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  1. I would be interested to see how the F/7.7 ED103S compares with the F/8 Tak FC100-DZ Hi Dave & John I had read that very interesting report as splitting stars are favourite targets for me. However, I suffer from floaters & a 5mm eyepiece is usually the lowest I go most nights with 4” scopes . With this new set up, I’m hoping to try binoviewing this year but not sure if splitting stars is one of the benefits or not Joe
  2. Hi Dave I hope you’re not trying to put me on the spot nowI haven’t had the scope long enough yet to truly test it out. However, there are two targets which I use to check optics with, that are available at the moment. If you look at the original photo, there is a building reflecting in the sun in the middle distance approximately 10 miles away. This building is the Almac Pharmaceutical main factory & is approximately facing east of me. The northeastern facade in the shadow has the company signage letters “ ALMAC “ approximately 2metres high. I’ve only been able to resolve the sign clearly with 2 scopes, both 4” fluorite refractors The other favourite target is the Trapezium in Orion. I’ve been viewing it every clear night these last few weeks & could clearly resolve Star E & almost certain I saw F a few times. The Vixen was a great scope but I hope this rather more expensive Tak will prove it’s worth later this year on targets such as Jupiter & Saturn etc Joe
  3. Thanks Dave & David for that & yes I’m enjoying it a lot during the last few days & nights of clear skies Joe
  4. 7Hi Sunshine Its just a standard CG4 mount which can be configured to be used as an alt/az but with a niggles. I generally use the attached “ agricultural modified” Voyager mount, which is more than adequate on quiet nights
  5. Hi All just had to show off my new to me DZ. Probably the best 4” doublet lens I’ve ever looked through & a happy new year to everyone on SGL
  6. Hi Stu Best looking FL102S I’ve seen to date. The updated black focuser is a great match to the original. Enjoy Joe
  7. Hi Craig Appreciate the quick response. Hopefully I'll get a peek before it disappears below the horizon but there's plenty of other good targets up there to view tonight Again thanks Joe
  8. Hi All The sky here should provide good planetary viewing for tonight. I'm having trouble getting access to my Jupiter Red Spot Transit Times site. Could anyone here let me know if it is visible tonight up to approx midnight? Thanks in advance Joe
  9. Paypal gift is good John. It doesn't come with the origonal box but it'll be well packaged & I can send you a couple of photos to your email address if you want, prior to transaction Thanks Joe
  10. Hi John I've a 2" Revelation 80mm extension tube I no longer need. Price would be £10 plus postage of approx £3 Joe
  11. Thanks for that Ade. That's pretty much similar to me using a Televue 8-24 zoom in a ED100. The clock going forward has allowed Jupiter to rise a bit higher before dawn breaks Joe
  12. Hi Ade Great to know you got a good look at Jupiter the other morning. Could I ask what was the best magnification you were using with your scope? The reason I ask is that I can get to about x100 on Jupiter these mornings before detail starts getting a little hazy due to it's low position at present Thanks Joe
  13. Hi Vlaiv Again thanks for all that. The origonal idea of the question arose as I was was walking over the hill road with the dog during a sunrise the other morning & I thought _ is this the same Sun I saw last week? Will I see a different Sun facade next week , God willing & with a clear morning? I don't do Solar gazing but just love looking up! Thanks Joe
  14. Hi Vlaiv Thanks for all that. If I'm reading your post right, I should be able to view the whole circumference of the Sun every 24.5 - 38 days, providing the days are cloudless of course Again thanks Joe
  15. Hi all I was at an astronomy discussion a while ago & part of the discussions was about Sun Spots & lack of them. I'm aware that when the Moon moves around the Earth , only one side is always visible to us. As the Earth moves around the sun, is it similar or can we view all areas of the Sun during that yearly rotation? Hopefully that makes sense & thanks in advance to any input from more experience observers here Joe
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