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  1. There are several available, seem to be around the £65 price point. I was hoping there would be a cheaper option, but cant find one currently.
  2. Looking for recommendations of large padded bags - the sort you could put tripod legs or a 120-150mm f8 refractor into. TS optocs have some options but at roughly 80 euros I was hoping they'd be a cheaper option available.
  3. Can anyone give me an opinion on the Stellarvue SVA130EDT25S? I'm looking for a big 'frac and weighing up this and the TS Optics 130 Thanks.
  4. Looking for one of these for use with a SkyTee2. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/skywatcher-eq5heq5-extension-tube.html Please message me if you have one.
  5. I am looking to upgrade the saddle on my SkyTee2, so hunting an ADM upgrade or similar. Will consider all options. Please message me if you have something that might fit the bill.
  6. I didn't know there was a SharpStar 130. 365 Astronomy currently have offer proce on the 107.
  7. The TS optics mount has price on its side! I'd be mounting a 70mm refractor.
  8. The best scope is the one you use. Agreed. Should add that the WO110 FLT I used to own was no problem to whip outside at a moments notice. My other question is why the similarity in price for a significant difference in aperture between the 107 and the 130? The TSOptics 107 (or the SharpStar for that matter) are also comparable price to the 130. So the 130 is either a bargain, or perhaps priced to reflect it's narrower appeal due to portability limitations. (?)
  9. Thanks for the input. Wouldn't the focal length of the Mak mean it's always needed in addition to whichever refractor?
  10. Looking for advice. It's one of the above, for visual observing only. Will ride on a SkyTee2 with upgraded saddles. Obvious questions - is the APM actually better quality? Is the 130 that unwieldy? Optically, will one outperform the other? Targets would be all sky, i.e. it'd be an open scope. Possibly supplemented with a small Mak.
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