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  1. I've seen a few funny ones of those around. Some of the things people come up with. I've got another 6 years of writing left then for me Do you design aswell? The other week I spilled some coffee and thought edit>undo That's when you know Adobe are in your head for life!
  2. Well it's at about 9 degrees in the east at the min. By 1:30 it will be at 20 degrees in the south east. It peaks at around 4:15. It will be about 34 degrees and in the south. I hope that helps you. I'm going to go back out around 2:10 and get looking.
  3. I'm not too sure if this relates but: Taken from here: Saturn Observation Campaign I'm pretty sure the magnitude of it from back then will be the same now so it should be easy to spot.
  4. You should be fine without the finder if you're looking at planets (with low magnification eye pieces). I'm waiting on a new mount to be made for my finder so had to find joop without earlier. Didn't take too long but for anything other than that I'd imagine you'd struggle.
  5. The results of my night, this is how I feel inisde
  6. Yeah it is super cold, I've got ice all over my scope!
  7. I thought the same too, I've not seen it like this for some time (I'm in Atherton). I've been looking at Orion all night too, it's amazing to look at with the naked eye. Definatley making the most of it. Awaiting Saturn and stocking up on coffee
  8. You'll probs have to wait around 1:45 for a decent view of Saturn, it's at around 23 degrees SE. It's highest in the sky just before 5:00am in the south.
  9. Funny you say that. I said the same thing to my old man the other night, imagine seeing that beast come around every morning.
  10. Anybody else enjoying clear skies tonight? Here in manc it's the clearest night in a while. Had a gander at joop with my new EP's (celestron omni plossl) and I'm impressed. As I looked I had 4 moons, not so long after one disappeared behind the gas giant! Hopefully the skies will last and i will make it to 3am for Saturn! Didn't bother trying for images, I was having too much fun looking with my own eyes.
  11. The sun has been out all day with minimal clouds, kinda like the simpsons Fingers crossed for tonight!
  12. Nobody buy anything after we've all tried our new stuff, might get some clear skies
  13. I may be the cause of the clouds over the last week. I've been waiting to use my new EP's
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