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  1. Hi folks, I seem to remember a couple of hacks made to the Skywatcher Gti Wifi mount. I've tried searching but couldn't find the thread on here. Basically, the dovetail clamp can be upgraded to feel more secure, and also a counter weight is available to buy? Does this ring any bells. I'd be grateful if someone could point me in the direction of where to obtain these parts? Thanks
  2. Yes, that’s the one Glen. Do you have any previous experience using these mounts?
  3. Thanks John. I’m really in two minds. Basically I’m wanting to turn my TV 102 set up into a Push To or go to system.
  4. I’m considering purchasing a secondhand Tele Vue Gibraltar with Sky Tour Computer (around £650). I know others have used the Gibraltar but didn’t get on with it. I will mainly be using it for low power deep sky. Should I take a punt at this price or am I best steering clear? It’s going to mount a TV 102.
  5. Thanks for all the advice everyone. Now I need to take a week off and wade through it all
  6. Basically, once collimated using the cap, and then collimated using the laser (and lastly doing a final check with the cap). Suddenly everything looks totally out of alignment?
  7. I (think) I had the secondary collimated using the colli cap. Then I inserted the laser to align the secondary with the laser dot in the centre of the primaries doughnut. So far all good. Then I collimated the primary using the laser. Again all good. Finally I reinserted the colli cap to check and everything seems massively off
  8. I’ve read the website advice, I’ve watched the YouTube videos. Yet I’m still having major problems collimating my OO UK Dob. I’m using a collimating cap & laser collimator. Is anyone near or around the Blackpool area who can meet and show me hands on how to correctly collimate my scope? I’m losing the plot!! Thanks
  9. Lovely and helpful post. I’m looking to go down that route myself. I’ve just sent you a PM.
  10. Have your tired a Thai cushion? I use mine on the concrete back yard http://www.amazon.co.uk/Three-fold-mattress-triangle-cushion-Brown/dp/B005GNBAQE
  11. Thanks you. I'll try the tiny screws first to see if this will fix the issues. Cheers all
  12. I have a OOUK with standard focusers. But when I insert my Powermate & Ethos into the focuser tube it 'sags' and obviously throws out the collomation. Do I need a better / more sturdy focuser? If so any recommendations? Thanks Chris
  13. Nexus system from Astro Devices ​Thanks Paul. I'll contact the company today.
  14. Thanks for all the replies and sound advice. Is there an after market system similar to Orion US XT intelliscope?
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