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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi Dan, good to hear from you again. We've had a couple of sessions up at the car park on the ridge at the top of the hill overlooking the Campsite you'd spoken to previously, but it's been a very busy year. Hopefully we can get a few sessions in this season. Ade
  3. Hi all, It's been a busy year and what seems like a long summer! The nights are starting to draw in now so I will be unpacking my gear very shortly. If there are any plans for a meet up soon I would very much like to come along! Cheers, Dan
  4. Looking good Ross, really glad that you're pleased with it. Ade
  5. Hi guys new test drive on the zwo ASIAIR! Really impressed with this,easy to use and packed with features,only thing I’ve not got a handle on is the platesolving, but that’s due to my inexperience!Otherwise I’m so happy with it.
  6. Wow! @prusling that's an amazing photo. And @AdeKing too, the sunset was fantastic. I too had a great time last night. Although we had no luck with the Veil neb, I got Jupiter (amazing sight in the brief moments of stillness), Saturn (still too low to see the Cassini division, but spectacular nonetheless), M57, M13, and then, by about 1.30pm, the southern sky cleared completely, to reveal Ms 4, 6, 7 & 8, 22, 69, 70 and NGC 6652 (those are just some of the clusters and objects I saw that I could easily identify!). M8, the Lagoon nebula was fantastic! Bright structures, with dark lanes running through, nearly filling the fov of my 20mm ep at x60. The last 20 minutes of the evening I spent scanning through Sagittarius and Scorpius with my 10x50s will stay with me. When a large, bright patch appeared to the right of Sagittarius, I at first thought it was the return of the clouds, but in the binos it appeared full of stars, with dark dust lanes running through. I'd never seen this starfield so clearly defined and bright! Will definitely be heading back there again soon. Cheers Ade, Peter! Kev
  7. That's a great result, I love it. Here are a couple images of the spectacular sunset that we saw before it got dark. Thanks to Peter and Kev for the company, the views of Jupiter and Saturn were amazing when the seeing cleared and it was a very enjoyable evening despite my technical issues with the EQ5.
  8. Despite the cloud some great views last evening - a stunning sunset, gas giants and their moons, M57, and a lovely low-down orange crescent moon. A pesky cloud bank did its best to mark the ecliptic which made imaging difficult, but it was worth trying. Not sure what caused the blueness below though... Thanks AdeKing and kev100 for your company. Look forward to the next time.
  9. @prusling and myself are willing to chance it. Be there about 21:30. See you then.
  10. Hiya. I've been checking the forecast on a variety of sites this week, and it's been all over the place! Currently not bad at all, so I'm going for it. Hope others can make it. Kev
  11. I think it's where a few of us met up way back in November. The car park on top of the ridge at Grange Hill, Steeple (https://goo.gl/maps/3fyeaeuj3TWTJjgo6) @kev100 please correct me if you were thinking of somewhere different.
  12. Probably not going to make this as I have an early Saturday morning Just in case I do - where is this Creech Car Park ?
  13. until
    Seven metre diameter moon, talks, solar observing, open air (space-themed) cinema, and much more, plus a stargazing session in the evening up at Maiden Castle ... More details here: http://moonburyrings.co.uk
  14. Hiya. Forecast seems to be changing, depending on which service you check it on. Currently the Met office forecast looks good ...
  15. Hi, I'm keen as well but the forecast for Friday is not great. Fingers crossed it will improve. Cheers, Peter
  16. I'm up for that Kev, I've been meaning to organise another meet but time has been in short supply this year. Look forward to seeing you again. Ade
  17. Hi all, Just thinking about heading up to Creech carpark on Friday night (5th of July), and was wondering if any others are up for coming along? Kev
  18. Greetings All, Hope you won't mind a new member from just over the border in Hants! ?
  19. Variable Stars - Why are amateur observations important? by John Mallett Variable stars are those that vary in brightness. This can be for a number of reasons, each of which teaches us more about how stars work or interact with each other. The work of amateur astronomers in monitoring them has always been valued by the wider astronomical community. John will show us why this is and how we can contribute if we so wish. 19:30 on Tuesday 21st May at the St Ives Club, School Lane, St Ives, Ringwood, Hants, BH24 2PF.
  20. Apologies, I've missed advertising these for a couple of months. The next Wessex Astronomical Society meeting is on Tues 7th May at 19:30 and features Dr Robin Catchpole speaking about Stellar Evolution. Normal meeting venue at The Allendale Community Centre, Hanham Road, Wimborne Minster BH21 1AS
  21. Understanding Nothing by Prof Nick Evans Nick is Professor of Theoretical High Energy Physics at the University of Southampton, and has the knack of making his subject very accessible. He will introduce us to the science of the vacuum from classical times, through the discoveries of Newton, Relativity, Quantum Theory and the discoveries of the Higgs particle and gravity waves. We'll end with a big modern mystery: Quantum Gravity. 19:30 at St Ives Club, School Lane, St Ives, Ringwood, Hants, BH24 2PF
  22. This does indeed look interesting and I really hope that preventing light pollution is taken into account and doesn't make planning more onerous than it already is. Lets also hope that the boundary doesn't bypass contentious environmentally sensitive areas threatened by development like the New Forest NP boundary conveniently did around Hythe. I've signed up to the website to keep up to date with developments. Thanks for flagging it guys.
  23. Ah, got there before me. Yes, I'd seen that on my google feed. Hope it's a step to reducing the light-pollution, but slightly concerned that it might make planning (eg obsys) a bit more onerous.
  24. This looks interesting (especially if it comes with light pollution regulations) : https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/17481626.national-park-plan-tens-of-millions-for-dorset-in-major-economic-boost/?ref=twtrec
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