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  1. Just wanted to say hello again after not being on here for what must be 3 years! I kind of got waylaid by reading too much about relativity, quantum Physics and all that malarkey Anyhow, almost feels like going back to being a starter, but have just got the scope out from it's resting place and set it up. The kids are now of an age where they are interested, so hoping it can be a family thing now. Anyhow, sat looking at my planishpere and cursing the cloud - not much changes eh?
  2. That is a fine shot, really cool
  3. Yep mate, in the gym everyday for an hour and a half, and nearly back to normality. It is great not to have to think twice about getting out with the scope or camera Weather permitting of course
  4. Thanks Ron, I think I agree the faster speed produced the best result here. With the cold crisp nights hopefully just around the corner, I can see myself investing in the necessary adapter to try my hand at imaging through the scope. So many of you get such great results, so if I can get anywhere close I will be pleased.
  5. Well the cloud broke long enough for me to get a few images of the Moon this evening, and so I thought I would bore you to tears with them Hopefully better than my first effort, but now the mind is turning towards mounting the camera on the scope... soon, soon anyways, here goes, look forward to feedback and... A few little tweaks but not alot, and quite pleased since I am pretty much surrounded by blasted street lights.
  6. Thanks for that Ant, With a full moon approaching I am desperate to get a good shot, so all advice is most welcome I will get the tripod out later and see what I can do... cloud and rain permitting ...
  7. as in the title really, didnt have the tripod on me, but the moon was out from the clouds so I thought "what the heck" and had a go at getting a pic. all "how to do it better" replies are most welcome to help me improve.. but go easy on me
  8. saw about 20 or so over about 2 hours last night, but more pleasing was the missus came out to see and saw two for herself... sods law usually means that whenever I say, "come look at this", she gets out and sees nothing
  9. saw Saturn go behind the moon... feint but cool... nip to shops, buy some beers, come back, have a natter, back out... CLOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loads of bleedin' clouds... this wasnt ordered, dang it... come on, own up, who bought a new scope and cursed us all!!!!
  10. That was a top show, congrats to Sir Patrick. Loved all the little 'snipes' at the scheduling
  11. As a newcomer to it all, I will always remember the first use of my scope during the lunar eclipse, and what a clear night it was. Also that is was my first real look at Saturn. Here's hoping for some great Summer nights
  12. any chance one of you could give me some details of it as I have an S9600 and would like to be able to use it with the scope somehow ...
  13. how are you getting the lens of the s6500 aligned to the scope Kain?
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