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  1. Hi Keith Yer its been a while. Same as been slack here, lots going on and too many hobbies. Seems like Wrest park is a good close option, just of course tricky due to the security situation.
  2. Not been on the group in a while since I started it a few years back. WIth the Autumn nights drawing in, I feel the need to start observing again. Just wondered who is around and will attempt to get an abserving group together in the local area. Thoughts ? Jason
  3. Thanks all for the suggestions and locations. I have enquired about road closures, and the southern road to the top is open so that's good for me. Starman - Roque Cinchado ill try that, I know where that is, but never actually been, so thanks. I did fancy going up to the refuge, but my girlfriend wouldn't be able to cope with the walk / altitude. We have decided to do the cable car and have got a permit to go to the top. Ill be taking warm clothes so prepared for that, seems like its about 6 degrees at night, so about what I'm used too. Thanks all.
  4. Thanks for the weather info. Have discovered the road I was intending to use is open. Have been watching the weather including the mountain forecast carefully, but didn't expect what Ive just read about the roads! Money exchanged already from HSBC, only got charged 10 quid more than the currency rate based on XE so I'm happy. Is there any other sources of info / links to the road closures ? Many Thanks
  5. Also Im very rusty on what's in the sky there at the monent. Any suggestions on what to look out for ? Cheers
  6. Im off to Tenerife next week ( no moon present ) will be taking an SLR and my newly aquired 10x50's and a tripod. Will be hiring a car and plan to drive upto the base of Tiede to get some viewing / pics in. I have been to Tenerife before and driven, but never with the intention of strgazing. Does anyone have any tips / recomendations ? Many Thanks Jason
  7. We all seem to keep missing eachother. Fancy a meet in the new year ? If not before ?
  8. Hopefully we can all arrange something soon. What does everyone think ?
  9. Hi there Lewis. What scope have you got ? I'm in Luton and would be more than happy to help. Jason
  10. Thanks all would be good to meet up. Adrian and I met up in April time but would be good to get more people on board. Jason
  11. Hi all. I know over the past year I've been encouraging everyone to meet up etc and well I then disappear. I have had a lot of issues that I had to personally deal with this year and I am now pleased to say that while I'm not 100% over them I am at least now back to my usual hobbies and getting out doing things again. Hope everyone is well and hope to see you all soon. Jason
  12. What's happening with the meets ?
  13. Hope all goes well. I think the plan is to maybe make this a monthly event so should be plenty more
  14. Nice one on the astro magazine. Ill look out for that. All I can say is ill be wearing a lime and white tipped polo shirt jeans and red shoes lol. Sounds like we are all looking out for Adrian
  15. Welcome from a fellow Bedfordshire peep
  16. Now it seems to have been finalised and ( thanks to Adrian) we are meeting up at : Elephant & Castle, Amwell Lane, Wheathampstead AL4 8EA Thursday 25th April 2013. 20:00.hours Hope to see you all there Jason
  17. If you have any Astro society's or anyone near you from SGL I'm sure they would be more than happy to let you try an eyepiece in your scope. That's what I did with mine before, so I had a goo idea where my hard earned penny's where going.
  18. Well next weekend is free 100% ill prob be working the weekend after that. But that then means won't be working for another 3 weeks after that
  19. Hey all good here thanks. Yer definatley up for a meet. You going to come along to the meet in weathampsted. ?
  20. Excellent. Will be great to all meet up. As Adrian said the first is always difficult and I've been trying or ages ( then again works always got in the way ) Thank you Adrian for sorting this much appreciated. Jason
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