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  1. prusling

    iso vs exposure vs....

    There's a great video by Craig Stark on YouTube covering all the ways you can improve SNR. Search for "what do all great shots have in common"
  2. prusling

    Horizontal banding on Canon 550d

    When you click on the function it applies the default parameters then displays the parameters in case you wish to make changes. I just save the modified file at that point. Hope it works for you.
  3. prusling

    Horizontal banding on Canon 550d

    Hi Gerry, I've recently started suffering from banding with my Canon 550d. In my case this manifests itself as two parallel darker horizontal lines, each a number of pixels wide annoyingly just below the centre of each image. After initially not finding much about this on the web, and assuming it was a sensor fault and that I'd need to replace the camera, I discovered that 'Canon banding' is not uncommon. I also discovered a fix - a free program called Fitswork4 that amongst many other useful functions can process the FITS output from DSS and remove the banding; the function to do this is Processing, Background Flatten, Lines to Equal Values. I use the default parameters and it removes the banding without seeming to do much (if any) harm to the rest of the image. Hope this works for you.
  4. prusling

    SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Unfortunately I have to drop out due to an unforeseen commitment at home. Hope you all have a great weekend - it's good to see that the forecast is improving. Hopefully I'll meet you another time. Clear skies!
  5. prusling

    Astro items sale.

    Can I take the 1.25" Baader 7nm H alpha please? PM incoming
  6. A great write-up of what sounds like a fascinating evening. Glad you are enjoying the WO binoviewers.
  7. prusling

    SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    The version I have (Synscan Pro 1.8.0) has an option in Settings, User Interface called Footer Padding which I set at 100 for my 6+ inch phone screen and works well for me.
  8. prusling

    SGL Mini Spring Star Party

    Count me in (I'm another near-local) - I'll be an SGL star party newbie so be gentle (e.g. no induction rituals)!
  9. prusling

    SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Just want to acknowledge great support from SkyWatcher. My one criticism of the Android app was that the slewing keypad was too close to the bottom of the screen and I would often hit the adjacent 'home' button instead of 'down'... I contacted the app developer about this and they've quickly put out an update with adjustable footer padding. Excellent customer service!
  10. prusling

    UHC filter for canon

    I have used the 2"/48mm Baader UHC-S successfully on a DSLR but there are two potential disadvantages - if you have to step down a lot from the lens filter size you will be stopping down the aperture and may get vignetting, and it's hard to see stars to focus on with wider angle lenses.

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