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  1. I did a google search and come up with these Latitude Longitude 53.36716 -2.84711 Hope this helps
  2. Very nice Shaun, its one of the better M64 images i have seen
  3. paulbeer


    I know the feeling I manage a mental health support agency which runs 24/7 so I just grin and bare and grab every opportunity available
  4. Now i cant get that image out of my head
  5. Fingers crossed i dont fancy putting the tent up in the rain
  6. so a 15ft by 28ft tent is going to be tight
  7. Does anyone have any idea what size the pitches are going to be(roughly).
  8. Hi am i right in thinking that the Version 2.05 cannot be upgraded to Firmware version 3.27 and that the only way is to buy a new hand controller. Just after clarification. Thanks
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