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  1. Many thanks for all the info, answers, and order updates. 100% happy face feedback from me! Enjoy your retirement.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I've volunteered as a tester.
  3. I can't comment on the 450M but I have a 314L+. It's been my staple narrowband camera for the past couple of years and is very sensitive and low noise at a usual -10 degrees, and very easy to use to the extent that I apply a standard -10 degree master bias frame in place of darks, and hardly ever use flats. This combined with small image files makes processing very fast and predictable (I use APP and StarTools). The only slight negative is the field of view is quite narrow so I've bought a larger sensor CMOS camera as well. I'm sure whichever you choose you will be very pleased
  4. Hi, I've attended many of the talks and found them very enjoyable and informative. I also attend two astro clubs regularly and the SGZ format complements them well - i.e. a focused single talk with q&a. It was great to have vendors come on and talk about their products, and to have overseas speakers from time to time. Also good to put faces to names! Of late, I have already seen a few of the talks by regular circuit speakers and this may be a cause of reduced numbers. I'd like to see the talks continue regularly but perhaps inevitably less frequently. I have missed a couple of ta
  5. I bought an OVL OAG secondhand and the seller was up-front about a chip off the prism and priced it accordingly. I haven't found it to cause a problem in practice, with guiding or optical artefacts. As Vlad says, return it if new, otherwise give it a try and I hope your experience is the same as mine. By the way this design doesn't have a clamping screw to hold the pillar tight but aluminium foil does the trick to stop any tilt/wobble.
  6. Take a look at the Sirilic front end to Siril - it simplifies preprocessing whilst supporting multiple sessions.
  7. Looking for one of these to replace my two 5x wheels. Please contact me if you have one that is surplus to requirements. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to find the spec of this specific scope online. Can I check what the knurled ring is at the rear of the focuser - is it a Camera Angle Adjuster, or a part of the flattener? is there an M54 female thread at the rear of the flattener - maybe once the eyepiece holder ring is removed? Also, please advise the weight of the scope with/without the flattener. Thanks
  9. I plate solved an image from mine and it was 176mm which works fine in PHD.
  10. The Fitswork function 'Processing, Background Flatten, Lines to Equal Values' does a great job at removing banding on my 550d.
  11. Best to look for someone who has upgraded and has the stock item surplus to requirements - like me! PM me if interested.
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