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  1. Lovely and helpful post. I’m looking to go down that route myself. I’ve just sent you a PM.
  2. Have your tired a Thai cushion? I use mine on the concrete back yard http://www.amazon.co.uk/Three-fold-mattress-triangle-cushion-Brown/dp/B005GNBAQE
  3. Thanks you. I'll try the tiny screws first to see if this will fix the issues. Cheers all
  4. I have a OOUK with standard focusers. But when I insert my Powermate & Ethos into the focuser tube it 'sags' and obviously throws out the collomation. Do I need a better / more sturdy focuser? If so any recommendations? Thanks Chris
  5. Nexus system from Astro Devices ​Thanks Paul. I'll contact the company today.
  6. Thanks for all the replies and sound advice. Is there an after market system similar to Orion US XT intelliscope?
  7. So, I've been enjoying my 300mm OOUK dob and its been giving lovely views of jupiter. Now I want to stretch it's legs and unleash its deep sky capabilities. Only thing is I don't know my way around. I did stumble upon a galaxy a few nights back but I had no idea what I was seeing. I'm now looking for the simplest way to turn my set-up into a push to system. I don't need drives or gears. Just a way for technology to show me where to point and also what I'm looking at? Is this possible and what do you folks suggest? Thanks
  8. I'm not at SGLX Shane. I have re-collimated everything and it all appears quite accurate. I'll let you all know how it holds up once I get chance to get under the stars.
  9. Shane I did try your guide and it did help. I'm stuck getting with the secondary and getting this into position?
  10. BADAS should be able to assist. I'll try them. Thanks for the help folks
  11. Anyone in or near the Blackpool area who has good knowledge of collimating a newtonian scope? I've tried following online and other written / video resources but I really want to learn first hand from someone in the know. If you're willing to meet and show me how, I would be most grateful. Please PM to discuss Thanks (and mods feel free to move this thread to appropriate place) Chris
  12. Nail on the head BigMakStutov. I'm looking for something to compliment my big dob and I love to sweep starfields and the like.
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