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  1. Just received a set of the new Baader aluminium fine adjustment T2 spacers/shims to replace the delrin shims I've managed to lose (though they were a nightmare to get on/off anyway...). The metal ones come individually in 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 1mm sizes, each in their own fetching colour, or as a set of three, and there are M48 variants as well. They are slightly oversized and do not need to be threaded on, are more resistant to compression and seizing up, and promise to make the frustrating job of fine-adjusting back spacing much easier!
  2. Just search for "skywatcher crayford focuser adjustment" and you can view the pdf
  3. Hi, that was wasted as a guide scope! I had one for a few years and only sold it to upgrade to a triplet. The optics are excellent; don't worry if they are slightly dusty - it's inevitable and doesn't significantly impair the view/image. The main weakest point is the stock focuser and how it is fitted (three screws); it is serviceable but benefits from an update - either to the SW upgrade or third party. I found that the stock focuser needed adjustment to optimise traction and hold - there's an excellent guide on the web and will see if I can track it down again. You just need to check that it runs smoothly in/out. I also found that the 3 screw fitting left it slightly out of collimation - this can readily be check/adjusted by creating a suitably-sized card circle using a set of compasses which leaves a hole in the centre; I took the dewshield off and put the circle just inside ahead of the lenses. If you put a (collimated) laser collimator in the focuser it should should shine straight through the hole in the card - if not slacken off the fitting screws and adjust the fitting before re-tightening them. These are minor issues for what is an excellent scope - go for it, you'll enjoy it! P.S. You'll need a reducer/flattener for imaging but that's true of all such scopes.
  4. Excellent condition, bought less than 6 months ago to go with a new scope but have since decided on another setup. £120, saving c. £40 on new price. Located in Dorset. In original packaging including outer box. Any delivery and payment fees at cost. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hi, can I check the 22mm width as that would be too much for my optical train; I've seen reviews state 13mm or 15mm. I have an M48 male at the camera end of my reducer and a T2 female at the front of my filterwheel so I'm interested in the optical width between these 2. Thanks
  6. Hi Matt, welcome to the group. Others will contribute suggestions I'm sure, but here go mine: As you say, Durlston and Badbury Rings are favourite spots along with Hyde Common near Fordingbridge and Steeple ridge near Wareham. There are also various sites with interesting foreground features - St Aldhelms Head, Durdle Door, Knowlton Church, etc. Cranborne Chase AONB is applying for International Dark Sky status and there are various sites within that area. One option is to join one or more astro clubs who hold sessions at these venues - Wessex Astronomical Society meets in Wimborne on the first Tuesday each month and has an observatory at Durlston with regular public/member sessions, and Fordingbridge Astronomers at St Ives near Ringwood on the 3rd Tuesday also holds sessions at Hyde Common and other locations. We also have informal get togethers with members of this SGL club. What are your preferences - visual and/or imaging? DSO/planetary/solar/lunar/widefield? Hope to see you at one of the meet ups.
  7. StarTools is one tool that can interpolate green from Ha (as red) and Oiii (as blue) giving images where the Ha comes out a rich golden colour. I sometimes process using the Ha as Luminance as well but that doesn't seem to make much difference. I also have an Sii filter but struggle to capture enough with it to avoid Hubble SHO coming out over-green.
  8. Article on 1:1 pixel resolution by Jerry Lodriguss
  9. I have a 550d and it has been superb. It and only one other (60d) have a special movie crop mode where the middle of the sensor is used to record 640x480 1:1 video for e.g. planets. With all Canon cameras they can develop a degree of banding but this can be removed using Fitswork4 or other tools.
  10. Hi, I saw this old topic referenced in a current thread and wanted to ask how you conduct a Roddier test. I also have a TS 80/480 - of 2011 vintage - and I seem to get a spread of colours within stars - with red more prominent in one segment. I'd like to determine whether it's the scope or another part of the optical train.
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