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  1. Thank you for the link Rob. I’ll throw the manual filter wheel in for free, so if you are interested, a cooled mono cmos camera and filter wheel for £750. thanks, James
  2. I've got some gear to sell, All available individually or as a bundle. see images below. Sensible offers considered. 1) Altair Hypercam 183m PRO TEC mono camera. The camera is 6 months old and in pristine condition. Includes 12v PSU, USB 3.0 cable, 2" nose piece. Sold in original armoured case and cardboard shipper. (£750) 2) Xagyl 5x1.25" Electronic filter wheel, including adaptors and USB lead (£125) 3) ZWO Manual filter wheel 5x1.25" (£30) 4) Baader Absorptive LRGB Filter Set (£30) Shipping can be arranged, but would prefer collection from Dorset.
  3. Hi Roger, Thanks for for the information, I wasn’t aware of the gain level being so low. I’ll have a read of the linked post. Thanks.
  4. Hey there, R,G,L Subs were 2mins at gain 400. I decided to shoot the Blue at 1min at gain400 due to intermittent cloud cover. I don’t know if that was a good idea or not really.
  5. Hi, this is my first proper attempt at an LRGB image. I chose the North America Nebula and framed the shot to capture the Cygnus Wall. What do you guys think? Do the colours look good? I think my focus was off slightly for the red channel as the stars look a little bloated? 120mins integration time 1x1 binning. WO Z73 + Altair 183m Pro Tec + Baader LRGB filters Thoughts, comments welcome as I really want to learn and improve! Thanks
  6. Hi Olly, Thanks for your insight. I did wonder if I could save the positioning using the User Defined Object feature, but to be honest I haven't really explored the Synscan controller other than the basics to get me aligned and on to a target. Funny, I din't think to just note down the RA and Dec values, I guess I was expecting the need for a more sophisticated solution, but I really like the simplicity of this! So far I have only been using the bahtinov mask to focus, but maybe next time I will try using the FWHM focusing assist more!
  7. Thank you for your message. Oh right, so do you choose the brightest star in the field of view and use a bahtinov mask to set focus? Or Sharpcap’s FWHM focus assist? Or some other method?
  8. This may be an obvious question, please forgive me, I am new to all of this! It became very apparent to me very quickly that I need to refocus every time I change to a new filter. I am currently using a mono camera with a manual filter wheel and Baader LRGB filters. The issue I am having is I have no idea how to refocus without slewing to a bright star and using a B. Mask. To me, this makes sense, but how to I then subsequently slew back to my original target and get the framing to match the original subs taken with the first filter especially if I have manually framed up the image how I want
  9. Great image and great detail. Something for me to aspire to, thanks for sharing. James
  10. Han Solo


    Hi and welcome
  11. Hi Anvil Basher, I am new to astrophotography as well and I will share with you the process I went through in selecting my camera and other equipment. My main starting point was budget. What was I willing to spend on a whole set up and where would I need to make compromises to make sure I stuck to it. Firstly I took a look around at mounts. From reading the forum I soon realised that without a decent mount and tripod I might as well give up before I started and just stick to holding my phone up to my flimsy department store reflector and flakey EQ mount. Now, this department store se
  12. Francis, That is a really impressive model, I cant wait to see the full size version!! James
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