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blame the rain on me...

Johnny Hormone

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Well, the weather is obviously now my fault! :p

Led here, leg in cast (11 weeks down, 5 to go), and had got to a point where I was going to get a scope whatever, and deal with the practicalities of being on crutches as they arose.

Well, thanks to divine intervention - otherwise known as the wife - I find myself led on the sofa, watching Basil Fawlty, with a new, my first, scope at my feet :blob8:


I know it isnt big, 130PM, and I know it isnt the best... but to me it looks excellent, and I can't wait for the weather to clear! :D

I also realise that me aquiring the scope probably means bad weather for months... but go easy on one excited noobie :p

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Well, the weather is obviously now my fault! :D

It must be. May a plague of a thousand fleas descend into your leg cast! :p :p

You're going to get a lot of great views from that scope Johnny.

Hope you get back on your feet ASAP.


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I use a 130 pm mate and some of the views you're gonna get with it will blow you away. Up to now I've had magnificent views of Cirrus, Alto cirrus, stratus, et al :D Seriously, when the skies clear, you're gonna love it.

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Nice scope, your first light will be worth the wait, hope you are going to do a "1st light review" for us all, try Saturn 1st, you will then be hooked for life


I will do, although at this rate who knows when first light will be??? All I am likely to get at the moment is a Tube full of leaves and rain water :D

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