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Hello from South Africa


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Hi all, My name is Garth and I'm an alcoholic..... well some times :)

I'm from a small town called Heidelberg in SA. I'm pretty much a adventure freak and Adrenalin junkie, but recent business commitments have restrained me to my house and only short getaways. I was lured into Star gazing/astrofotography several years back when relaxing next to a camp fire passing time, by staring into space on a clear dark night. i has taken me time to tell myself to go head and get what i needed, and as usual, i have gone a little over the top with what i bought, but glad i did.

Now i am a slight insomniac, so staying up all night to look at the stars has been easy for me,not so much for my other (better as she may say)Half.

I have to admit learning all that i need to know about astronomy is a bigger learning curve than i thought it was going to be. i was a little nieve in the beginning, but now that i know what can be learned and seen, only pushes me further into "space".

So far I'm loving every minute spent outside with my telescope and a drink in my hand. Frustrations have been many but are dwindling as i learn the inns and outs.

So once again, hello to all the members in the SGL.

And i look forward to seeing all the great images, and hearing about

all the great outings members post and have.

Cheers :)

Garth (AKA: Slysalamanda)

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Thanx guys

As john has asked, here is what i use.

My scope is the Astro-Tech 8" f/8 Ritchey-Chrétien (Have a look)

on a celestron goto CGEM mount (have a look)

Im using a Cannon eos 7D DSLR

Guiding with PHD & webcam or LVI SMARTGUIDER on a Celestron Astromaster 70

Sky conditions are 90% of the the time no clouds in the winter and about 60% no clouds come summer.

Fairly low light pollution (3-4 on the scale) as im far from any major citys or large towns. Milky way is very bright for me.


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Hi Garth big welcome to SGL, nice to know about the cloud variation where you are. My wife's got family in johannesburg and they keep on about us going over for a visit. Sounds like it could be a spectacular sight at night.

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Hi Garth and welcome to the forum.

There is a lot to learn but you don't need to do it all at the start. Eventually the dots do start to join up to give you the bigger picture - Keep going!!!

Clear skies


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