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  1. Mine has a glass cover seated on a rubber ring and it was that I removed to reveal the sensor. Hopefully, I won’t need to repeat the process.
  2. Paul: The fluid I used was Baader Optical Wonder. Gordon: Horror story but you seem to have got away with it. BTW, I did give it a good blow with my puffer. He who dares doesn’t always win. good luck all. Stay safe.
  3. I was aghast to find my ZWO camera had collected a few nasty specks on its sensor thus ruining several image sessions. It was with great trepidation that I decided to attempt to remove them. Having needing to do this occasionally in the past with my DSLR’s I decided to have a go. I of course, first cleaned the glass protective cover and all lenses and filters in the train and tested, before accessing the sensor itself. I used a cleaning swab with minimal fluid. In fact, making sure of removing any excess moisture on the already cleaned glass. Do not rub the sensor but use the lightest touch. I’m glad to say all was well with excellent results. Not for the faint hearted though. Clear skies, stay safe.
  4. Thanks fireshipjohn for some good guidance. FLO are sending me the adapter. Great stuff.
  5. Can I incorporate my .85x Flattener/Reducer with this combination or is it solely for DSLR? If so, what adapter will I need? Will bypassing the Flattener ruin any prospect of decent images? Any help will be appreciated. Clear skies. Stay safe.
  6. Or will 180s exposures damage my camera? Clear skies. Stay safe.
  7. Hi again, Does anyone know what effect will be of attaching .85 100ED reducer/ Flattener to Evostar 120 frac (non-ED)? Thanks.
  8. Will Orion 6 Slot filter slider work with EOS70D+Flattener/Reducer on SW100ED refractor? Thanks.
  9. Thanks guys. The filter cell adapter will simplify the setup somewhat and will allow me to have 2 filters together when required. How about an Orion 2” filter slider to 100ED draw tube adapter then reducer with barrel adapter to EOS T3. Will that work? Thanks again.
  10. Hi All, How can I fit a wheel or slide into the following chain? EOS T3 to .85 reducer with barrel adapter to SW 100ED Refractor with 2” Holder. Looked at Baader case and slider but can’t see how it would fit with 55mm limitation etc. (Nor can guys at FLO). Oh, forgot to mention filters are 2”. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  11. Nice one Adam, using that option, I could add a short spacer before the adapter and have a 2nd filter if and when needed. Top man. Thanks
  12. Hi again, My Reducer/Flattener is screwed directly onto the draw tube of my SW100ED with a connecting ring to my EOS DSLR. Question is how do I fit any of my 2” filters? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks fellas, as I shall have both telescopes for a short while, I will hold off on purchase until I’ve tried it out, I’ll probably ask FLO guys anyway. Clear skies.
  14. Hi Guys, Will my SW 100ED .85 Reducer/Flattener also be ok for Evostar 120ED? Basically because £185 is a lot of money if not necessary. Thanks, Chris
  15. Recently bought the SW Skyliner Flextube 250px dobsonian very soon to discover it needed balancing or head droops. Wanted to share an idea which seems to work: A 1 metre length of coiled pond hose filled with sand with the ends joined with gaffa tape snugly fitted at the base of the scope. Large diameter hose will snag though so check first. Better to have 2 smaller depending on imbalance. IMHO Looks neat and works well.
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