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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi Dan, it was nice to meet you too. Really enjoyed the evening, had some great views of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars (the latter was amazing, and looked just like some of the photos I've seen recently on Twitter!). Although I'd planned to make it a really late one, I decided to pack up around midnight. It was still quite blustery, and although it looked clear enough, I wasn't having any luck with the fainter galaxies. Top evening
  3. Hi, I got out for a couple of hours with my binoculars rather than my scope as I pulled my back a bit earlier in the day! It was good to meet Kev though (albeit for a brief period) as I've not met anyone from this online club before so it was good to put a real face to a name! Skies were great with a lovely view of the Milky Way. Hopefully we can arrange something similar between us all in the not too distant future.
  4. Sorry chaps missed all this. I ended up doing something else so didn't make it out. How about you?
  5. Cool. If anything changes I'll let you know Dan
  6. Okay. Im aiming to be there for 9-ish ... can’t make it any earlier. Forecast’s still looking good
  7. Hiya, what time are you thinking of heading out?
  8. I'd be up for meeting at Creech Car Park although I'd probably only do a couple of hours (visual with my LX90) as I do have work on Monday! Still it would be good to get away from the lights in Poole for a bit! Let me know if you're heading up there.
  9. Sunday night’s looking pretty good at the moment, and as I don’t have work on Monday, I’m seriously thinking of a major (all night) session, what’ll probably be the last chance before the colder nights set in.... the question is whether to make it a back garden night, or head down to creech /steeple.... to be confirmed
  10. Did you get out last night? It was very windy so I gave the garden a miss! I think we're expecting a fair bit of cloud for a few days now
  11. Haven't been out properly for a good long while but it's looking clear tonight and I don't have anything to do tomorrow! New moon as well. Thought I might head over towards Wareham and try either that Steeple overlook car park or the one in Creech.
  12. <checks notes> nope ... not since the 19th of July! Always up for a social
  13. Hi All, Has anyone used their scope lately? I don't think I've used mine properly for months! The nights are slowly starting to draw in a bit so I'm hoping to get out again. Perhaps a meet up in the near future? All the best and stay safe, Dan
  14. Hi Dan, I had my scope out at the weekend (first time in months!), for a couple of public sessions. Seeing was fantastic. Made exactly the same point to those who came out with me ... why ignore 50% of our environment/landscape ? All the best, Kev
  15. Hi All, After becoming thoroughly fed up with this hobby, after what seems like never ending cloud cover and wind over the past few months, I took a pair of binoculars up to the car park at Steeple on Monday night and realised why I stick it out! The seeing was incredible and selling my gear was the furthest from my mind! I am still amazed that most people ignore what is 50% of our landscape. I just wanted to wish you all well for the coming year, keep looking up, clear skies and above all, be happy. Dan
  16. Thanks Ade. I looked at their website and it looks active, the next meeting is Fri 13 Dec.
  17. I think that club is still going Dave, though I haven't been to any of their meetings myself. There is a Hampshire & Dorset Astro Events Calendar linked to in this thread and their events are still listed. Let us know how you get on. Ade
  18. I did a search for nearby astronomy clubs and this came up http://www.weymouthastronomy.co.uk/ Anyone else heard or have experience of it? Looks to be about 25 mins or so drive from where I live, mostly along the (Unlit) coast road, so I was thinking of giving them a go.
  19. Yeah definitely up for that when the outlook improves
  20. Agreed, I had a couple of quick 1hr sessions last week but did have a surprisingly good solar session last Mon for the Mercury transit. I keep wanting to get us all together for an observing session but the weather outlook has been so bad that I've not bothered.
  21. It's been terrible! Can't think when I last had a decent session. Reduced to quick grab and go sessions as and when. Looking reasonable this evening, though, so I might set up while the kids are at scouts
  22. This Autumn has been atrocious, even the MO recons that rain and cloud have been well above average. I think I had a clear patch a couple of weeks ago but will have to check my files.
  23. Hi All, I've not been star gazing that long but all this cloud is getting ridiculous! Anyone had any clear nights recently? Or does anyone know a special cloud dance we could do? I'm starting to forget how to set everything up! All the best, Dan
  24. Thank you that's great I hope to check some places out soon. I can't wait now just need to hope for some clearer weather.

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