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  2. So, John, Just give them away to someone you dislike.
  3. That's good. I captured 20 GB, worth of frames, with my Neximage 5, at 100-115 fps, with ROI. 1 min produced 6,900 frames, 2 min 15,000 frames. Image 1. Capturing planet Venus, with the Neximage 5, using a 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain. O-III filter, at 115 fps, RGB32 & ROI. 2020.
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  5. Like mentioned earlier, it is very difficult to shoot pictures of those 'flying lights in the night sky', and hereby just one yet, that should be zoomed in 'to the max'. Anyone seen anything like this fire fly flying by and like to share, cause we have no clue at all what we are looking at here... Cheers! willy
  6. Here is an old sketch, during the Messier Observing Program. I noted, about 100 stars, with my 8" DOB. I used a dim red Orion key chain light, during this one. Image 1. Pencil sketch of M42, with 8 inch dobsonian classic; original & color inversion (B&W). Sketch 1 of 3. 2015, H.F.
  7. Ahh, I see some mentions of oaCapture. Will give it a try.
  8. Just picked up a NexImage 5Mp camera. Is anyone using this with any astro imaging software on Mac OS X?
  9. I've been taking one off shots of M42 with my Orion SkyMax 127mm since 2015, first with the classic Nikon D50 and as of 2018 the Nikon D3200. I found that I could get a pretty good image at ISO1600 at 20 seconds. But that is what works well with my scope. I suggest, like others here, to experiment to see what settings work best for your scope. I don't spend much time stacking and like the spontaneity of one-offs, but undoubtedly stacking will add more depth, color and detail. Here is one of my favorite images of M42 from 2019 with minor tweaking of levels in Photoshop, no stacking: Regards, Reggie
  10. Excellent Stephan! The thought has crossed my mind to try the same thing with the H130 out our front picture window which faces south. Great target selection and observations!
  11. This is one currently visible, I have been studying some of these features a bit lately.
  12. Here is my 3rd and final pic from Monday nights wide field imaging test session. IC410 the tadpole Nebula and IC405 the flaming star nebula, really pleased with the field of view on this as its the perfect size to just capture both. 12 X 10 mins in Hydrogen Alpha with my Atik 460EX CCD & Altair Starwave ED70 refractor + Lightwave 0.6 reducer bringing it down to F3.6 @ 250mm FL. Guided, captured, stacked & stretched in MaximDL, processed in Photoshop. Lee
  13. I'm just amazed, what I've done for fun tonight with my Celestron Nexstar 8SE, Alt-Az mount, 0,63 reducer, Sony A7s, 90x10 sec at ISO 20.000. Deep Sky Stacker and PS.
  14. Giving up, clear, fog, clear, fog, fog, clear, fog, fog, fog. Really still so great guiding when clear but so far less then an hour of usable data since 8pm so calling quits.
  15. Also taken from Davey T's back garden in Swanley Bortle 6 (as per explanation in "Anybody Playing tonight" thread) since I have a big tree in the way at Home in Bortle 8. I also took Oiii and Sii but it did not add anything to the colour, so as I had already taken some RGB as well, "just in case" I processed HaRGBAtik460EX & WOZS71 HEQ5Ha 22 x 600RGB 9 x 150secs binned eachTotal imaging time 5 3/4 hours
  16. Nice image, out of interest is there much in the way of OIII in this target, I know there is signal in the tadpole nebula close by.
  17. thanks for that ide never have slept,really is some spectacle link to video
  18. Thank you! I probably spend most of my waking hours, except when I'm at work (and actually even when I'm at work) researching astronomy/astrophotography I think it's becoming an obsession. Are there any support groups?
  19. Hi Danny I built one back in 2016 which I have been using with cameras and telescopes effectively for 4 years. There is a picture of the finished box on my blog entry on this forum Blog 19648. (July 2016). Easy to make and quite inexpensive. Originally I was going to use white plexiglass for the light diffuser but as this was quite expensive to purchase, I used plasticard much favoured by model railway constructors. It works just fine, but in between use I protect it from dust by wrapping the lightbox with cling film. I used 3 ribbons of leds equally spaced as a light source all powered by a 9volt battery. I made my own frame from softwood but you could use a box picture frame if you can find one in a charity shop that is the right size to suit the aperture of your scope. Hope helpful best regards George
  20. Haha I wish it was a permanent setup! Maybe one day when we buy a house I'll get a dome in the garden! So yeah at the moment I disassemble after each session. I've been using just the polar scope for the last couple sessions, but I'm determined to try out the drift alignment and see how long it takes. If it let's me get 60s exposures with no star trails I would be ecstatic
  21. The Ghost of Metope is in there too
  22. Yesterday
  23. If you have any interest in meteorites, you might find the online bi-monthly "Meteorite Times" interesting. Each issue contains short articles by a regular team of contributors. The latest (January 2020) issue includes a piece on the Bovedy Meteorite which fell in Northern Ireland in 1969. The current issue and back issues are free to download and read and can be accessed from this web link: https://www.meteorite-times.com/ I hope some find this of interest
  24. I decided to stack everything I have on the Pleiades from the day I started shooting it and I have a total of 22 hours and 35 minutes. 457 exposures ranging from 2min to 10min shot with, DSLR (600d), CCD (QHY10) and cooled CMOS (ASI294MC) through my TS65Q. It took APP 40 hours to stack them all. What do you think? Emil
  25. melsmore

    M42 sketch

    A good red light does help. I use one of these Ebook reader lights with some red cellophane over it.
  26. Oh wow, I checked: it is at a distance of over 2 AU. That's remarkable. Excellent image!
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