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  1. Skywatcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 Reflector Telescope on eBay (end time 13-Nov-10 17:55:00 GMT) Bargain!!!
  2. Even better if it already comes with the lead. Excellent! Thanks for that
  3. If I buy this Maplins powertank/jumpstarter - 3in1 Portable Jumpstarter : InCar Battery Chargers and Compressors : Maplin what cable will I need to buy so it fits my 'scope (SW MAK 127 GOTO)? I'm assuming this is how it works i.e. a cable is plugged into one end of the powertank and the other end of the cable goes into the mount of the 'scope, and there's no need for a mains supply to be used. Is this correct? Thanks!
  4. Yup! I've found one by Orion and one for the SW 102 MAK but not one like this. I wonder if it only comes as a package and you can't buy it on its own.
  5. Thanks for the input folks. Hey, does anyone know where I can get that SW 'Travelmax' carry bag from? Otherwise I think I'll email SW and see if I can buy directly from them. Cheers!
  6. Interesting! I wonder what the difference is? I'm not going to bid on it as I already own one. I just came across it and wondered what the SP was all about. Good luck if you decide to bid, milkyjoe. It's a bargain atm. The MAK 127's have been going at very good prices on eBay recently, especially the GOTO's.
  7. Just been doing a quick eBay search and came across this - Skymaster Skymax 127 AUTO Telescope on eBay (end time 07-Nov-10 13:56:51 GMT) If you look at the 3rd picture you'll see the box the 'scope comes in and on it it says 'MAK 127SP'. What I want to know is, what does the SP stand for? I've not seen this before on the Skymax 127. I've done a Google search but not come up with anything? Also, I didn't know the Skymax was called 'Skymaster Skymax'? Just curious. Thanks! PS: Anyone know where I can get a carry bag the same as the one in the photos. I'd love one for my Skymax 127
  8. Wednesday evening was pretty clear so I set-up my new Skymax MAK 127 and got some viewing in I wanted to view the Moon the most but unfortunately I only got to see it for all of 3 minutes. However, what I did see was awesome Can't believe how close it was and the detail was amazing! I look forward to viewing this the most in the future. I was sad to see it disappear below my next door neighbours garden fence after only a few minutes of viewing though So I moved over to Jupiter which was a nice sight. Got to see its Moons and a slight banding if I looked hard enough. I couldn't for the life of me set up the GOTO as I didn't know which direction to select for the brightest star alignment lol. However, I left this for a later date as I knew the clouds would be setting in any time soon. I stuck to moving the 'scope to where I wanted it without using the GOTO (still automatic with the handset though) and this was fine. The tracking feature was excellent too! I couldn't imagine using a 'scope without this feature, I really couldn't. One thing that's not good is the battery pack. OMG, they run out super quick. This was the first night of using the 'scope and the batteries are already very low (the 'scope started to move slower and slower) lol, so I will be investing in a battery pack from Maplins. This is an essential if you're using a SupaTrak or GOTO 'scope. I'm surprised they don't include a battery pack with GOTO 'scopes. I mean, GOTO' are not cheap so that's the least they could do IMO (maybe I'm asking for too much though) So yeah, first nights viewing in and I'm very pleased. Can't wait to explore the Moon in more detail!!!
  9. Very creative I like it!!!
  10. Hi, welcome to SGL Is this it - Helios Newtonian Reflectors I was going to buy a Helios 'scope myself. I found out the Skywatcher had taken over Helios so I got a Skywatcher. * Clear skies *
  11. You didn't? Mind you, a 200P + mount and extras for £130 has to be the bargain of the century. Wow, that is what you call a deal. I don't think I could of said no to that either I hope Astro Boot gets it to you quickly! Keep pestering them until they do
  12. Thanks for understanding. I definitely think this is a problem that can be sorted though. Oh, I was meant to say Astro Boot, not Astro Buy & Sell
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