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  1. I wish I had a rule like that. Glen.
  2. Keep the exposures short and give it a try. Best way of learning. Mind you the weather round here isn't conducive sometimes. I live between Rochdale and Oldham. Glen.
  3. Thank you so much guys. Learning all the time. Glen.
  4. Just double checked and found that I do actually have 2x USB 3 ports, DOH! Glen.
  5. I used to have a m43 Olympus OMD EM 10 II. A great little camera. I used Samyang lenses on this. I was lucky by receiving good ones to begin with, but the QC can be a little iffy for sure. Buy from a reputable retailer. Glen.
  6. That's all great information, thank you. I will be using my Borg 77ED II and a Sharpstar 60mm FPL 53 doublet. The Borg is 510mm FL and the Sharpstar is 330mm FL. I have been looking around and I'm wondering if the colour version of the 120 would be cheaper for me in the long run. No need for filter wheels and filters. I know that I would lose some resolution, but don't know just how much. I don't have a laptop with USB 3, but it does use a SSD with a i7 processor. I also use a MBP but that's a no go I suppose. thank you again, Glen.
  7. I'm afraid I know nothing about CMOS/CCD cameras and what they can actually do. I would like to take Hi-res images of the Moon. I am looking at the ZWO 120 mono to do this. It looks pretty good for a newbie .Have I got this right? I don't really want to spend too much to get me started. Thank you, Glen.
  8. BTW,Doc. You were right I do like this diagonal. Glen.
  9. Thanks people. I will check these out...excellent. Glen.
  10. So, what do you people think is a good one. Thank you, Glen.
  11. So, what do you people think is a good one. Thank you, Glen.
  12. Possibly the Sharpstar 90mm carbon OTA. I believe these will be available early next month. I'd love the Tak 60Q, but can't justify the price for a 60mm. I know what you mean though. Glen.
  13. I always used Halfords acrylic appliance White with the recommended Halfords undercoat/primer. Glen.
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