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  1. There are two conflicting theories about Quantum Mechanics. The first holds the opinion it is impossible to understand the how and why , So just apply the formula and get the right answer anyway and be happy. The second claims it is possible to understand how it works and in that direction madness can lie. Take your pick
  2. Can't speak about the GP2 but I motorised my GP. It has 144 gearing so Skywatcher goto kit fitted. No doubt a simple dual drive motor would do the same. Just check its 144 gear ratio, same as EQ5 and CG5 which are GP clones. The Vixen mounts as you will find are very smooth.
  3. I know the Baader 2" is more expensive than the Lunt, but don't forget both versions of the Baader Wedge (visual and photographic) come with a 2" Continuum filter as standard so that is a bonus of £120. on the £399 price.
  4. Many thanks guys. I really like my minitower but the wi fi connection and built in battery plus the option to use auto align seems to be the way forward Frederick
  5. Just wondering if the Evolution 6" set up is man enough to carry an edge 800 HD. Seems the only way to get the tripod/head is to buy a complete kit ( which I am not adverse to). From what I can see the 6" and 8" look identical but I do know the 9.25 version has a beefier tripod. Any advice would be most welcome
  6. I am reminded of my science teacher (a long while ago) who pontificated that stars are so far away and the subtended angle is so small we can never resolve them except as a point of light. Hmmm got that wrong didn't he. Never say never
  7. What happens when you fill all the holes?
  8. Thanks Steve Exactly what I was searching for. Frederick
  9. Has anyone suceeded in conecting the newer Skywatcher GPS mouse to a PC? This is supplied with only a PS2-RJ45 handset adaptor and no software. The older mouse used to contain a PS2-USB adapter. Looks very similar to the adapter used in the past to convert PS2 serial mouse and keyboard to USB.
  10. the 135 SMC is a cracking lens and so is the 50mm F2 SMC . Mine dates back 50 year to when I had a Pentax S1a slr.
  11. The only orthos I have ever used are Baader BGO's. From 5 to 7mm they proviide good magnification and tak sharp images. FOV is narrow but as I use them on planets that is irrelevant.
  12. I agree with Skipper Billy, The only thing I damage is myself being toooooooooo cold
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