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  1. Few things in my list of surplus - 15mm T2 Extension Tube x2 WO SCT 2" Adapter OVL 2" Variable Polarising Filter Opticstar Vibration Suppression Pads Astronomik CLS Clip Filter EOS APS-C Baader M43 - T2 Adaptor Ring (For Baader Zoom) [Subject to me finding them]
  2. Just saw this announcement dated yesterday on the Takahashi website. There are pictures in there but I won't link them here. To save everyone doing a google translate, it states: "We will release an extension hood for FS-60CB that has the same white color as the lens barrel. The extension hood weighs about 420g, so it not only prevents stray light but also functions as a counterweight. FS-60CB is a short aperture telescope with a small aperture, which makes the camera side heavy and difficult to balance." I've always planned on getting a mini tak in the future, and this new
  3. Actually had the sky meter for about 2 weeks now, but I received the Vixen 2x42 today. I think they will go well together - cant wait to test the binos under proper conditions. Now all I need is a comfy deck chair maybe...
  4. I've gone way over the top boxing with my 5" beginner scope, as I like everything neat in one place and ready for a grab and go. Package consist of - ROC Aluminium flight case as the shell - 3 levels of pluck foam, base foam and an egg foam from a MAX 430 case, which happens to had the same width & length internal dimension The case fits hand baggage allowance for international carriers like British Airways, but unfortunately a wheel or trolley handle too big for regional airlines like EasyJet and Flybe. I also know its not quite the same with your 130PDS, (I assume the O
  5. Welcome Tony, nice scope you got there ! Just to let you know, there is a SGL club for Dorset should you be interested. The guys meet up once in a while to stargaze, unfortunately slightly too far for me half of the time as I am based near Southampton.
  6. Hello Adam, Eastleigh here. Nice scope you got there, hope you get many good views out of it.
  7. If you do go for the M12 bolt option, I would suggest buying the "coach" variant with a short thread, and between 200mm - 300mm in length. This is because the socket eats almost 30mm of the bar and the mount battery compartment blocks another 90mm. As for counterweight, TS do sell one that fits on the 12mm rod. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p10277_TS-Optics-Counterweight-1-kg-for-counterweight-rod-with-10-12-mm-diameter.html I own one and it works OK, but the quality I got from them was below average in my opinion (maybe I am just picky).
  8. Looks somewhat like a slug trail... maybe a gastropod took advantage while you were out there, and wanted the front seat of the telescope ? Ok... ill see myself out.
  9. Probably not going to make this as I have an early Saturday morning Just in case I do - where is this Creech Car Park ?
  10. Sorry not much going to of help here - The only thing I could see is lack of central strut on your tripod / mount. Your long tak would probably hit the tripod legs when angled. You could purchase a SW AZ extension tube but I personally don't like it as it could become a fiddle (if the screw between mount - extension is loose).
  11. I think budget will be very important in this case. There are used APS-C DSLRs that starts from £20, up to £3,000 new for Full Frame format on the market. For wide angle shooting getting a DSLR is only half the battle as well. You need to consider what lens you want on top of that. There is no point getting a very good lens with a sub par DSLR and vice versa. Faster lens dedicated for AP can also cost £££, again ranging from £20 - £1,500. When I started out the hobby 6 months ago and looking for cameras, I found the best site was the list provided by wikipedia which offered base f
  12. Tom Scott had made a video about these sound mirrors 5 months ago, I found it an interesting watch if anyone is intrigued. If I remeber correctly, his team demonstrated by putting a microphone in the middle of the dish in Romney marsh, which picked up birds tweeting across the lake. They also flown a drone nearby (with permission from the local airport) to demonstrate what it would be like picking an aircraft miles off the coast back in the day.
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