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  1. Trikes....love them. We have Redmount rollers. 10 years on they still put a smile on our faces. Around 20,000 miles and still as good as new. But then you need camping equipment etc etc. No such thing as a cheap hobby. www.redmountduo.co.uk
  2. I did this on the old blue one. It was very stiff at first. Once off I thought the thread was quite rough so lightly oiled it. Went back on a lot easier. Best regards John
  3. TH have them in stock now, dealing with back orders first.
  4. Started myself last week, took me 2 hours to pluck up the courage and look through the eyepiece As you say it opens up a whole new facet to the hobby.....must lock the wallet away in a safe!
  5. LX800 is equatorial, LX 600 is the new fork mounts superceeding the LX200
  6. Total cloud cover in Hucknall
  7. As the one who posted the video i have no issue with it being removed. I had second thoughts after posting as this is a family forum and i had put it up hastily. (Hence the edit about language) I agree with the sentiment about Brian that he does bring in new blood to the hobby. It is the production staff at fault i would imagine.
  8. There is some, but it can be lessened with careful adjustment of the worm gear.
  9. They are small allen screws
  10. Hi John They are still a little stiff but very good when loaded. The saddles are rubbish and most owners upgrade to ADM ones...they ought be included. I am very impressed with mine and it is great with a Bresser 152 and Intes 715. Best regards John
  11. By the way it in the box there was only the mount, the two dovetail saddles and the counterweight rod, but no printed manual or any tools (I only ordered the head). Is anything missing and can I find a manual online (I searched without luck). Non that i know of. The mount is simple to use and will not take you long to master.
  12. Sounds normal. They are stiff when unloaded. Keep it and enjoy
  13. I do not have experience of the CG5 i am afraid. I have heard that they are quite good but all comments usually point in the direction of the HEQ5.
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