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  1. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    The version I have (Synscan Pro 1.8.0) has an option in Settings, User Interface called Footer Padding which I set at 100 for my 6+ inch phone screen and works well for me.
  2. PM incoming
  3. SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Count me in (I'm another near-local) - I'll be an SGL star party newbie so be gentle (e.g. no induction rituals)!
  4. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Just want to acknowledge great support from SkyWatcher. My one criticism of the Android app was that the slewing keypad was too close to the bottom of the screen and I would often hit the adjacent 'home' button instead of 'down'... I contacted the app developer about this and they've quickly put out an update with adjustable footer padding. Excellent customer service!
  5. UHC filter for canon

    I have used the 2"/48mm Baader UHC-S successfully on a DSLR but there are two potential disadvantages - if you have to step down a lot from the lens filter size you will be stopping down the aperture and may get vignetting, and it's hard to see stars to focus on with wider angle lenses.
  6. Stellarium lock up

    I've had Stellarium lock up my PC occasionally which required using the task manager to kill the program. To avoid this I would set the program off full screen using the button at the bottom. I have recently discovered that this setting can be saved using the Save View button in the Configuration function on the left.
  7. M45 the pleiades

    A stunning image, Jens, congratulations.
  8. recommend me a heq5 pier adapter

    Re my brake disc based solution, sorry for the bad link - I've edited the post to include a Google search phrase instead. I chose the outer diameter to match my pier. I use an EQ6 adaptor plate that came with the pier to brace the mounting bolt below the brake disk (see photo) but any other suitable brace across the disk would do. I used a local wrought iron fabricator to drill the holes for a smallish charge. As it is a static rig I polar align (very rarely!) by slackening off the mount on the pier and re-tightening it after rotating it to the correct Az.
  9. recommend me a heq5 pier adapter

    Following a recommendation by another poster I use a suitably-sized brake disc with the correct diameter hub recess: Google for "SUZUKI OPEL VAUXHALL 50357 Front 246.5mm Solid Brake Disc Coated Pagid" This will need holes drilled to match the pier. I don't use a North peg with it but that could also be added. I've sprayed mine white to match. I can take some photos if that would be useful.
  10. Polar scope screws

    PM Sent Thanks, Peter