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  1. OK will post to UK by courier, probably be about £12 insured. Payment by PayPal. Thanks
  2. Don't have receipt, they were bought off my misses for my birthday, there about 4 months old. Reducing final time £120 Thanks
  3. Helios quantum 4 20x80 IF binoculars with triplet objectives. Pristine condition, used just a handful of times briefly. Selling due to having little time to use since my situation has changed, also my garden fence is now owned by tesco hence major light pollution from car park Would prefer a collection from Staffordshire or a meet if you like. These give stunning views of deep sky and I did get them out last night on jupiter and seen 5 pin sharp moons along with the planet. All optics are pristine, mark and dust free, never even touched the glass. All eyecups a
  4. Hi I own a pair of helios quantum 4 20x80 triplets, I have only used them half a dozen times due to being busy, hence my lack of activity on here, but I'm really impressed by them, but there pretty heavy and can be hard to hand hold for any length of time. It's a very personal and individual choice with binos and if possible it's always good to try before you buy, even just for weight and ergonomics. I think my quantums will be up for sale over the weekend once I've taken some photos, just because there lack of use. Gary
  5. Exactly my thoughts, that's all it took for me many years ago! Onwards and upwards from there, but my first views are my most memorable..
  6. Thanks nightfisher, yeah not expensive but surprised me to be honest.
  7. Well I couldn't resist having a quick mess with this scope. Bought it for £20 with eq1 tripod, complete as new, who wouldn't have a dabble for that price! Ok, I know your all going to say it's a toy and steer clear but I was very surprised, and as some of you may know I've had and still got some bigger scopes. But having got it set up in the garden I noticed firstly alot of play in the focusing tube and it wobbled about a bit in the assembly, I believe there like that, so I removed the focusing tube and placed a shim of plastic around the inside of the focusser assembly so the tube slides up a
  8. Esde optik 20x80 made in Japan. I don't actually use them anymore no time but there razor sharp and a joy to look through.
  9. Leica trinovid 10x25 :-). The moon is nice through em..
  10. Forgive my ignorance but what's this ba8 about it seems to be popular in descriptions at the moment, is it something new?
  11. Cheers all, I must admit I like the look and price of the strathspey one, it looks sturdy...and its cheap enough, cheers for the link..
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