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  1. And if it’s really, really, really dirty there is always the final solution.
  2. I’m a loather of lens pens as well. I wash the cloths with silk wash and no conditioner. Good as new when washed.
  3. Guru will do. Now to look for a tiny seat cushion.
  4. A big box Inside that another box And inside that..................
  5. The stock finder shoe on the Bresser can be directly replaced by a Synta / Vixen type using the stock screws and mounting holes. Just make sure you get one with slots in not the SW one.
  6. The Bresser does seem to have better optics and higher build quality but the biggest difference is that it has a great high quality CNC focuser that is miles better than the cheap low end focuser on the Evostar. The focuser alone is enough reason to choose the Bresser. Used to have one and was impressed by how good it was for the price. Now replaced by a 125mm APO. The 26mm plossl that comes with the Bresser isn’t bad and quite usable. For a long focal length scope a great budget line of eyepieces are the Starguiders. Of course you can spend a lot more on eyepieces but the Starguider
  7. Istar does APO objectives but only starting at 140mm. Looks like no one is doing anything in the 100mm any more in the UK.
  8. 8.6kg without finder and diag but mine has a Baader Steeltrack and handle fitted that add a little bit of weight.
  9. I ‘ve just added more info to my post about the differences in design between the CC and RC.
  10. The CCs hold collimation nearly as well as a mak unlike an SCT and both my 6” and 8”arrived perfectly collimated. Collimation of the CCs is easy BTW should it ever need doing. Not to be confused with an RC that can be tricky to collimate. A CC has a parabolic primary and a hyperbolic secondary and have a long focal length whereas an RC has a hyoerbolic primary and a hyperbolic secondary and a shorter focal length which explains the differences in collimation. So if buying a CC you can pretty well forget about collimation.
  11. Maybe this man knows what happened to them.
  12. Had a C8, then a Skymax180 and now settled on a Classical Cassegrain 8”. but may be a bit heavy for an EQ5. The 6” Classical Cassegrain is very nice though and a great lunar / planetary scope. Big advantage over a mak or SCT is that it doesn’t have a corrector plate so cools down quickly and doesn’t suffer from dewing. Also has a proper crayford focuser. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/telescopes-in-stock/stellalyra-6-f12-m-crf-classical-cassegrain-telescope-ota.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/telescopes-in-stock/stellalyra-8-f12-m-lrs-classical-cassegrain-telescope-ota
  13. The images were there earlier today but can’t see them now.
  14. Forecast was for clear skies but looking outside it’s cloudy. Good luck with tonight with the AZ100.
  15. Would probably be cheaper to sell the Lyra and buy the Altair even if you could buy the ED objective which is doubtfull.
  16. Sky-Watcher 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting Finderscope In perfect condition SOLD - £46.00 Posted to UK Can supply either a white or black bracket. Payment: PayPal ( buyer pays fees) or Bank Transfer. John
  17. Celestron NexYZ 3-AXIS Universal Smartphone Holder In perfect working order. SOLD For some reason only comes with rubber on one of the jaws and the other is hard plastic but I have fitted rubber to the other jaw so it grips much better. Three-axis adjustment. Centre it over the eyepiece with the X and Y knobs, and then move up or down over the eyepiece until you have the entire field of view in your shot. Payment: PayPal ( buyer pays fees) or Bank Transfer. John
  18. AKA Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun outside of the UK. http://www.scifimoviepage.com/journey-farside.html And if you ate really, really, really bored. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Journey-Far-Side-Sun-DVD/dp/B001B2S3RI/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=journey+to+the+far+side+of+the+sun&qid=1617287339&s=dvd&sr=1-4
  19. A Synta 8-24 zoom for my smartphone setup. Same as the Celestron branded zoom but just cheaper. Wanted a zoom with a t thread on the top to use with my TS smartphone holder. The TS holder is really solid as it’s basically an ali plate with an adaptor at one end to attach to the t thread on the eyepiece. Zero flexing. Dead easy to set up the phone as well.
  20. The Orion 6x30 RACI finder is available on Amazon but at 69 quid delivered. Eeeek !!!. Bought the SW one a couple of weeks ago for my ScopeTech80 as I wanted sonething lighter than the 9x50.
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