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  1. Hi All, I'd like to use a wide field lens with my Hypercam 183c to image constellations, etc. using the Altair Astro DSLR adapter mounted on my EQ6 R. My question is whether anyone does this, what DSLR lens should I be looking at or if I should be looking at another telescope? All advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance. Dan
  2. Hi all, Has anyone used WebEx (or equivalent) and shared their screen with friends and family whilst observing? I'm thinking about doing this for some friends who have just started in astronomy and some family who are curious! I'd have a list of targets and even take some requests from them but I just wondered if anyone had done this and had any tips please? Many thanks, All the best, Dan
  3. Thanks for the advice. I decided against heating and added two 5v fans to the pier on timers (so they only work at night). I think this should work well and will keep the air circulating under the cover to reduce chances of condensation. I'll look at adding a dessicant cannister of some sort as well. Thank you. Dan
  4. I was actually thinking a fan rather than heating. I'm going to be supplying mains to the pier now so I could use the fan with a timer to only come on at night. Thanks for all your ideas everyone. Always good to get different perspectives. Dan
  5. Hi All, I've just bought a Telegizmo 365 scope cover for my EQ6 R mount (which I'm now going to keep outside permanently) which is fixed on my pier. I'm doing this as it's very heavy to keep taking off and on! Security isn't really an issue although I will be taking precautions. My question is, should I add some low power heating to the pier (under the cover) in order to keep condensation down or will this not really be an issue? Has anyone done this and, if so, how? Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  6. Thanks for the advice Ian. I'm going to do just that I think before I rush out and get any more equipment. I've looked at astronomy tools and my setup and camera suitability look okay. I'll give it a go and see where I end up. Thanks for all your advice guys and I may post some pictures in the reports section, who knows! Dan
  7. Hi Martin, Thanks very much for coming back to me. Really useful info in there. I've checked astronomy tools and my scope and camera aren't listed but I believe there are other sites that do a similar job so I'll check them out. I have a 0.8 & 0.6 focal reducer/flattener for my scope which is an F/7 so will give me a F/5.6 or F/4.2. I use CdC, Sharpcap Pro, EQMOD via bluetooth module and PHD when I can bothered to guide! I suppose the real question is what would you recommend if starting from scratch for two and a half grand? A very open question I know but DSO's are my preferenc
  8. Hello, After being in the hobby for some time I have decided that I would like to get into EEVA rather than continue with the astrophotography side of things. To be honest I've never really had the patience for it and I really like showing friends the laptop screen and the reaction I get! I have quite a bit of equipment already but I'd like to know if it is better to sell all/part to get something more aligned to EEVA. I have the following; EQ6R, Starwave 102 FPL53, Hypercam 183C, Sharpsky focuser/dew controller. I know it's a great setup for astrophotography (I purchased
  9. Hi, I got out for a couple of hours with my binoculars rather than my scope as I pulled my back a bit earlier in the day! It was good to meet Kev though (albeit for a brief period) as I've not met anyone from this online club before so it was good to put a real face to a name! Skies were great with a lovely view of the Milky Way. Hopefully we can arrange something similar between us all in the not too distant future.
  10. Cool. If anything changes I'll let you know Dan
  11. I'd be up for meeting at Creech Car Park although I'd probably only do a couple of hours (visual with my LX90) as I do have work on Monday! Still it would be good to get away from the lights in Poole for a bit! Let me know if you're heading up there.
  12. Did you get out last night? It was very windy so I gave the garden a miss! I think we're expecting a fair bit of cloud for a few days now
  13. Looks very similar to my setup except my mount uses a Bluetooth interface rather than a cable to the USB hub. My USB hub is powered by a Tracer 12v LiPo battery (with 12v and 5v output for my dew heater/focuser and USB hub respectively) rather than from the mains. My cameras are plugged into the USB hub and then the hub is plugged into my laptop so I can control the focuser, dew heater and cameras from the laptop whilst the mount talks to the laptop over bluetooth. As long as your all balanced up properly it's works fine so I don't think you'll have any issues Dan
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