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  1. nable to attend myself this time round but I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.Fingers crossed for some clear skies.... and if not it sounds like you will all be making merry anyway! Have fun :drunken_smilie:
  2. Hi Greg, Definately interested. Would need to sort stuff out with work and transport issues but it is a great idea and it would be fantastic if it all falls into place.
  3. I can't believe that- just down the road! The man I tried to contact last year is still the chairman....but because he did not reply I had to assume the society was no more. Oh well... may check it out at some point though I will be away for the next one.
  4. @fatwoul yes I see you what you are saying. My sister in law also works at the Uni so will have to get her to keep an ear to the ground.... As for Plymouth Astro Society I don't think they exist any longer, unless anyone on here knows different. I am aware of the Skywatcher group that meets in St Budeaux,though I have not been yet and maybe someone on here knows more about them. @Mike73 I just checked out the Callington Astro website but it seems they have broken up for the summer and their next meet is not until september now but worth bearing in mind. Thanks
  5. Well done Richard for starting up a Devon and Cornwall members section. Good news. As for the cream tea debate- when I am doing my own at home I am a bit more random and am not sure which way round the cream and the jam is 'supposed' to be so I just do what I feel like at the time!!!! As for the pasty - it's got to have swede in it and that's that!!
  6. Hi Fatwoul, I realize that this is early days but is there a chance, once up and running, that the society would be open to the public? Or will it be solely set up for the benefit of Uni students?
  7. 44 on friday! I got into astronomy when I was about 11. My brother and I got into it together bourne out of a curiosity for aliens and UFO's and Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. We would look up in awe at the night sky wondering what those "moving lights "were. My Dad told me they were satellites but I was having none of it!!! I recall watching the launch of the first space shuttle in school. As a child it was a totally awesome event. We knew Neil Armstrong had landed on the Moon and had seen the footage but this was happening in my lifetime and I was watching it as it happened- who couldn't be inspired at that time?
  8. You are a biker aren't you? Just told my partner that a new local person had joined the forum and he recognised your name from Rideout! :)Small world!
  9. Hi Sirclickalot, Welcome to Stargazers. Hoping for some good skies in the next couple of weeks here in sunny(ish!!) Plymouth.
  10. Only just caught this post. I think it is a excellent idea. Most star parties are the other end of the country. I would definately be interested. There are quite a few new members in the Devon and Cornwall area and I am sure you would be able to get a fair turn out.
  11. I have been searching for a DSLR myself and after much research decided it was going to be either the Nikon D5000 or the Canon 1000d. I was swayed at the last moment to the Canon. I tracked a second hand one down at London Camera Exchange in Derby but I was not quick enough and it was gone within a day of me seeing the advert. They were selling it for £289 body only. Looked on ebay etc and most still seem to be going for £400 upward. Currys and Argos were selling it last weekend brand new with 18-55mm lens , strap, battery and charger for £349. I figured that wasn't too bad- so I treated myself!!!!
  12. Hi Steve, Welcome to The Lounge from a fellow Plymouthian.
  13. Hopefully get some shots up soon. Not finished yet though!!!
  14. Well done Dan. Nice job! I am about half way on mine now. I am using upholstery fabric and a heavy duty curtain interlining.(Starting to think it is a little too thick for my machine though!!) I have not seen anything over here like the mylar lining you have used. May go down the velcro route instead of zips- definately not my forte! One thing is for certain -my scope is going to be well protected for transporting in the car.
  15. It is gi-normous- supposedly the largest in Europe! Can't see it from Plympton though!
  16. I have been trying to design a carry bag of my own to fit my 130P. I work in a fabric department so thought I might be able to knock something up. I did try stitching bubble wrap between the layers but my machine didn't like it very much!! When I have a completed article it I will post a picture up.
  17. Ha!-No really.....they're not!!!! Not even in the same league:D:D:D
  18. Hi Jannis- yes always use the filter and it does not come off until the scope is back in the house. Thanks Guys. Will have another go this evening if I get the chance. It was the first time I have seen Saturn since was a kid and so I was quite excited to finally get the opportunity to image it. I had been out for a good few hours by the time it came into view (first clear night for ages) and I was freezing! Maybe needed a couple more layers and a bit more patience!!! Thanks for the tips will definately try them out.
  19. Am trying to image saturn through my 130p with spc900 webcam in sharpcap. Can't get any image on the screen no matter what settings I am putting in.It is clearly visible in the eyepiece. Have been imaging the sun this afternoon so I know it's working. Can anyone give advice on settings I should try?
  20. Well I was going to put the images I took today......don't think I'll bother now!!!! Well Done Brian -awesome!
  21. Check out spaceweather.com. It will tell you the names of the spots and shows current activity.
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