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  1. Thanks for the advice. I shall try while it's light and take it step by step.
  2. I have an Explorer 200p and a Canon 450d and I tried prime focus imaging last night for the first time. I popped the t- mount on and the adapter on the camera and tried a few shots at various settings. None of them showed much of a hint of sky... The closest I got was a couple of feint offset images of the vanes that were bigger at one end of the focus than the other. What am I doing wrong? I'm not a bad photographer and I've taken some images of the night sky from a tripod before.
  3. I was going to post this too. Absolutely amazing pic.
  4. Well, here's hoping. The thought of collimation has always worried me thus why it's taken me so long to take a crack at it (If the weather had been better over the last month it might have forced me to try earlier). Hopefully this weekend the skies will be clear so I can give it a proper run for its money and maybe even try my hand at taking some shots via my dslr. I guess that'll show up any alignment errors.
  5. So I lugged the 'scope out into the kitchen after my wife found a 35mm film cap to use as a collimating cap. Handy hint; heat a pin up and use that to carefully melt a tiny hole in the cap. Doesn't leave any ragged edges but you have to keep the pin steady. I used the instructions that came with my 200P DS to have bash at collimating and then referred to AstroBaby's site. I bunged the collimating cap on and took the end cover off. Lo and behold I could see the three mirror clips pretty much evenly. I then took a look at the alignment of the primary mirror. The reflection of the secondary lo
  6. I've had my scope since mid-june but I don't know if I need to collimate because IT'S BEEN TOO CLOUDY TO SEE ANYTHING EVER SINCE!!! :-) Seriously though. I'm going to give collimation a bash just so I can get used to doing it.
  7. I just tried holding it up to a streetlight. Wow indeed! It really does bin off all the orange light! Hopefully tomorrow will be clear so I can get to try it on my 'scope.
  8. I'd suggest doing a bit of research on SGL for threads about connecting mounts to laptops to make sure you've got the right cables, connectors and drivers/software. I don't know the details of your particular mount but there could be several 'gotchas'. Just being paranoid as a developer working on a Mac port of EQMOD said he's heard horror stories of people blowing up mounts on PC by wrong connections etc.
  9. Same here. Got my first 'scope about a month ago and had one night with it so far on holiday. Since then it's either been too cloudy, too light or too late! I've been hoping to make some time at the weekend but the wife keeps on arranging for us to do other stuff ("Your dad's 60th? Do we really have to be there? You're sure?" :-)). I've got the scope out a few times to practice what I can PAing it and so forth but there's only so much you can do without a dark sky. I did manage to get a close up of the leaves on the tree at the end of the garden while experimenting with my new t-ring and 450d
  10. I recently bought one of these but I've already managed to lose the flipping charging lead. If anyone has one of these can you take a look at the power input/output ratings on the charger so I can find a similar one?
  11. You sir are a genius! Turned out it was in fact the order in which I was plugging stuff in and turning it on. It works! :-) Hopefully get a real field test soon. Thank you so much.
  12. So I got an EQDIR and installed a usb-serial driver for osx but it asks me to configure the connection in OSX and assumes it's a modem. I try to connect and it says there's been a network error and it's not connected. EQMOD says it's initialising the mount but does nothing else...
  13. Does it make any beeping noises before shutting off? PCs can sometimes give indications of what's wrong according to the number of beeps. http://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm
  14. Just been paid so I'm going to fork out for an EQDIR adapter to test this out with Stellarium. But first...some noob questions/assumptions. I'd need to polar align the mount pretty accurately first in order to use Stellarium, correct? If it's aligned properly then Stellarium/EQMac will use the current settings of the RA/Dec motors to calculate where it is pointing yes?
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