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  1. G' day Spacecake2. Nice to have a fellow Aussie on here! I also observe with a 10" dob as @Kon mentioned, it's a fantastic scope. Feel free to message me and I will help anyway I can. Clear skies!
  2. Nice first report Grant. Look forward to reading about your future astronomical adventures!
  3. Thanks Grant. Yeah I think I am the lone Aussie on this forum
  4. Thanks Kon, now that you mention it IC 4604 did have a yellowish tint to it for me as well. I will look for IC 4592 next session, thanks for suggesting it! Wishing you clear skies.
  5. Thanks Roy. Yeah, I had a great time, it was one of those nights that you don't want to come to an end!
  6. Hi my fellow stargazers! Following heavy rains, the sky was nice, clear and darkish ( well as dark as can be from the suburbs). Ideal for exploring two beautiful constellations, Scorpius and Ophiuchus! The following observations were carried out using my 10" dobsonian: SCORPIUS: M4: Fully resolved to the core. Unique bar of stars running across the core. Antares: Split at 343x. Stunning double, vivid orange and green colours. M80: Tight, small globular. Bright dense mottled core! Jabbah: Lovely double star, seperated by 2.4 " NGC 6124: Scattered open cluster with
  7. Congratulations on glimpsing the central star of M 57 John! I'm yet to "discover" this object ( M57). Can't wait to see it. Enjoy the warm weather!
  8. Great report Kon! The Milky way contains some stunning nebulae. Always a pleasure to read your reports
  9. I had never realised that Astronomy could be seasonal as I lived in the southern hemisphere my whole life. Here it always gets dark not too long after sunset, and I thought darkness at 8pm in midsummer was extreme! Yes Australian skies can be jet black, hope you can make it down under again!
  10. Nice report John! Planetaries are great to observe, each has its own character as you said. Happy you got some observations done despite the full moon
  11. Sorry to hear that mate. Northern hemisphere summer hey? For me the latest until the sky darkens properly to observe is 8pm during mid summer ( Jan, Feb)
  12. Glad you enjoyed it Wookie1965!
  13. This is true for me as well. I get inspired by Kon's reports and try for some of his targets if visible from my lattitude. It is great to imagine what he is seeing from up there , likewise he can imagine what I see down here! We are living vicariously through each other . This is what is great about our hobby, we can "see" what is impossible to see from our particular location through reports
  14. Thank you Kon. Yes it was nice to finally get out after what seemed like an eternity!
  15. Yes please do if you get the chance, it is an amazing multiple star.
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