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  1. Great first attempt! Especially under the circumstances! I applaud your determination! Clear skies!
  2. I find the ZWO Mini Guide scope excellent.....https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/zwo-mini-guide-scope.html It's small and light and will not add too much weight to a small rig. I paired mine with an Altair GPCAM2 AR130 and they make a great pair.
  3. I agree vlaiv! I'd certainly never add artificial spikes via software!! But I am guilty of making a homemade (clip on) spike generator for using with my ED72 and ED80 refractors! It's mostly to experiment and have some fun. It's good to contrast and compare images with different options. But I can imagine people will think I am crazy! They're probably right! Nice dog art by the way! Cheers! Daemon Steve
  4. Nice capture! How many subs? I'm getting to like the widefield stuff. Puts things into perspective.
  5. Surely that is a matter of taste, as is the case with many imaging techniques.
  6. daemon


    Welcome to the lounge. Clear skies!
  7. Well, guiding is a whole dark art that I won't go into too much detail on here. There is plenty of info around the forums. In short, guiding allows for longer exposures by tracking a guide star through a guide scope and small guide camera (usually CCD). This is hooked up to software (such as the popular PHD2) to track a star near to your imaging target so that your mount closely follows the target better than basic tracking. But beware, the Star adventurer only accepts guide pulses for the Right Ascension axis (not Declination). I wouldn't bother investing in this sort of setup just for the SA, but I already have a guide scope and cam for my bigger rig.
  8. Nice shot! And welcome from another Geordie! Albeit exiled to the South Coast! Cheers, Daemon
  9. Here is my ED72 and Nikon D5300 with Star Adventurer. I sit this on the tripod of my EQ6R Pro (North peg removed) and it is very stable. You can pick up these tripods individually but of course they are not exactly cheap, and I had to fashion a new centre screw to secure the SA. I have a guide scope mounted on the end of the counterweight bar. Guides well in RA. DEC stays stable if I get well polar aligned. Daemon
  10. Maybe it is worth trying something like the WINE software that allows you to run Windows programs on a Mac. I have no experience of it (never owned a Mac) but I have heard others speak well of it, and it may save you some money.
  11. I use DigiCamControl for my Nikon D5300 and it is pretty good and free. However I think it is only for Windows. With it you can control pretty much everything. I also use that cam on a Star Adventurer and I guide (in RA only) and have achieved some pretty good results with a decent Polar Alignment. Backyard Nikon may be an option but not sure if that runs on Mac. Clear skies! Daemon
  12. Nikon D5300 on SW ED72 1/100 sec @ ISO100 Single frame. Nice clear sky here on UK south coast tonight.
  13. A single Moon shot from tonight - nice clear sky here on the UK South Coast (for a change!) Nikon D5300 on SW ED72 1 frame - ISO 100 - 1/100 sec
  14. Sorry Norbert, I can't help much either, but wanted to say Welcome to SGL anyway! Cheers! Steve
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