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  1. Don't touch it, send it back. Removing glue is a tricky business. My thoughts anyway. Glen.
  2. I don't wear stockings personally, not even at Christmas. Glen.
  3. Just received my new Televue Telepod mount. Love the sticker on the box.
  4. GlenM

    EQ6 Respray

    I use Halfords acrylic spray paint in appliance white. Just make sure you use the Halfords primer and use light thin coats. A very good durable paint and easy to get. Not a good time of year to be painting though. Glen.
  5. I think the Morpheus line is very similar in tone to the Fujiyama Ortho's. Don't see much scatter either. Glen.
  6. Just got over my 7 week chest infection with 3 lots of antibiotics. The worst I ever had for sure, it really got hold this autumn. Get well soon. Glen.
  7. It was too cold for me last night. When the locks freeze up on the car it's a no, no. Glen.
  8. Thanks guys. It's always interesting to hear peoples views on the subject. Clear skies, Glen.
  9. I think viewing planets with Plossls is a very good idea, especially Jupiter with TV Plossls. Glen.
  10. I was out last night during a couple of hours of excellent observing. I was out with my Borg 77EDII and my Sharpstar 61 EDPH. I was using my Morpheus 17.5mm. What I did notice was that the Borg certainly showed a warmer image than the Sharpstar. The striking difference was when viewing Albireo. I know the Borg uses FPL 51 and the Sharpstar used FPL53, but the Sharpstar is certainly a faster scope. I noticed similar variations when I used to sell 4" F/11 Achros, these always had a cooler tone although I was using Orthos at the time. I know eyepieces show variations, but I think scopes do also. Does any one else see tonal changes with their objective lenses? Glen.
  11. Has a very nice couple of hours last night. Seeing and transparency were excellent. Managed over an hour seeking out Messier objects and managed to split Polaris at just 29x with my Borg 77EDII and Morpheus 17.5mm. It's the best skies I have seen in a long time. Glen.
  12. Got to be this horrible weather here in the UK. Really fed up with it. Makes me wonder even more why I cope with the stress of not being able to get out and observe. Glen.
  13. The Heritage 130 is a fantastic little scope. Glen.
  14. The Morpheus line are excellent eyepieces. I have the 17.5mm and it's a beauty in all respects, well worth the money. The 76 degrees seems just about right for me. Glen.
  15. Managed a couple of hours last night. Very cold though. Messiers in Auriga but had to use averted vision last night with the hazy conditions. I then moved on to Gemini for M35, some beautiful coloured stars in Gemini, then to the Hyades, very nice as usual. Marvellous what you can actually see with just 61mm of aperture and 17.5mm Morpheus. Still drying the kitchen out Glen.
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