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  1. I used the sky safari app to check what it was. Although I assumed it was either a satellite or the ISS
  2. Only my fourth every observing session last night and I managed see what I think was ISS Zarya was I was aligning the telescope. Appeared at 20:54 GMT time next to Rigel. I wasn't sure what it was at first because it was pretty bright! It moved up into monoceros as it started to gradually dim before disappearing.
  3. They're more common than I thought then. It was only my second night of observing so I thought seeing one streak across the eyepiece was quite interesting. Couldn't help but crack a UFO joke or two especially because I was observing M81 and M82 as I saw it.
  4. So I was out observing in the back garden earlier and I saw what I think were two satellites within about 10 minutes of each other. One travelling straight across the sky from the south to the north and another moving across the western sky. Then as I was looking at M81 I saw something quite bright fly across the field of view in the eyepiece, I looked up to see if I could follow it but it was gone. Happened between 19:30-1950 GMT time.
  5. A bit late to this thread, but i recently got my first scope and M94 was the first galaxy I saw through it. Managed to notice it quite easily despite being in bortle 7 skies. A great target for a beginner.
  6. I think I may have tried to view M81 without success but I will try again. I was very pleased with my view of M94 though.
  7. Tonight was the big night. My first outing with a telescope! I planned to observe originally from about 7-8pm although unforseen cloudy skies delayed my outing in the back garden until 12am! When I finally got out I had have my first crack at doing the two star alignment. After a few minutes of nervously trying to pick out an easy start to get to I went with Regulus. It was my first time viewing a star in a telescope and I don't think I'll ever forget it. I then selected arcturus as my second star, the scope slewed over to it and it was pretty much bang on in the middle of the eye piece.
  8. I'll be staying out for when Virgo comes into view too. There seem to be lots of DSO's around virgo.
  9. Thanks for that given me some new stuff to check out. I think Auriga might have moved out of view but I'll double check.
  10. Soooo weather conditions mucked up my viewing schedule and I've had to delay for a few hours anything any of you would recommend near Leo, Hydra and Ursa Major? Thankfully the beehive cluster will still be in view.
  11. I am in android 11 so that'll be the issue. Sky safari is good to couple with the handset, you can check to see if what the handset is suggesting on the tour mode is visible in the area of the sky you're observing.
  12. I already have skysafari on my phone, I've been using it to plan my first night out with the scope.
  13. I did try the synscan app but it doesn't work on my phone, there seems to be quite s few bad reviews about it with other people having similar issues. Lucky that I paid extra for a setup that came with a handset! The handset also has a tonight's best function that'll show you some of the deep sky objects that are visible in your area at the time. My birthday is coming up soon so turn left at Orion will go on my list along with a good Barlow lense.
  14. Unfortunately it doesn't but I imagine that'll be a future feature of GoTo scopes. That's why I've already done a bit of research about which objects are easy enough to see with the scope I have and what part of the sky they're in since my back garden is south facing. I know that some of the fainter DSO's won't be viewable due to my Bortle 7 skies and my telescope size, although from what I've read there's still plenty to look at along with the option of going to dark sky sites
  15. If I didn't have a GoTo scope then I'd buy a copy, seems to get good feedback.
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