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  1. I saw exactly that. Haven't looked to the stars for years (or been on this forum) but did look up on the same night as you and saw with my binoculars. Beautiful.
  2. My review is the shortest possible as they had to go back in the box. I have acquired a 10 x 56 and not the 8 x 56! Fortunately my order shows 8 x 56 so these go back Monday. No wonder they were so very comparable with my Frontiers. Have to say that the terrestrial viewing through these things is simply stunning, slightly brighter than the MKII Frontiers and crisper out to the last 10% edge. Colour rendition is also warmer than the Frontiers. The center diopter has caught me out a few times so something that I will have to get used to. Seems a shame to send them back they really are that good
  3. Research helps but experience is better. I turned to bins after years of disappointing nights setting up only for the clouds to roll in. I attended eight star-parties in 2011-2012 and each was disappointing viewing wise and so I decided to renew my acquaintance with binos which I gained from my experience of birding. I took only bino's to Galloway last November and glad I did. Now as for kit. Someone mentioned Frontiers. I have had every derivative (8) and cannot find fault with them at all especially for the money. Check LCE as I have had a few sets at around £200. Those who look through the
  4. At Galloway last week I could see it with the naked eye quite well. Through 10 x 43 bins it was a completely different view to that seen in my native Brum. Don't discount it, it's beautiful and so close in the scheme of things.
  5. Last night's viewing was the best I have ever witnessed, a privilege to be there to see the milky way in all it's glory. If I was sure that it was commonplace I would buy all my stuff again instead of using bino's. You had to be there to appreciate what was on offer last night. Nice to meet some new faces (Kenny) and see all the old ones too. I'll be there again next year.
  6. Cheers Adrian, very nice of you. If I'm honest it's more about the birds and the banter than the Stargazing which pretty much guarantees clear skies for the rest of you. Friday sounds good and I too have ehu. I recall our day at the Crook of Baldoon watching that Peregrine feasting on the lapwing; I love the place, I really do and you lot are the ones that make it all fun. I heard the pub closed up so today I purchased another two hip flasks to make up for it.
  7. It's confirmed, I'm coming back to Galloway for three nights and all I have is a pair of binoculars, there's commitment for you. See you on the Thursday boys, have that Jura ready.
  8. I was a regular on here and last year I managed 8 star parties. Unfortunately since then my area (Rednal South Bham) has become so badly polluted I lost my mojo and sold up. I am starting to feel the pull again but I have turned to binoculars which take a moment to get ready and a moment to put away. It saves the disappointment of setting up and struggling with the glow. I am probably going to go to Galloway again this year but this time just with the bino's, nothing else. If that doesn't get my interest back then there's no hope for me.
  9. Hmm, not sure about ED glass not mattering regardless of the mag. It matters very much in the birding world so transfers nicely to the world of Astronomy. I use Hawke Frontier ED MKII 10 x 43 and would suggest the removal of almost all CA is a major plus. The views are a world away from any large bins without ED galss from what I have seen over the years. When others have tried these at the many star parties I frequented throughout 2011 it was particularly satisfying to hear the wow's in comparison with their big un's.
  10. The ED glass is what makes the difference; and the difference will be considerable. Almost no CA in the ED glass.
  11. For anyone who's interested there are a few pairs of Hawke Frontier ED's on a well known auction site and hovering around £200. I put them above any other ED glass up to and including those around the £1k mark.
  12. Unless you have a bottle of dayglo paint explode in your hand Wonder who did that at Galloway 3
  13. You can't compare the views through a 14" dob and a William Optics 80mm refractor. One's great for imaging, the others great for viewing. It's pointless trying to explain a star cluster (M13) through a big dob and I doubt I could do it justice. To me it made anything smaller seem redundant.
  14. I can stretch to a 14" dob, anything bigger and I will struggle to get to the star-parties/dark skies that elude me here in Birmingham. I had chance to look through a 14" dob at Cumbria (3) and it was the star clusters that got me. I could happily tick these off a list If I was that sort of stargazer. I really enjoy the star parties and meeting the guys on here but if there's no viewing it does get you down, especially when you consider the cost/effort I put into it.
  15. Been at this game over a year now and I have not even viewed anything like the amount of stuff I set out to do. That's due to rubbish nights, light pollution and darn bad luck. Last year I made 8 star parties all around the country and in total I had three or four half decent (not brilliant) nights. I sold all my imaging stuff to fund a big dob (awaiting) due to seeing being at a premium. I am fed up of "not" stargazing if that makes sense.
  16. Be careful taking your own kit; this society tried to block visitors setting their own equipment up last year.
  17. It's the only scope I have now until I get me big dob!
  18. A shameless copy from a birding forum I mentioned earlier:- The fact that more and more binoculars are made in China is a function more of economics than of quality. Americans, of which I am one, have difficulty comprehending that more people in China speak English than live in the USA. Out of 1.4 billiion people in China there are an extraordinary number of highly inteligent people of industry and talent who are figuring out ways to move in the world economy. Do not be surprised if within the next several decades, China will produce binoculars to rival any of the alphas. There are several adv
  19. Image quality is everything I agree. It's surprising how many of my birding friends put up arguments around ergonomics/weight etc when they compare their alpha binoculars with a £300 pair of chinese ED's.
  20. Nick, due to unforseen circumstances this year I am unable to commit to SGL7. If things change and I can get a space I am more than happy to offer you transport.
  21. Sorry guys, missed this thread. Thanks for the encouragement. AN asked for suggestions of home grown mods so I contacted them back in October last year. I had no idea it was going to be published until I saw the article.
  22. I have used these and can testify that for the £200 that these now cost there is nothing comes close. I have used every derivitive of the frontier ed's and settled on the 10x42. For birding they are superb (my main use) and for astronomy they blow the typical cheapies out of the water. I have just sold my Swarovski EL Swarovision (£1685.00) because the Frontier's provide me with a view that compare with them but for £1400 less.
  23. Because the for sale section isn't back yet.
  24. And this I believe is possibly the greatest message that the uninitiated will take away from these progrmmes. For days, anyone unfortunate enough to suffer daytime TV will have seen lots of coverage around the little village that came together to eradicate LP. So much was achieved in educating people just how much waste takes place. I thought they were really good programmes, and the follow ups seemed "unscripted" which I thought was good. Liz Bonin was the best bit though.
  25. Welcome Rob, checkout Redditch Astronomy Society, they have regular events/talks and access to a reasonable dark site towards Bromsgrove. Good crowd of folks there.
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