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  1. That was a general observation and should be taken as one.
  2. There is a lesson for MESU and other small manufacturers here. Fail to keep customers up to date with an order and your poor communications will most likely lead to the frustrated buyer venting their frustration on a forum. Bad communications is bad business.
  3. There is Bresser 127L in the sale section at the moment. Better optics and excellent build quality with a great focuser. Worth a look.
  4. Yes Rowan does an adaptor or you could make ypur own adaptor.
  5. If it goes cheap enough perhaps. Complete with eyepiece sun filter. but a hammer will soon take care of that.
  6. Came across this on eBay. Looks like an old classic 60mm frac. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154482468277?hash=item23f7df65b5:g:SIsAAOSwWS5gvKkp
  7. Probably will coincide with a volcanic eruption.
  8. A big WOW when I looked through the Tecnosky 125. Had an Equinox 120 and it just never impressed like the 125 does. Maybe the Equinox was a poor example? I think when comparing scopes price is a big factor for most so getting the best within a buyers budget can be the decider.
  9. Recently I chose the Tecnosky 125 over the 115 as it was for visual. Thought a very good doublet would be preferable. Has exceeded my expectations so far and better optics than any of the SW doublets I’ve used. Its ability to take very high magnification has particularly impressed me. Would rate it as a best buy considering what you get for the price.
  10. Actually only five now. Scopetech 80 f/15, Big Red 100 f/13, Tecnosky 125, TS CC8” and Bresser 10” dob.
  11. A nice classic longish length scope. How many proper classic fracs is it now?
  12. In the space pf fifteen minutes the sky has gone from total cloud to this.
  13. For once the forecast is spot on. And what I’ll be missing.
  14. I’m going to pretend there is no partial eclipse and hopefully the cloud will let its guard down and allow a gap in the clouds then I’ll grab my solar setup from behind the door and be outside before the clouds realise it. The words long and shot come to mind.
  15. Used in a humorous manner nowadays and not seriously. “Someone having your guts for garters means you are in big trouble with them. Metaphorically to the extent that they will disembowel you and use your intestines to hold up their stockings.”
  16. In prehistoric times the UK wasn’t a safe place for human beings. Elephants, rhinos, cave bears, sabre toothed cats and most dangerous of all the Cave Lion, an 800 pound beast you wouldn’t have wanted to bump into.
  17. Cows are the deadliest large animals in the UK apparently. “In fact, cows are considered as the deadliest large animals in the UK. This is because, according to report from the HSE, there have been 74 cattle-related deaths in the last 15 years. Most of the victims were farm workers and walkers with dogs.” On average 5 people a year are killed by bees though. Yellow tailed scorpions are now to be found in Kent.
  18. As I’m a member of the Military Vehicle Trust I’m legally allowed to possess pretty well any military vehicle or deactivated weapons although common sense would prevent their inappropriate use. You have to be responsible. I’d love to own a tank but not likely due to lack of ££££££££££. This thread is getting a bit off topic but hey this is SGL so no big deal.
  19. Park anywhere you want. Vacant parking spot not needed.
  20. Not a cloud in the sky. Perfect observing conditions. And tomorrow………
  21. A counterweight bar would make a nasty weapon. The one for my AZ100 weighs a fair bit and I have thought while holding it I wouldn’t want to get hit by it. Leave a counterweight on and you’ve got yourself a proper war club.
  22. Nice job Well worth making a proper base to replace the mdf one that comes with most dobs. Best thing I’ve found to finish the ply is Osmo Polyx satin oil. Harder than polyurethane when hardened but so easy to get a perfect finish. Just brush on then wipe off the excess with a lint free cloth. Takes two or three coats. https://osmouk.com/product/polyx-oil-original/ You can stain the ply first if you wish but also looks good in a natural finish.
  23. Used to have a 16” LB. The light shroud does help. Also covered the truss tubes with woven black heat shrink as at the time the scope came with silver truss tubes. Was a heavy lump to move around though and was replaced with an Orion Optics UK scope.
  24. Hmmm. wonder how big a scope you could fit in place of the tank gun barrel? Talk about a heavy duty alt-az mount.
  25. Pepper spray is illegal in most EU countries but legal in France, Italy, Spain and a few others. It is possible to get a license to carry it in Germany and Switzerland but said license is very hard to get. In the strange world of legal and illegal weapons it is legal to drive your own main battle tank on UK roads if it has rubber pads on the treads and of course gun must be deactivated.
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