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  1. Yeah, I've previously imaged the LMC, and I'm keen to try again with the better lenses I have now. Am yet to shoot the SMC.
  2. I have just gotten my guided mount working with a guide camera and astroeq. What deep sky targets would you recommend for shooting in Queensland, Australia? I have the following gear: Motorised EQ5 mount Pentax K5ii (unmodified) 90mm lens 135mm lens 200mm lens 300mm lens (coming soon) 1000mm Skywatcher 200p
  3. Awesome! I'll try it tomorrow. Sounds like that's the missing link.
  4. When I google EQmod download pages, they all lead to Ascompad??
  5. From what I could understand, Ascompad IS eqmod... Is this not the case?
  6. I am trying to set up my EQ5 mount for autoguiding with a guide camera. So far, I've built an AstroEQ box which seems to work perfectly (have loaded a configuration). I have installed PHD2 and am trying to connect the AstroEQ box as a mount in PHD2. I believe I am looking for the "ASCOM EQ5/6" option, however, it is not listed. I have installed Ascomplatform64 and Ascompad v209. Below is a screenshot of my choices of mount in PHD2: Are any of these applicable, if not, how do I get ASCOM EQ5/6 listed there?
  7. Yeah sounds like what I've been looking for all along. I can't believe I got this far into the project without hearing about it
  8. Well I've tried for hours, I can't get any reading from my camera's ST4 port - voltage or continuity. Looks like I'm going for the ASTROEQ.
  9. The problem is I'm not sure my St4 port is working
  10. What system are you talking about? The trouble is that I have heard about a few different systems that people have developed for autoguiding which sound great, but once I dig into the specifics it is very hard to understand them and/or get complete information, as most of the instructions I have found either assume way too much prior knowledge about coding/arduinos/RPi etc, or require you to use the exact same setup for anything to work, unless you modify the coding/software etc, which requires the previously mentioned prior knowledge which I don't have. I have come across ASTROEQ, which may be exactly what I'm looking for, but I figure I'm this close with the ST4 setup so I may as well see it through.
  11. I don't have a mount to plug into. It's a DIY setup using an EQ5 and stepper motors.
  12. So the ST4 port will output a voltage? I was under the impression I should be looking for continuity when testing the ST4 cable, not voltage.
  13. The Arduino will not be directly connected to the computer. As I understand it, PHD2 sends commands back to my camera (setup as an "on-camera mount" in PHD2). The Camera should output commands through the ST4 cable, which I am intercepting with the Arduino. The Arduino will then have a sketch to take the ST4 commands and output a signal to the stepper motor driver. But I am stuck at the ST4 >> Arduino part because the ST4 doesn't seem to be doing anything.
  14. Hi, I'm trying to setup an autoguiding rig using a daytson t7m camera, PHD2 and an Arduino. I have gotten PHD2 to get an image from the t7m, so the camera is working, but I can't get any response from the ST4. I have selected On-camera as the mount, and have tried manual guiding while testing the ST4 cable with a multi meter, testing for continuity. I cant get any continuity from the st4 cable. Is there anything I'm missing?
  15. Ok now I'm really confused. I feel like I'm missing a key piece of information... The circuit I posted above is one I found here https://github.com/kevinferrare/arduino-st4 I am now realising it may not be the circuit that I need. Am I correct that the above circuit is for using an Arduino to send commands to a mount via ST4. Whereas I am trying to send commands from my camera, via ST4, into an Arduino. how do I wire the optocoupler if I'm sending commands to the Arduino?
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