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  1. Hi Doug. I too never used to observe double stars. However since I got my 10" dob three months ago every in the night sky is fair game, and I've found myself becoming addicted to observing double stars. They are indeed breathtaking in their beauty, colours and configurations. Glad you got some clear skies Regards Joe
  2. True. I am really lucky as the west coast of Australia is blessed with mostly clear summer skies. Winter is another thing though, that is our rainy season
  3. Sorry to hear that MattG. It's overcast here tonight, and to think us Aussies whinge about one overcast night
  4. Jiggy, I might take you up on that offer
  5. Thanks. I am yet to take my 10"dob to truly dark skies, my skies are ok but I live in the suburbs. It has already blown me away, I can imagine what you must see! I have some friends out in "whoop whoop"( aussie slang for the middle of nowhere ) I plan to visit them and take my dob with me soon. Enjoy your monster of a telescope!
  6. Thanks Jiggy 68, yes we are lucky to have such incredible sky objects here in Oz. But I reckon you northerners have it great too, Andromeda galaxy, Polaris, Perseus, Auriga, Ursa Major etc. It's always been my dream in Astronomy to view the sky from the northern hemisphere, what a strange view it would be!
  7. Nice one Ships and Stars, awesome photos! The Northern Lights look spectacular. You must have incredible views through your massive 20" dob! Thanks for your story very interesting read. Take care mate
  8. Thanks Faulksy, yes it was amazing. What a great hobby we have eh? Clear skies to you
  9. PS, lucky man Ships and Stars to see the Northern Lights! I have always wanted to see what they look like in real life
  10. Great report mate! That northern view sounds great! What size telescope were you using a 20"?
  11. Hi my fellow stargazers! The forecast was for partly cloudy skies here in Perth, I wandered outside and was pleasantly surprised the weather doctors got it wrong! Clear skies with decent seeing at 9pm. The kids were itching to get a view through my beloved 10" dob, being school holidays over here me and the Mrs obliged. We had been talking about globular clusters so naturally first target was NGC 104 aka 47 Tucanae. The kids were full of awe as they digested the sight of a million stars rolled into a tight ball. Mars was next, my daughter gasped at how bright it looked! My son wanted to see a nebula so I turned the scope at M 42. Lots of wow's as my kids marvelled at the glorious gassy swirling green mass of space cloud they observed. They went to bed in awe, it's so awesome sharing our mind-blowing hobby with family! Now alone, I spent the rest of my observing session exploring the Large Magellanic Cloud. The Tarantula nebula looked awesome, really tarantula like! I could see the central cluster that illuminates it, as well as several dark nebula embedded within. A stunning sight. So much to see within the LMC, I spent an hr discovering lots of open clusters, nebulae and globular clusters within this galaxy. A beautiful treat indeed! Finally it was off to bed, a lovely solo session and with my kids, Astronomy is really the best hobby a guy can have. Thanks for reading and clear skies to all!
  12. Sorry to hear about you sky situation John, hope it clears soon! I have yet to discover Neptune, I think it will be my next target. Cheers
  13. Hi Gary. I've got a Saxon 10 inch dobsonian, I've found the Saxon optics and eyepieces to be of the highest quality. Images are sharp and bright. Hope this helps. Cheers
  14. Hi my fellow stargazers! After 3 cloudy nights got a clear sky last night to explore. Lepus was my first target. An underated constellation in my opinion. Observed the globular cluster M 79. Beautiful structure with a delightful double near by! Orion was up next and I immediately turned my 10" dob on the Orion nebula. Always breathtaking seeing M 42, it looked spectacular and deep green, greener than I've ever seen it before. The trapezium E and F stars showed clearly at 150x mag. The fine details and structure visible in M 42 was amazing I scanned the belt of Orion and split the double star Alnitak there. Alnitak was just bathed in beautiful blue nebulosity. I ventured over to Aries next to see my mate Uranus. Located it and cranked up the magnification to 267x, my current highest power. It's beautiful green disk was resolved but I couldn't see any moons. Constellation Puppis was my final destination for the night where I located the delightful trio of open clusters M46, M47 and NGC 2423 all in close vicinity of one another. First time viewing them in my 10", M46 and NGC 2423 looked dense while M47 was more open and expansive. Resolved the yellow double star HD 60997 in the centre of M47. Wonderful! All in all a very satisfying night of observations. Thanks for reading and clear skies to all
  15. How about I trade you the Magellanic Clouds for the Crab Nebula Glad you got to see M1
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