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  1. Thanks for that Ade. That's pretty much similar to me using a Televue 8-24 zoom in a ED100. The clock going forward has allowed Jupiter to rise a bit higher before dawn breaks Joe
  2. Hi Ade Great to know you got a good look at Jupiter the other morning. Could I ask what was the best magnification you were using with your scope? The reason I ask is that I can get to about x100 on Jupiter these mornings before detail starts getting a little hazy due to it's low position at present Thanks Joe
  3. Hi Vlaiv Again thanks for all that. The origonal idea of the question arose as I was was walking over the hill road with the dog during a sunrise the other morning & I thought _ is this the same Sun I saw last week? Will I see a different Sun facade next week , God willing & with a clear morning? I don't do Solar gazing but just love looking up! Thanks Joe
  4. Hi Vlaiv Thanks for all that. If I'm reading your post right, I should be able to view the whole circumference of the Sun every 24.5 - 38 days, providing the days are cloudless of course Again thanks Joe
  5. Hi all I was at an astronomy discussion a while ago & part of the discussions was about Sun Spots & lack of them. I'm aware that when the Moon moves around the Earth , only one side is always visible to us. As the Earth moves around the sun, is it similar or can we view all areas of the Sun during that yearly rotation? Hopefully that makes sense & thanks in advance to any input from more experience observers here Joe
  6. Hi All I totally agree that this thread should noy be used for any manufacturer/supplier bashing. That will only result in some guys not wanting to get involved in the discussion. The main reason for my contribution ( a big gamble for me as it might reflect any resale value) is hoping to get some first hand reviews/advice. My main issue is the optics, which IMO, does not perform to either the specification or the claims AA puts up on suppliers' websites
  7. There are a few irritating issues but the main one is the optics. I believe my scope suffers from severe Spherical Aberration, which in turn, shows too much CA & a lack of any details on targets such as Jupiter. In case someone suggests Jupiter is too low at the moment, I did a " side by side" comparison one morning with a Bresser Messier 102 f/10 refractor on Jupiter. The Bresser showed the 3 moons & more detail than the Ascent. The Bresser was bought by my viewing friend complete with a Mons 2 mount from Lydl about 7 years ago for £200 complete. I would also appreciate any other reasons for the lack of contrast/resolution with my scope from more experienced guys on this forum
  8. Hi All I bought & received an Ascent 102 f/11 on 22/1/19 and returned it on 13/2/19. It was supposely a direct comparison to a SkyWatcher ED100 ( which I previously owned) & the longer focal ratio which suited me best. Unfortunely my particular sample doesn't favourably compare. The supplier still has the scope & has forwarded it to AA for further testing a week ago. I have still not had the AA response. I had agreed not to discuss the issues until the AA report came back. That's no longer valid as I just started a PayPay Resolution procedure today. I may need/ appreciate some reviews from someone who either owns one or is going to Kettering & interested in buying this paticular scope. Joe
  9. Hi Louis That probably sums up my thoughts on which scope suits best but no more thinking required! My local supplier had the ED102 F11 in stock but their web site stated they only shipped to UK mainland. I then got in touch with RVO & they are sourcing one for me for the same price. I also spoke with Adam, their sales guy & mentioned the issues Astrojenson hightlighted in the CN thread. He will open the box & do a quick QC on the scope prior to dispatch to me. Hopefully it should arrive before the end of the month Again sincere thanks to everyone who provided their valuable feedback
  10. Thanks Stu and Moonshane for that feedback & yes that is the scope I'm very close to buying. I only use 1.25" eyepieces and just go for the usual targets such as the moon, planets & stars splitting etc. I love refractors but my issues are floaters, which is why I want to try Binoviewing. Also my present mount is a manual CG4 which may be dodgy, balance wise, with the F11 scope. However, if I'm certain the Ascent can reach focal point with an extension tube with the small section removed, then I believe this setup would work for me. Again thanks
  11. Thanks for that Ben. The Scope Maths link is the ideal answer to that question & just added it "my favourites" for future use
  12. Hi All I'm thinking of getting a 4"/ F7 refractor for a wider FOV. There is a great thread here & CN about a new 4" F11 scope. I have a great ,comfortable Meade 82 degree 5.5 eyepiece which would give approx 200x with the F11 scope & I also suffer with floaters at approx 0.5 exit pupil. My question is_ * What FOV would I have with each scope in degrees with this eyepiece? The other advantage of this F11 scope is there is a removable 120mm section for Binoviewer use. My other questions are_ * If this section is removed for Binoviewing, could I use a seperate up to 120mm extension tube to reach focus with my Meade eyepiece? * Would the FOV be the same with the narrower extension tube as the existing wider removable section? Hopefully that makes sense & thanks in advance for any feedback Joe
  13. Hi I would guess that at FL 500 ,it's an Equinox. I believe that the standard PRO series is F 600
  14. Hi I bought a Vixen ED81S a while ago & it came with a Vixen RDF. Do yourself a favour and go for the £30 option _ still don't know how to work it properly_ very difficult to align & doesn't hold alignment. The instruction page is an education on its own
  15. Hi Totally agree with Jules. I have only a Vixen ED81S telescope left , had a couple of 4" refractors & just bought an ED120. The main reason is that 20mm is not really a worthwhile upgrade for me. Over halfway to a 140 with a lightweight 120 doublet is a good compromise with enough good reviews out there to warrant a punt without spending big money. Also as others have suggested, stop it down to 100 f9 & it might help you to know whether to go up or down in aperture
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