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  1. I’ve reluctantly decided to sell my EQ6-R in favour of a grab and go. Now that it’s gone I can categorically say the it is without doubt the best mount I’ve ever had or used. I know it’s not cheap but worth every penny in my view. Just sayin’.....
  2. Will my SW reducer for 100ED work equally as well for 120ED? l ask because I’m upgrading my scope and trying to limit the expense. Thanks for looking.
  3. Thanks Peter, It shows me that I’m on the right path but just a bit further to go. Wish me luck! success! Choice of 2 COM ports and I picked the wrong one. Changed it over and works a treat. thanks again. Chris
  4. I have a Celestron Advanced GT Mount which is controlled using a laptop via handset. I want to do this wirelessly via Bluetooth with my RS232 serial adapter. The adapter has been successfully paired with my laptop and 2 virtual COM ports are assigned and showing as linked with Bluetooth for sending and receiving data. l’m not sure which COM port to select for overall control. I expected COM port dev8 to be available but no such thing. Can anyone please help with this? Thank you.
  5. Indeed it does Steve but it didn’t look like it at first sight. A lack of confidence and knowledge on my part. I hope this might help someone else in the future. Thanks Knobby, Steve and Avocette for helping sort this out for me. SGL strikes again. Clear skies everyone.
  6. Thanks for that. My problem is that the focuser is set up for EOS and thus has a bayonet connector attached with grub screws. It needs to have a connection suited to my new asi camera. Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I have a SW 100ED Refractor with .85 Focal Reducer Set up for Canon EOS camera. I want to use it in conjunction with my new ZWOasi294mc Pro. Is there an adapter that I can use to enable this. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hi Pedro, not confident that it would ever get there so I’m afraid it’s a no. Good hunting.
  9. Hi, powered from AC to DC adapter 12v 5amp or 12v 12Ah battery. Fan with resister - Heatsink - Peltier - Camera - Aluminium Plate & Nylon 4mm Nuts & Bolts. Thanks for interest. Chris
  10. For sale: Used ZWOasi290mc with DIY cooler. When using Sharpcap showed uncooled sensor as 19deg then cooled for 15mins achieved single figures then 8deg after 30mins taking 3min exposures. Not super-cooled 30deg but made a huge difference with noise. As it’s a DIY peltier cooler with no warranty or liability, I’m not charging extra for it. Offers welcome above £185. Includes all items in picture. For Any further info, please ask. Thanks for looking. regards, Chris
  11. Hello again, Looking to change from predominantly DSLR to CCD so need to fund ZWOasi294mc Pro. Here goes: Canon EOS T3 (1100D) modded by Andy Ellis (Astronomiser) £240. WITHDRAWN. ZWOasi290mc (Including DIY Peltier cooling System if desired). £185 + £15 postage SOLD. Thanks Frank. LYNX Astro EQDIR with 5m cable. USB to RJ45 type £ 25 + £ 3 postage SOLD. Thanks Davide. OSTARA 38mm SWA70deg FMC 2” (5 element lens ass’y). £ 65 + £12 postage SOLD. WILLIAM OPTICS Diagonal 2” £ 32 + £04 Postage. SOLD. Thanks Chadvar. SkyWatcher Diagonal 2” £ 25 + £04 Postage. SOLD Various USB3 and USB2 cables. £ POA Postage to UK mainland only. Thanks for looking and I hope you find something of interest. Clear Skies and Stay Safe.
  12. Telescopes: SW Evostar 120 & SW ED100 APO Cameras: Altair GPcamAR0130, ZWOASI290MC & Canon T3 Rebel DSLR What new cooled camera Will best suit my scopes for imaging DSO’s? Budget: £750 - £1200 Been looking at ZWOASI183MC PRO & ATIK HORIZON II. All suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  13. Thanks Bryan. Lots of stuff there to keep me going a while. wish me luck. ATB & Clear skies.
  14. I’m thinking of making a cool box for my DSLR to assist with AP. I have made a peltier cooler for my ZWO camera that was OK but not great. Looking to create a similar system to cool a thermal lined Balsa wood box for my 1100D to at least replicate a cool winters night. I foresee some problems such as battery replacement during a session but a dummy battery option might solve that. I’m assuming there will be many more problems to solve. Has anyone tried something like this successfully? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  15. Mine has a glass cover seated on a rubber ring and it was that I removed to reveal the sensor. Hopefully, I won’t need to repeat the process.
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