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  1. I have emails every Friday from Sky and telescope magazine letting me know what's up in the sky and various events. I was thinking, because I'm a member of slooh.com online telescopes, whatever i find in my email that's in the sky this month, could i search for it on slooh then the telescopes could take an image for me? The telescopes are online at 19:55 every night, unless there's bad weather.
  2. People can go outside to stargaze or look for planets, i cant do that. Do i look at Nasa tv, or other astronomy sites rather than looking to watch online stargazing streams? Please tell me what i can do on the computer inside, like i said other people go out looking through telescopes. I joined SLOOH.COM but i only watch thee live telescope views at night. I'm watching a guy on youtube doing a live stream of an astronomy quiz while waiting for the mars rover to land. He's so clever, can you suggest any books to get my knowledge better? I want to understand the solar system an
  3. My name is Ash, im 42 from the UK. I am disabled and use a wheelchair. I like stargazing but im unable to go outside at night with a telescope because I cant get too cold as it makes my disability worse, the sky is always cloudy and there's light pollution where i live. What i'd like to do is to stargaze online but i cant find anyone that does live streams of stargazing. How can i stream stargazing online please and what sites can i use to enjoy online astronomy?
  4. I am a member of SLOOH.com but i don't really know what to do, is mainly for astrophotography? What i want to do is stargaze from my pc indoors and i thought i could do that with Stellarium.
  5. Hi I want to stargazers indoors. I cant go outside as it affects my disability and the skies are always cloudy. I'm always online, either on facebook or you tube. I'd like to do astronomy online but I dont know what I can do. I've looked at stellarium and thought that I can go looking around on it in the evenings. What can I do to plan an evenings observing using stellarium? Is stellarium in real time?
  6. Hi my name is Ash and im from North Wales. im disabled and i use a wheelchair. i'm interested in astronomy but i don't want to use a telescope to look up, i'd like to have knowledge of what's in our solar system and beyond, stars, constellations, planets, etc. How do i go about doing this please, what do you suggest, i'm online alot browsing websites (not astronomy) Could i follow an astronomy website and learn within an online community, what do you suggest please?
  7. Regarding this course ://www.futurelearn.com/courses/moons do i have to be involved in discussions in chat rooms?i remember doing a free course with futurelearn and everyone was discussing various discoveries and their thoughts and things, i don't really want to do discussions, do i have to? Also should i join the society for popular astronomy https://www.popastro.com/main_spa1/
  8. thanks for the links. I was thinking, i found the SPA the other day, should i join that ?
  9. I don't want to do a course but I like the idea of the virtual telescope, and astrophotography, how does it work do I just watch past viewing and get images?
  10. Hi im Ash I'm 40 from North Wales. I'm disabled and use a wheelchair, I'm interested in astronomy and I have a book called Astronomy 101 which I find interesting. I'm mostly at the computer at home during the day and evenings, I was wandering what can I do with astronomy at the computer? I use stellarium to look at the night sky as I'm unable to go out at night. What else can I do to enjoy the hobby? At the moment I just use stellarium to Stargate.
  11. I'm having another go at reading Patrick moores book called teach yourself astronomy. im reading the chapter about early astronomy, the book has a section of things to remember from that chapter. Here is what i've got, Astronomy goes back to our cave dwelling ancestors Originally it was thought that the earth was flat and motionless Constellation patterns date back to around 3000 BC True astronomy began with the Greeks Ptolemaic system - Earth lay at the centre of the Universe, with the Moon, Sun, planets and stars moving around it. Stagnation after Ptolemy’s death – Dark ages
  12. Hi im fed up of cloudy skies, do you know of a site where i can stargaze online, free?
  13. i have a Meade ETX Spotting scope, not go to, but firstly it has electronic focuser that doesn't work anymore and they've stopped making them, secondly i feel it's too big for what i want, i want to just go to the window and look up with my monocular s.
  14. Hi m y name is Ash, im 39 (nearly 40, OMG!) and i live in north wales. I'm disabled and use a wheelchair. I have an interest in astronomy but due to my disability im unable to go outside at night. Sometimes i look out of the window at the stars and think wow! i also see the moon as its path is in that part of the sky, it faces south. My mate takes me out during the day to go bird watching which i enjoy. I use an Opticron 10x25 monocular for bird watching, I was wandering, could i use the same monocular to point at the window to see the stars? I know the window will distort the i
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