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  1. Chris M48

    SW StarTravel 150 OTA

    For sale is my StarTravel 150 Refractor. I’m selling most of my stuff and this has become a favourite but alas it’s got to go. I’ve included a 2” Baader Semi-Apo Filter to offset the inevitable CA. looking for £325 ono for this package. Collection only from Blandford Forum, Dorset because of size and weight. Merry Christmas!
  2. Please read if you need or know someone that needs a complete mount setup for under £400. After passing my 70th Birthday I’ve decided to concentrate on daytime hobbies and sell most of my Astro equipment starting with the Skywatcher EQ5 Pro goto mount purchased from FLO earlier this year. The tripod is brand new and unused, while the mount itself is 3 months old and a new replacement for the original faulty one. It comes with all that is supplied by FLO new at £539. The Synscan handset is latest version. I have added a recently purchased Lynx EQDIR adapter to enable direct control from a laptop or PC. I’m looking for £385 ono for this package. Thanks for looking. Buyer can collect from Blandford, Dorset or arrange courier after payment. NB: Many other items will follow in other posts. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  3. Chris M48

    Celestrons AVX vrs. SW HEQ5 mounts ??

    I’ve had both the Celestron AVX and SkyWatcher HEQ5 but now have the CG5 Advanced GT which preceded the AVX. The latter has now been discontinued so is not an option but I still prefer it to the AVX. Sturdier and more reliable but both noisy at 2am in the garden. HEQ5 Pro is much less noisy, sturdier still and can be connected directly to computer with no need for handset. The new belt drive makes it quieter again and reduces backlash while increasing drive accuracy. All this probably explains why you can’t find them second hand very often. Adjustment bolts and screws are too lightweight for this heavy but handsome beast and power and mother boards need to be replaced too often. Apart from that, for me, a no brainer.
  4. Chris M48

    Rother Valley Optics

    I have a Celestron CG-5 Advanced GT Mount that I bought second hand last year and have grown to love it. Alas, it is beginning to fail me by switching itself off whenever it fancies. The fault seems to point toward the power board but when I made enquiries was told that the mount has been discontinued and the mount and accessories are no longer available. Come to the rescue Rother Valley Optics who are sourcing the board for me at the normal price. I’ve used them before and certainly will again. Not only that but they said that in the unlikely event of the board not fixing the problem they will be happy to look at the mount for me with a view to finding the problem and rectifying it. Happy with that service. Credit where it’s due I say. Thanks again RVO.
  5. Chris M48

    Skywatcher HEQ5 Syntrek mount for sale

    Hi Ed, Is the HEQ5 Still for sale? How old is it and is it in perfect working order? Many thanks and kind regards, Chris
  6. Last night I put my SW 150 Mak, EOS1100D and Optics UHC filter together for the 1st time and got some very peculiar results. Can anyone see from these few images what might be causing the problems. As far as I can tell focus was good and Mak was collimated but I'm scratching my head. Cloud prevented my further investigation but wondered if anyone recognises the result. Looks to me in one of the pics like a reflection of the EOS's mouth. The 1100D is modded and none of the equipment is new. Thanks.
  7. Chris M48

    My 1st Ha Image.

    You will doubtless recognise M16 Eagle Nebula chosen as my 1st target in Ha. It comprises of 10 subs and 5 darks processed using DSS and StarTools. Photoshop available which I think I will need next. Is it ok? Comments and guidance please. Loads of clear dark nights lately. Wonderful. T3ST_EAGLE_Ha_300s400iso10subs5darksST.tiff From previous night without Ha. T3ST_EAGLE_180s800iso10subs20darks30flats30bias_SA.tiff
  8. The 100ED was one of my first scopes and is my preferred scope I suppose. It’s as happy to give great clear and crisp views when observing or imaging but In recent years I’ve been largely hooked on AP. That’s about to change, however, as I’ve just purchased a CG5 mount for sole purpose of observing at home and in the field. I can’t tell yet how much of a difference the Baader Semi-apo makes but if it’s anything like during AP it’ll be considerable. For the moment it’s a must. Maybe I can give it a back seat in favour of my H-Alpha 7nm filter when I try it. I consider myself a shoestring enthusiast but after quite a few years of trying just about everything I seem to have settled on my 4 varied telescopes to enable me to get decent results on whatever I choose to do. The main thing is there’s so much to learn, so much yet to do.
  9. Since I bought the ST150 refractor last year I've noted the poor press on this scope. Mainly down to the Achromatic Aberration that is inherent with it. So I bought the Baader Semi-apo filter to go with it after receiving good advice from this forum. A couple of months ago I tried to sell it to make way for a 150 Mak but couldn't get a sensible offer. I'm so glad that I did as it compliments my collection nicely. Oh yes, I bought the Mak anyway. Here's an example of the Eagle nebula taken a couple of evenings ago from my back garden. Camera T3 Rebel on CG5 goto with Altair GPCAM guiding. Processed with DSS and StarTools.
  10. Chris M48

    Celestron CG5 goto mount

    I’ve got one already mounted on a diy pier in my garden but would like another for grab and go. If you’ve got one that you’d consider selling please let me know. Thanks for looking. Chris
  11. I have a Celestron CG5 goto mounted on a homemade pier close to a control centre in my shed. I’m so happy with the setup that I don’t want to dismantle each time when playing away. I have 2 tripods available 1 from an ex HEQ5 and the other from the CG5. Ideally I’d like to get either an EQ5 or CG5 goto (head only) but like Hens teeth it seems. I really don’t need another tripod. I was very disappointed with the AVX that I had for a while so am reluctant to take that option. It appears that both Sywatcher and Celestron want to force you to include a tripod and counter-weights with each sale despite this being half the weight and packaging. why can’t I purchase a head only mount if that’s what I want? Can we get back to the notion of customer first if it ever was so?
  12. Chris M48

    SW StarTravel 150 Refractor for Sale.

    Thanks Red Dwarfer you won’t be surprised to hear that I totally agree. For those who don’t need a Baader Semi-Apo filter or don’t want it included then I will gladly offer the bundle at £385 without it. Clear skies. Chris
  13. SW StarTravel 150 Refractor OTA. Included: Telescope OTA + Stand as photo + SW 50 x 9 Finder + 2” Baader semi-apo filter. Telescope and other items are in excellent condition. Looking for £450 for this bundle or £350 for OTA only without accessories. Best wishes and hope you like what you see. Chris
  14. Chris M48

    IC59 &IC61 with DSLR

    IC59 & IC61 Reflection and Emission Nebulae as was about 600 years ago but captured by me last night. A Baader SA filter on a DSLR camera taking an hours worth of exposures resulted in this DSO in Cassiopeia.
  15. I need to replace my HEQ5 mount but already have handset and tripod. If anyone has one that works and is in good order then please let me know. Thanks and clear skies.

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