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  1. I did consider that. Wasn't sure if it was a better idea to double down on the first battery purchase or cut losses and upgrade.
  2. First time imaging with it last night using BackyardEOS and it did last about 2 hours. I might try a mains extension and a dry box for home as it did get a bit damp. Thanks.
  3. Cheers, if that's that case I'll probably just look into getting a leisure battery or something. I'm bound to want to power more stuff soon enough.
  4. Hey guys, So I have the SW 7Ah PowerTank, currently only powering my HEQ5. I'm now looking for a way to power my laptop. I've mentioned this before but I'm clueless with electrics. Is it possible to power it with my PowerTank, even if just for a few hours before draining the tank? If so, what would I need to do it? Picture attached of the laptops power brick. Cheers
  5. I have no idea if it's national, regional or some quirky thing I've only heard a handful of times but you've stumbled close to what is slang for £6. An ill octopus (sick squid).
  6. Geeklee, thanks for that awesome reply, you answered pretty much everything. I know that was a vague question about software but that's all I needed to know really. Just with never having done it before and being new to the hobby in general, there's so many programs people recommend, I just wanted what was required first so I could go from there. Thanks again!
  7. Just in case anyone has the same question and finds this thread, the grub screws in the astro essentials T ring are size M1.5
  8. Okay so I might be bordering on taking on too much too quickly, as I'm very new to the hobby, but I tend to go all in on these kind of things. That being said, I have some questions about auto guiding. I got myself a used QHY5 and guide scope. It came with the RJ11 cable and I borrowed the USB cable from my printer. I have my laptop at the ready but it has no serial port but plenty of USBs. Is this the only other cable I need to get it all connected up, bypass the handset and control with stellarium? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-cables-leads-accessories/lynx-astro-ftdi-eqdir-usb-adapter-for-sky-watcher-eq5-pro-heq5-syntrek-pro-az-eq5-gt-az-eq6-gt-and-eq8-mounts.html Would that then look like, guide camera to computer via the camera's USB (printer style one) and mount to computer via the above cable? Or does the camera need to connect to the auto guide port on the mount via RJ11 too? I also seem to have gotten lost in a sea of required programs and drivers. I understand there's a preference factor with a lot of them but if someone could break down exactly what I need to install and what does what, that would be awesome I also want to polar align using the guide camera. Is this as simple as pointing the mount roughly North and following the procedure in SharpCap once everything is up and running? Really appreciate any help.
  9. Thanks guys. I've already picked up a big set on Amazon on their way today. Great minds
  10. I dug out some old accessories and found my cheap x3 Barlow lens so I had a little try looking at Venus after sunset tonight. It was out of focus range and I wanted to ask why, for when I buy a new and better Barlow sometime soon. I could see the light from Venus out of focus in the shape of the primary mirror with the secondary mirror's shadow on it and couldn't focus far enough. I don't really understand the mechanics of focusing yet so if anyone had any links or explanations, I'd be grateful. I was using a 20mm Plossl > 3x Barlow > 1.25" to 2" tube > 130 PDS. Thanks
  11. I see, I was wondering why they were separate. The problem I have now is the grub screws that hold the inner ring inside the main T ring are loose and the tightest I can get them with my smallest screwdriver still allows the internal ring to move. They look like Allan key types so I'll have to find a small key to tighten them up.
  12. Thanks for the help. I've been in touch with FLO who were very helpful as usual. When I first got my scope, I fixed my camera to the 1.25" eyepiece tube that comes apart in my picture above. When I went to actually use the scope, I found the camera didn't fit and thought I was going mad. The inner ring of the T ring had detached and stayed inside the eyepiece tube (which was the first thing FLO advised I check). I now need to find a tiny allan key to tighten the inner ring back into place!
  13. So I have this T ring: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/t-rings.html Someone on one of my earlier posts said that I didn't require an adapter for this. At first I thought he was right and it fit into one of the eyepiece tubes that came with my 130PDS but it doesn't. So I bought this 2" adapter: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/flo_2-inch_T_adapter.html While this fits into my 2" eyepiece, the T ring is too large. What have I missed? T-ring and adapter: VID_20200117_132629_LS.mp4 1.25" and 2" eyepiece tubes: 1.25" eyepiece tube separates into 2 parts (at first I thought this was how I was meant to connect it but the thread isn't right)
  14. Last night was the first clear (ish) night since buying my gear and I was able to have my first attempt at astrophotography. The hobby is insanely intimidating from the outside and I came here a few weeks ago for help and advice. From picking my gear to setting it up, the community here has gone above and beyond to help me, so I just wanted to express my gratitude as I was over the moon (pun) with my first attempts. I did get a bit of advice that may have been wrong, which was that I didn't need a T-adapter, but it turns out I did (I'm fairly sure anyway), so while that is on order, these pics were taken with the Google Pixel 3XL on astrophotography mode with the following gear: SW130PDS / 20mm SW Super Plossl EP, SW HEQ5 Pro and a cheap phone adapter. The edited versions are my first attempts at rudimentary post processing using Gimp. Clear skies!
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