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  1. 70 minutes (30 Ha, 20 OIII, 20 SII) from last night on the Trifid. First attempt on this target. Would have been good to get more data and I'm struggling with focus between filters. Thanks for looking.
  2. Thanks Mark! Yes the colours are a bit quirky. For this first attempt I just chose APP's "HSO1" composite formula to see what would happen and decided to stick with it. I'll try some other options to try and get a more natural look next time. Thanks for the tips!
  3. I hope this image does not put anyone off their dinner! A quick process of last night's data. About 2 hours (total) of Ha/OIII/SII - M8 The Lagoon Nebula. I will re-process this when I have more time and will take a bit more care, but if anyone has any processing suggestions they would be welcome. I'll probably try some Star Reduction as well as trying some de-noising etc, etc. I know more data would be better - but there we are. Thanks for looking. Steve
  4. Nice! The SA is a great lightweight mount. Keep going!
  5. I have the 80ED, with the flattener, ZWO 8 pos'n EFW, ZWO ASI1600MM and I have had no slippage issues with the Focuser. However, I have also fitted the Sesto Senso focus controller so that may help to keep the focus rack in check.
  6. Thanks Mark! Yes, that would be my intention at some point. I did actually get a bit more but was dealing with various issues. Guiding etc. The target passed the Meridian and then APT crashed on me mid session. I had to re-start everything and then had guiding issues on the other side of the Meridian. A tricky night, so this was all I could salvage. Planning the belt mod on my HEQ5 in the next couple of weeks so will see if that helps things too.
  7. Very short session from last night in Ha only. Crop of a wider field image of M16. ZWO1600MM - S/W ED80 - HEQ5 - South Coast Spain (10 x 120" lights, 20 darks, no flats). Very roughly processed in DSS and PI. Thanks for looking. Steve
  8. It's an idea. But the other half has already assigned me a load of items to get over there. And with my cameras/filter wheel etc. I've plenty to carry! Not a member of any group yet. I'm based down near Malaga. Will have to see if there are any groups active at the moment. Hoping to be there a few months so you never know. My sister also has a place in the northern countryside so hoping to get some Bortle 3'ish action there!
  9. Thanks Alacant! No, this was taken from the UK. Hopefully though I will be heading to Spain next week for some time and will try again there. Only issue there is I only have an ED80 in Spain so maybe a wider pic of the whole veil complex is in order.
  10. I think you need to "accept cookies" and my cookies are simply unacceptable!!
  11. As an exiled Geordie I'm not sure I should be welcoming a Smoggie! But here goes........ All the best on the journey....it certainly is a great hobby....The Esprit scope is a dream of mine and a good aspiration to have if you can afford that range. Wave bye bye to that severance money!!!
  12. Welcome to the dark side!
  13. I should also have mentioned that in "M" mode you also need to take full control over FOCUS as it won't be done for you. There is quite a bit to take into account if you have not used a DSLR before. Try looking at the book "Making Every Photon Count". It's probably the best starting point for all things related to Astophotography for beginners.
  14. I have a Nikon D5300 but not familiar with your model - I can't imagine there is a lot of difference. Bulb mode is normally selected by putting the camera into "M" (Manual) mode when you have full control over ISO, Aperture and Exposure length. If just using a tripod stick to relatively short exposures (maybe 5 to 10 seconds) to avoid star trailing. But it really depends on the target you are after and what size scope you have. Good luck and clear skies!
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