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  1. LOL, thanks for rubbing our faces in it Ben.
  2. My mind has just blown away . The universe is one amazing place, no matter how much you think you know and have seen, there is always infinitely more to know and see. Awesome!
  3. I do too Steve but dust always manages to find a way in. I am a little obsessive about dust though, and a little on a lens or mirror which seems to come from nowhere, or anything that destroys the perfection of a brand new optical surface, makes me stressed.
  4. I personally wouldn't do that Steve, the reason is that for a newtonian, dust will settle on the primary mirror. I leave my scope mounted as you suggested but with the tube orientated horizontally instead, and with the tupe rotated within the rings suficiently so that the secondary is safe as well. It doesn't look as good, and probably takes up a little more space, but prevents the dust from settling on the mirrors.
  5. Wow, is all that nebulosity really out there?!!! :shock: That just makes me feel even worse about light pollution
  6. Its not fair, southern hemisphere people seem to get all the good comets! By the way, I can't see anything here through the London smog.
  7. Barkis, I did not mean to come across in that way, I understood your meaning and no offence was ever taken.
  8. Thanks Warthog, that was much appreciated. You've definitely given me something to think about. By the way, Barkis, its orionoptics uk and supposed to be 1/6 wave with highlux coatings, and set up on a vixen GPE equatorial mount (all got second-hand at a bargin price ), so I expect pretty ok views once collimated appropriately and motorised. I don't really want super-super-high magnifications anyway but high enough to get nice closeups of the moon and nicely framed views of jupiter and saturn. cheers.
  9. Thanks for the quick response Steve, to answer your questions: 1. I don't wear glasses, 2. I do have a 2" focusor 3. I havn't had much use out of my current eyepieces yet because its been pretty much cloudy every since I got the scope, but ok for now untill I get more use out of them and upgrade the one I use the most in the future. 4. I suppose Im willing to spend about £80 - £100. If I can get the same quality for less then I'm very happy indeed. I'd much prefer to have a couple of good eyepieces that I will use a lot than loads that will just get in the way. Thanks
  10. I've recently purchased a 6" f5 newtonian (focal length is 750 mm), and wish to get a couple more eyepieces and a barlow for it. I have 20mm (37.5X) and 10 mm (75X) plosles which came with the scope. They seem ok for deep sky, but not likely to be of much use for decent views of mars, saturn, and jupiter which I hope to be able to see later this year. What other magnifications would you guys recomend for a minimalist such as myself, for all round planetary and deep sky work? Cheers.
  11. Wow awesome website. Sheesh! Look out for me on Master-Mind very soon.
  12. So is the Neodymium a 'broad band' filter, or is it broader in its band-pass, and will the filtration be good enough for visual observations with a 6" newt and mag 2-2.5 skies?
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