Thursday evening. Good Mike and thank you I am sure there will be a list by the time September comes. I will cook on Thursday this time. A nice hearty meal for my travellers. Dave come on we need our Wacky Scot here, we have missed you, it would be great to see you. Yep Phil and you
  7. Hello everyone, After receiving quite a few texts and messages regarding our next CSP, I am pleased to let you know we now have a date. We will be holding Cumbria Star Party 11 between 18th September (Thursday) and 22nd September (Monday). This is mid week as you can see and runs over the weekend. Don't worry if you cannot make the whole event as bookings will be taken for a couple of the days, just one day or perhaps people local to me may like to pop in for the evening to have a look and see what is happening, this is all fine. For people who are new to CSP's (Cumbria Star Parties) we are
  8. Hi everyone, Just finished making the stables nice and cosy for us. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting our new CSPer's. I have got Jacket Potatoes, Tea and Coffee, Bacon sandwiches and hopefully some seafood Salmon/Prawns etc from work. There are still a few finishing touches to make in the stables, some candles, a couple of bottles of bucks fizz a few bags of charcoal for the bbq and yourselves. I hope everyone has a safe journey, see you all in a couple of days. Can't wait Nina Xxxx
  9. Well I have had to post this to fix my double entendre that has made me laugh loads today, we could do a finish the sentence post. Need to dash Mike is dragging me up the back ....... I will however finish the sentence now, Mike is dragging me up the back to sort out the stables out for CSP 10. I will return
  10. Well Hello Peeps, Lovely to hear everyone is looking forward to CSP 10. I am sure the weather is going to be great and there will not be much of a moon either, good choice of dates Mike !!!. I cannot believe you are busy again Guy, maybe next time. Mike O Brian I hope you can make the next one, we can hold Star Parties here anytime so if there are any dates that you would rather we hold CSP 11 just let us know and it shall be done. Have you all had plenty of viewing lately? I am going out tonight, it looks like it will be clear and if I am right I think there is a Meteor Shower this weeken
  11. No way, what a shame, never mind at least you are stocked up on whiskey now. Keep it under lock and key for the next one
  12. Hi everyone, So pleased to see you are both coming over Andy. Looking forward to seeing you both, it has been such a long time. Wont be long now till our little get together, you will be pleased to hear I am getting organised already, so I am super prepared, and our grass has been cut, rolled and taken away. We do still have sheep though, but they are banished to the back field. See you all soon, Nina xxx
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