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  1. SteveWolves

    Hello from Staffordshire

    Hi you could try Wolverhampton A.S. .wolveas.org.uk We meet every two weeks for talks and ad and when we can for observing.
  2. Hi Helen I am still collecting data on NGC 957 with 2m Scope, still have to do all the analysis as I am preparing a talk to Wolves AS in Feb
  3. The faulkes telescope network has access to a number of 1m and 400mm scopes with larger fields of view at more location than before we have plenty of fun using them.
  4. SteveWolves

    Action required to move to new 'Clubs' location

    Sorry mate we are away on the norfolk broads that weekend, not got to many this year only small events but will try harder next year. With the clubs will there be a way of publishing the programmes of the various astro groups in the region I am thinking of a way to see all of the groups to encourage non members to attend and to push the small observing evenings that groups have out to a midlands audience Regards Steve
  5. SteveWolves

    Action required to move to new 'Clubs' location

    Hi Mark yep we would like a club please, i would like to post Wolverhampton A.S. talks list for next year and would like other local clubs do the same.
  6. SteveWolves

    Synscan handset for neq6p

    I need a synscan handset and cable for a NEQ6P mount
  7. SteveWolves

    Skywatcher tube rings for 10"

    The dimensions look good, i will have them please my mail is (email address removed) but do not get access every day.
  8. SteveWolves

    Skywatcher tube rings for 10"

    Please hang on I am not at home now to measure the tube, I will get back to you asap.
  9. SteveWolves

    Skywatcher tube rings for 10"

    I think I might be up for those, how wide is the dovetail?. I need to check my tube diam but its for an orion 10"
  10. I would like the Synscan handset is it v4?
  11. Don't know how much it went for do you?
  12. There is the Takahashi cn212
  13. SteveWolves

    star maps for binocular astronomy?

    Hi Try http://www.philharrington.net/tuba.htm Steve
  14. SteveWolves

    SGL Mini Summer / Solar Event - Are you interested?

    I'm up for this
  15. SteveWolves

    Kidderminster newbie

    Have you still got the ETX 70 I would be happy so show you what it can do Society Info: Carolian Astronomy Society

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