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Celestron Omni Plossl Eyepiece Promotion


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Buy quality Plossl eyepieces at less than Ebay prices! :D

The Plossl is generally regarded as the most popular astronomy eyepiece sold today with a performance-per-price that is unmatched. Well-made Plossl eyepieces offer good apparent field of view with excellent sharpness and contrast. But not all Plossls are equal...

A while ago we wondered whether we should offer a budget range of eyepieces. We found it was surprisingly easy to source bargain priced eyepieces if we were prepared to turn a blind eye to relaxed quality-control and lower spec. We decided against it. Instead, we turned our attention to obtaining the best price on established products from manufacturers and distributors who have an invested interest in maintaining their reputation through the quality of their products.

The market is awash with affordable Plossl eyepieces sold under a number of different names but none, we suspect, can compete with the new Celestron Omni Plossl. The specification, fit and finish makes it especially good value with a performance that belies its low price.

From today, while stocks last, we are offering 25% discount off the range of Celestron Omni Plossl eyepieces.


The eyepieces are officially sourced UK stock with Celestron's usual 2-year warranty. In addition, if you are not 100% happy with your purchase return it within 30-days for a full refund.

Ordering is easy. Place the eyepieces in the shopping Cart and proceed to the checkout. Then enter 'omni' in the coupon-code box. When you advance to the Payment page the 25% discount will be applied.

The discount code reduces the 6, 9, 12 & 15mm to only £18. The 32mm becomes £23.93 and the 40mm £25.50.

Please note, this offer is not listed on our website. You need to enter the discount code to receive the 25% reduction.

EDIT: The 6mm and 32mm have sold out, we will continue to offer the remaining focal lengths with 25% discount until Monday 14th Feb.

Thank-you for your support :)

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I know it says best suited to f-ratios of 6 or slower but would it be alright with am f-5 reflector? I'm very tempted at this price!


hi Tom

any eyepiece (as long as it fits the focuser - and these will fit your focuser) will work in any scope. if you don't know, the reason they say that it's best in f6 or slower (eg f7, f8 etc) is that as you get slower in terms of focal ratio, the quality of the eyepiece is less vital and even quite cheap eyepieces will give a decent image. this works the other way too but even cheap eyepieces will be 'OK' in fast scopes if you can live with 'little seagulls' at the edge of field.

these will work in your scope but as it's faster than f6 you might get some blur at the edge of the field. the central portion will be fine and you might not even notice. at this price, I'd given them a try (at least one) and then buy some more if you like them. the danger here is if you like them and wait FLO might sell out!

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I use my William Optics SD 66 as a finder scope with my 4" frac on a dual Skywatcher alt/az mount.

At £25.93 I have today bought the 32mm Omni EP to use with the WO giving me a 4.5 degree FOV.

I might even place it in the f4.7 Dob (just for interest) to give an honest opinion using the EP in a fast scope.


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No, it hasn't finished but we did disable the discount code for an hour or two. (I panicked when I though we had sold out but I found a second delivery so re-enabled it).

Celestron - Celestron Omni Plossl Eyepiece

Place the eyepieces in the shopping Cart and proceed to the checkout. Then enter 'omni' in the coupon-code box. When you advance to the Payment page the 25% discount will be applied.

The discount code reduces the 6, 9, 12 & 15mm to only £18. The 32mm becomes £23.93 and the 40mm £25.50.


Steve :)

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Whoop! just netted a 6mm so I can check out if a 'plossl' will make a difference to my skywatching (I still have the two supplied eps and can't wait to try out a new one)

Hope the postie is quick... I shall give an honest opinion on reciept!

PS I have sown the seeds for a televue plossl for my birthday ;)

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Ordered my 32mm Omni along with a new diagonal Sunday. Parcel arrived yesterday but unfortunately FLO managed to send the WO 2" with SCT adapter but forgot to include the Plossl! Shame they are closed on the weekends! First time I've used FLO but you guys seem very comfortable with them so I assume a genuine mistake?!


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Also i forgot to mention i bought a couple that arrived today,still got to test them but they they look the business and for the money its pretty good value i reckon.

40mm 32mm 15mm 9mm 6mm.


Thanks FLO :p

Wow they look the biz... looks like you ordered a nice set there! I'm wondering if I should have plunged deeper ;)

Oh it's a nightmare, but very addictive - when you have tested them outside give us an opinion Gaz...

Cheers and of course - Clear Skies to ya

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yeh no probs will do,if the clouds part ;)

Just thought while there on a good deal why not get something thats going to cover all situations,the 40mm and 32mm are extremely nice finish and big!

Cheers Gary

I see you opted out of the 12mm Gaz, was that because it is too similar to the sizes either side? I don't think I will get the 40mm as it is pushing the exit pupil with my scope. I look forward to hearing your opinion of how they perform :p

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