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  1. Nice little setup. Would like to get a 72mm myself someday. Nice guard cat btw.
  2. Yes there has been a lack of 1.25” crayfords. This one is really lightweight and compact and just perfect fpr the Bresser mak. Had chance to use it this evening and it was a pleasure to use.
  3. Or is the focuser in the correct position. Is there any adjustment on the focuser baseplate? Also the focuser could be out square in relation to the tube.
  4. Don’t you know things are supposed to come in threes?
  5. Don’t mind messing with my own scopes but wouldn’t like to mess up spmeone elses.
  6. If cost is no object there is the Televue Starbeam. Far too expensive though. https://www.365astronomy.com/televue-starbeam-red-dot-finder-with-newtonian-base.html
  7. The Rigel Quikfinder is almost as good as the Telrad but more suitable for smaller scopes. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/rigel-quikfinder-compact-reflex-sight.html
  8. Hi Just click on the choose files link and the dialogue box will open and you can then choose photos to add.
  9. Sometimes I do view from the conservatory. Openning one of the big side windows gives a fair view to the south. Leave the heat off and tilt open a couple of windows and it is pretty close to ambient.
  10. Baader 1.25" Helical Focusing Eyepiece Holder T2 Brand new & unused. Photos are of actual item being sold. S O L D Focusing Eyepiece Holder 1¼"/T-2 (5mm focus travel), with three clamp screws for eyepiece fine centering,plus one screw for blocking unwanted focus movement. This T-2 system eyepiece holder, means the user can rotate the clamped eyepiece or camera to reach focus and block the rotation with the added set screw. This greatly helps keep a stable focus during planetary imaging or any other task that requires a precise focus position. The three set screws work against a brass ring so there is no marking on any 1 1/4" sleeves inserted into the clamp. At the same time, the three screws enable fine control of lateral movement of the inserted equipment - for fractions of a millimetre in fine-tuning the centre position of the target object. Payment: PayPal (buyer pays fees) John
  11. My little mak has a proper focuser now. Ordered a 1.25” dual speed crayford focuser from Telescope Express a month ago but had to wait while they had an adapter made up to suit. 80 quid for the adapter. Ouch!!! Wanted a small and light focuser to fit the mak. Yes a regular SCT crayford would fit but would be big, heavy and bulky for this scope. Won’t be using two inch eyepices to 1.25” is all I need. Fits perfectly and looks like it came from Bresser that way. Very, very pleased with it. A really well made bit of kit. Sort of a mini Baader Steeltrack quality wise and feels like a Steeltrack as you move the drawtube, Has that same weighty but smooth feel. Has a T2 thread on the drawtube so easy to fit a camera if you wanted to. Don’t know who the actual manufacturer is but it has a US patent number on it.
  12. 1.25” crayford focuser for my Bresser 127mak from Telescope Express and a lovely bit of kit it is. Details to be posted in my thread on the Bresser Messier 127 Mak.
  13. Only got down to about -2 here on account of the cloud cover.
  14. Or just get a cheap remote shutter release? Loads of them on eBay or Amazon. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Remote-RS-60E3-Shutter-Release-for-Canon-EOS-70D-550D-600D-450D-200D-1100D-1300D/171730293652?epid=1905650330&hash=item27fbec5394:g:JZgAAOSwEzxYc5ls
  15. If you”re doing something active a few degrees below zero is nothing but just standing around not so pleasant. Coldest I’ve ever experienced was -40 and with windchill felt like -70. Redefines what you think of as being cold.
  16. Just checked outside and could only see one star. The forecast partly cloudy seems to be mostly cloudy.
  17. Partly cloudy this evening but with fog moving in later with a travel warning.
  18. Ah what would those bird owners use to line their bird cages without those “fine” publications.
  19. The met office’s latest bit of forecasting kit.
  20. Yes I had a Solar Scout 60DS for a while and also used to have a Lunt 60. Found the Lunt better for visual. The Daystar never showed much detail visually but was good for imaging.
  21. R F Royce’s classic article on Strehl is well worth a read. http://www.rfroyce.com/standards.htm
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