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  1. There is a rather good setup at Kielder. https://kielderobservatory.org
  2. Bit of useless info. Situation Normal All ****** Up SNAFU was an American GI term and being soldiers they didn’t use the word fouled..
  3. The big problem with these low priced scopes in particular is the cheap EQ mount. Those cheap EQ mounts are horrible things. Would be better considering something like this. Better telescope and the AZ5 mount is far easier for the beginner to use. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-az5-deluxe/sky-watcher-explorer-130ps-az5-deluxe.html
  4. Shipping by DPD? They have been pretty good on delivering next day even when shipped on the 23rd.
  5. New technology is coming along. Virgin Orbit is working on their satelite launching facility in Cornwall due to start operations in 2020/2021 with Virgin Galactic possibly launching from the same location for space tourism. An aircraft will fly the rocket to high altitude before launching. Spaceport Cornwall in Newquay still sounds a bit strange though. When you mention Newquay this is what I think of.
  6. And not forgetting. https://www.airbus.com/space/space-infrastructures/Orion-ESM.html
  7. Latest is looks like it’s not gping to be able to reach the ISS. Apparently the capsule is pointing in the wrong direction so may not be an engine problem but a control problem. Boeing is having a bit of a nightmare year.
  8. You don’t think I just bought one box of sausage rolls do you?
  9. I did indeed buy some, but just for myself....
  10. A few years ago I carried out some head to head visual tests between my FLT98 f6.3 triplet and my Carton 100 f13 achro for lunar / planetary observing. The Carton won hands down with sharper images and better contrast and the added depth of field was a factor as well. The FLT98 would be the better imaging scope and all rounder but for visual lunar/planetary use the Carton showed what an achro from the days when they made great achros could do. No longer have the FLT98 but Big Red the Carton 100f13 is not going anywhere and should look very nice on the Rowan AZ100 mount when it arrives, hopefully in time for Xmas.
  11. Not astro but tasty though. Brandy butter mince pies and sausage rollls collected from the local bakery.
  12. Photos are never as sharp as visual or at least not in pre lunar orbiting camera days. As the LAC charts are drawings perhaps they combined visual observations and photos to arrive at the finished drawing.
  13. The crater illusion https://www.universetoday.com/118616/do-you-see-a-mountain-or-a-crater-in-this-picture/
  14. Just the angle of the illumination I would think. Here’s another image at more of an angle.
  15. At this rate Derby will be a seaside city before you know it.
  16. I use a Manfrotto 475 geared tripod with a modified 405 geared head. Bigger and heavier than the light duty 55 series but still easy to carry the full setup outside one handed.
  17. I have a Concenter and now consider it essential. No other method comes close in getting an accurate secondary setup. It is very easy to use. I use a Hotec laser for adjusting the primary afterwards. Gives me perfect colimation. The Concenter on it”s own will still allow you to adjust the primary reasonably close but I find the laser easier. You could skip the laser and fine tune the primary using a star test afterward of course. APM has a wider range than TS though. https://www.apm-telescopes.de/en/othernbspaccessories/artificial-stars
  18. WDS Ltd is a great source for knobs suitable for astro gear. You’re sure to find something suitable on their website. Bought loads of bits off them. http://www.wdsltd.co.uk/categories/65/hand-knobs-thumb-screws/
  19. I have questions yet to ask that might contradict that. But seriously it’s not asking questions that is stupid.
  20. I wonder if I should replace my car with one of these??? https://www.seamagine.com/luxury-submarine-5-person.html
  21. Forecast is showing maybe for Sunday night. Dry so far today but looking very wet for tomorrow. ️️️
  22. You can get the proper stuff from Edmund Optics. They do glues with different refractive indexes so one more complication and probably too expensive for your project. https://www.edmundoptics.co.uk/f/norland-optical-adhesives/11818/
  23. I want to see some proper activity.
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