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  1. Thanks Olly, I have had another look at these UCLAN courses as a next step. Would be great to get on to the degree course if I can make it work financially.
  2. The sense of depth here is fantastic, great work!
  3. Some excellent observations but what a horrible end to the evening! Hope theres no lasting damage and you're back in the game quickly.
  4. In these cloudy/rainy times I have been spending some time doing this course and am now about halfway through. It is quite enjoyable and gives a general overview of several topics. Although it is not necessarily teaching me much that I didn't already know, it is good to be studying in a structured format and actually producing some written submissions. The lectures are easily digestible in up to 15 min videos and are supported by multiple choice quizzes at key points, whilst some subject areas also have the written submission. The written pieces are peer reviewed - marked by others on the course rather than in a formal way. I have found this to be fine and fair if you take the time to formulate and submit a good answer. When it is time to review others, the submissions are a mixed bag and I have actually reported two users for quite obvious plagiarism. Most useful and interesting is a regular live Q&A session on youtube with Prof. Chris Impey, this has been a highlight for me to put any questions to him about the course or any other physics/astronomy interests. All in all, this is definitely worth doing as a first step for adult education and will certainly provide a baseline level of knowledge if you have not completed any other further science education, or as a platform for targeting something more advanced.
  5. Great to see everything posted here today. Many thanks to all that took the time to share their images across the afternoon.
  6. Good breaks in the clouds here in Bournemouth but as I'm at work, I just chucked a small pair of binos in my laptop bag with a solar filter. Unfortunately the binos are too small to actually resolve Mercury so I'm getting intermittently good views of a golden blob and not much else! Will be living vicariously through those of you that are sharing images.
  7. Hoping for a gap in the clouds at some point in the afternoon at least, will take some solar film and binoculars to work and sneak out for a bit of it does!
  8. I'm going to give the Coursera course a go as a starter and see how it goes. Will report back!
  9. The mounts look exactly the same there as far as I can tell! Is there any way to differentiate? Thanks to everyone again for the responses, all really useful and informative.
  10. I suspect you are correct, presumably if this had a parabolic mirror it would be stated.
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