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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi Dan, I had my scope out at the weekend (first time in months!), for a couple of public sessions. Seeing was fantastic. Made exactly the same point to those who came out with me ... why ignore 50% of our environment/landscape ? All the best, Kev
  3. Hi All, After becoming thoroughly fed up with this hobby, after what seems like never ending cloud cover and wind over the past few months, I took a pair of binoculars up to the car park at Steeple on Monday night and realised why I stick it out! The seeing was incredible and selling my gear was the furthest from my mind! I am still amazed that most people ignore what is 50% of our landscape. I just wanted to wish you all well for the coming year, keep looking up, clear skies and above all, be happy. Dan
  4. Thanks Ade. I looked at their website and it looks active, the next meeting is Fri 13 Dec.
  5. I think that club is still going Dave, though I haven't been to any of their meetings myself. There is a Hampshire & Dorset Astro Events Calendar linked to in this thread and their events are still listed. Let us know how you get on. Ade
  6. I did a search for nearby astronomy clubs and this came up http://www.weymouthastronomy.co.uk/ Anyone else heard or have experience of it? Looks to be about 25 mins or so drive from where I live, mostly along the (Unlit) coast road, so I was thinking of giving them a go.
  7. Yeah definitely up for that when the outlook improves
  8. Agreed, I had a couple of quick 1hr sessions last week but did have a surprisingly good solar session last Mon for the Mercury transit. I keep wanting to get us all together for an observing session but the weather outlook has been so bad that I've not bothered.
  9. It's been terrible! Can't think when I last had a decent session. Reduced to quick grab and go sessions as and when. Looking reasonable this evening, though, so I might set up while the kids are at scouts
  10. This Autumn has been atrocious, even the MO recons that rain and cloud have been well above average. I think I had a clear patch a couple of weeks ago but will have to check my files.
  11. Hi All, I've not been star gazing that long but all this cloud is getting ridiculous! Anyone had any clear nights recently? Or does anyone know a special cloud dance we could do? I'm starting to forget how to set everything up! All the best, Dan
  12. Thank you that's great I hope to check some places out soon. I can't wait now just need to hope for some clearer weather.
  13. Hopefully the weather will clear soon Dan, the observing season has started pretty badly so far. Fingers crossed we'll get out soon.
  14. Hi @Dumbo welcome to the group. Badbury Rings between Wimborne and Blandford is nice and dark, I go up there occasionally. Another good spot is the car park overlooking Steeple https://goo.gl/maps/WQtkeX9vpCRwTReq5 Neither are too far away from Bournemouth.
  15. That's great news! I have just ordered an 8' dob and was wondering where the best places around here would be, I live in Bournemouth so this is not too far at all. Unfortunately I do not drive so I have to persuade friends, I'm hoping I wont need to do much persuading I mean, who doesn't want to watch the ghosts of our ancestors.
  16. Excellent news. Now stop my old school from polluting the sky with their floodlit playing fields. .
  17. Excellent news, brilliant to have such a recognised site a short drive away!
  18. Thanks to the tireless work of a great many people I've just heard than the Cranborne Chase AONB has been awarded dark sky reserve status, https://www.darksky.org/cranborne-chase-uk-designated-as-international-dark-sky-reserve/ I believe that it is the first AONB to be awarded the dark sky reserve status. Amongst others, much work has been done by members of Wessex Astronomical Society and Fordingbridge Astronomers as well as tireless campaigning by Bob Mizon of CfDS. Well done everybody. Right on our doorstep too.
  19. Hi Matt, Welcome to the group. As the nights draw in I'm sure we'll arrange a meet up soon for some observing and a bit of a laugh... If the rain ever stops!! Cheers, Dan
  20. Thanks, I've seen Knowlton Church online, will have a drive out there soon. At the moment I'm just observing and only dabbling with imaging. Keeping an eye out for a second hand DSLR at the moment. I've been interested and reading about physics theory for many years and only recently (finally) got myself a scope to start observing. I've joined the BAA and will keep an eye on group meetups here and the two local societies too. Will be good to meet a few people at some point!
  21. Hi Matt, welcome to the group. Others will contribute suggestions I'm sure, but here go mine: As you say, Durlston and Badbury Rings are favourite spots along with Hyde Common near Fordingbridge and Steeple ridge near Wareham. There are also various sites with interesting foreground features - St Aldhelms Head, Durdle Door, Knowlton Church, etc. Cranborne Chase AONB is applying for International Dark Sky status and there are various sites within that area. One option is to join one or more astro clubs who hold sessions at these venues - Wessex Astronomical Society meets in Wimborne on the first Tuesday each month and has an observatory at Durlston with regular public/member sessions, and Fordingbridge Astronomers at St Ives near Ringwood on the 3rd Tuesday also holds sessions at Hyde Common and other locations. We also have informal get togethers with members of this SGL club. What are your preferences - visual and/or imaging? DSO/planetary/solar/lunar/widefield? Hope to see you at one of the meet ups.
  22. Morning all. New the the Dorset group and relatively new to the Dorset area having moved here a couple of years ago from London! Wondered if members here would mind sharing some of their favourite spots for observing in the local area? I've been out to the New Forest - Holmsely Car Park near Burley which was quite good but there were some curious horses around! Also tried Badbury Rings car park a couple of times. First visit there was great but next time there were a few people around which wasn't ideal. Haven't been down to Durlston yet but will give that a go soon.
  23. Nice. Glad you had a good one. The seeing last night was fantastic. As soon as I went outside in the garden the sky just lit up, even with my light polluted skies, but alas, the scope stayed tucked in as I had to be up very early for work! Not clear until Sunday now I think. Oh well never mind!
  24. Cheers, that's good to know. In the end, the sky was spectacular over Piddletrenthide. Cracking session
  25. We had a frustrating session at Durlston. The sea mist kept rolling in between 21:00 and 23:00 but after that it was looking good. I had to bail as my other half wanted to get back but I suspect that the die hards were rewarded with nice clear skies. Ade
  26. Think that was a good shout mate. Looked like some sea mist rolled in last night from where I am in Hamworthy and Creech, being quite high, would have been covered I reckon. Not sure how long it stayed though.

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