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  1. Just turned on TV 5:45am today and a program called made in Britain was on and they are at Orion Optics in Staffordshire making the omc-140. You may of see it before but I think it's quite new as it's the carbon version. Link below. Enjoy https://www.itv.com/watch/made-in-britain/2a5692/2a5692a0028
  2. I have just bought some canon 10x30IS mkII For birding I find the detail I get and the view is far better than my Swarovski. This is just due to it being sooooo steady, it's very pleasing. So brings be onto astro, anyone used them? Only got today so not tried yet but interested to hear what people say. Thanks Gary
  3. Just looking at reflector telescopes by stellalyra, they are more expensive than the skywatcher equivalent. What do you get for your money and are the optics the same as skywatcher or better? Thanks
  4. A common problem on skywatcher focusser is the rubber perishes and split quicky for no apparent reason. I have seen rubber o ring fixes, but I have sourced some self adhesive neoprene rubber the exact dimensions for the focusser, just cut to length as it's on a roll. Here's my replacement.
  5. Always used a laser collimator for years on reflector telescopes. But recently got this and for £6 it makes life alot easier . To me the process is easier, no poorly collimated lasers to collimate your scope this time. Takes away the obsession too with any slight misalignment with the laser. That's all! Cheap n cheerful.
  6. Welcome aboard, I did the same, had a break for about 10 years and got back into it about 2 months ago. Loving it again, but still looking for the keeper scope. Good luck and clear skies.
  7. All finished, mirror cleaned and centre spotted, mount and ota re-sprayed, inside tube fresh coat of blackboard paint, all works as it should. Mirrors in excellent condition. Motor works fine and complete with power supply. I'm very happy how it turned out. The colour is true to original. Complete with all accessories, filters, cross hair, 15 and 25mm eyepeices and 3x Barlow all in great condition. Enjoy. Gary.
  8. I think Astrobiscuit on YouTube is by far the most engaging programme to watch.. in fact he'd be great on TV.. genuine enthusiasm he really knows how to capture your attention.
  9. I'll post the spray I used tomorrow as it's in the shed now, but it's amazing, nice colour white, and quick drying. It's come up nice. I'll paint the inside with blackboard paint tomorrow. Then onto the mount.
  10. With living only 30 minutes from Orion Optics UK and still never been, I thought I nip over and let John check out the mirrors from my newly acquired Tal 1m project. They were fine and he advised not to waste any money on recoating, I did however ask him if he could put a spot in the middle, he cleaned the mirror again before applying the spot for a nominal charge, at least I know it's central and will make collimation easier. While he was doing it I had a look in the small showroom, it maybe small, but it's nice, the the telescopes on display were phenomenal. We chatted about a future 6inch f8 planet killer I want to order with them with 1/10 pv optics . I'll be ordering this soon, next week probably. I asked about the spec PV of the skywatcher mirrors, he reckons about 1/2 PV to 1/4 PV if you get a good one, that sounds reasonable for a mass manufactured telescope mirror. But I fancy getting something top notch for once in my life and for the cost, which is about double that of a skywatcher 150PL 6 inch f8 I personally think its very reasonable. Looking inside the tubes, they are really dark and obviously it's not blackboard paint, apparently it's something NASA designed and they now use, I bet the contrast is amazing. Trying the focusers on the VX range in the showroom they felt sooo nice.. look and feel quality. A few photos from today. Any thanks to John for being honest and helpful. See you soon for my VX6L. 😁 Enjoy. Thanks Gary
  11. This was mine yesterday morning, then an hour later.. now that's dust.😭
  12. Thanks for the comments, shame your too far 😉 but it does work.. even if it failed for £20 I'll move it manually lol.👍
  13. My 1.25in eyepeice seem to fit snug..it's a 1996 one so hopefully it's a 1/1/4.😁
  14. Decided to split the carrier and just put the mirror in lol.. I also used a couple of spots of fairy, worked amazing. Not going to go mad, looks really nice now. Thanks Gary
  15. Just aquired this, what's the best way to clean this settled dust off mirror. When they say detergent, what detergent can I use with warm water to let it rest in a bowl? Washing up liquid? Thanks Gary
  16. I acquired this today for £20. It's all complete , needs a clean and stuff, but nothing that can't be sorted. Motor works and come with adapter. The tube is full of cobwebs and stuff from being left in garage for a few years, but luckily the mirrors look fine apart from the webs and dust. If there knackered I will get re aluminised. But initial inspection looks good. Think I'm going to like this one, the mount is rock steady . Any tips appreciated. Gary.
  17. Mark Thanks, was thinking Orion optics as there close but they don't list a price for a smaller mirror like mine just a 6 inch.. surely they'll do it.. I'll check the other you mentioned too. Thanks Gary
  18. I'm restoring a Russian Tal 1 telescope, but the mirrors need re aluminising, think there 100mm primary, who would do this job for me who's good? Thanks Gary
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