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  1. Sad times indeed. Mayfield was used by lots of people and groups and will be sadly missed.
  2. Hi Jase...I HAD a ten inch Dob ( no longer sadly) and as I struggled to carry it in and out of the house each session, I quite often wished for a Flexy...If I go 'DOB' again it will be a Flexy...
  3. It's been like looking through 'Lost and Found Dept'...anyway I've found it now. Didn't realise it had moved until this morning...
  4. Hi Chez and Malc...how ya doin'?...sorry to hear your move wasn't quite what you expected. I got rid of my 10" Dob and swaped it for a Celestron 127 Mak... Easier to lug around...not really had time to use it yet 'cos of the b****y cloud and trying to work out the self alignment system, anyway if you decide to organise a meet for stargazing at a dark (ish) site, let me know.....I'll keep an eye on the forum. Clear skies to you both.
  5. Hi Mark...I ordered a SW 250PX Dob from RVO and it was here within the week. The after sales was very good and they are a Knowledgeable and friendly lot. IMHO you can't get better local service....clear skies to you and.....(up the Owls!!!..lol)
  6. Hi mark and welcome to SGL from me in Sheffield 5....clear skies to you.
  7. That is just how I travelled with my 10" Dob and never had a problem with it...it never even needed any serious collimation after travelling either....much easier now though...I swapped it for a Celestron 127 Mak !!!...clear skies to you.
  8. Welcome to SGL Lou, from me in Sheffield...you sound just like me with changing equipment....clear skies to you....
  9. Ah! you mean **** ???..hahaha you just gotta laugh !! Welcome to SGL...clear skies to you....PAL.
  10. Hi Pat from Hull from Pat in Sheffield..(after having lived in Hull for 21 years..West Hull, Alliance Ave, just off Spring Bank West)...clear skies to you.
  11. Hi Dan and welcome to SGL from me in Sheffield..enjoy your stargazing and clear skies to you.
  12. Patrick1948


    You certainly did jinx the sky Andy !!!!...welcome to SGL from me in Sheffield.....clear skies to you.
  13. :icon_eek: Last night/this morning was one of the best observing sessions I've had for a long time. It was my first serious stargazing session since I traded my 10" Dob for a more manageable Celestron 127 Mak and goto mount....and I miss my Dob so much !!! I was set up and waiting by 10pm and it still looked like mid afternoon!!! anyway, as soon as I could see three bright stars I launched into the sky align...(after meticulously leveling the tripod)...failure after failure.....four times I tried, very frustrating...is this common or is it just my ineptitude ? Anyway after realising the eyepieces I had (scope standard) were not very good I settled down after a successful alignment and tried the tour on the handset. Well...the scope pointed every where but where I wanted it to. More understanding needed, I suppose it would help if I read the manual !!!! I pointed the scope in the general direction of Cassiopeia and settled down with the 25mm eyepiece in and just bumbled around observing the open clusters there. This was about 12 midnight....next time I looked at my watch it was 2.45am!!!! Nearly three hours of totally unstructured star gazing in one constellation....what an enjoyable evening I had!!! I am really missing the big aperture of the 10" Dob but the 127 Mak is more manageable, and like they say, a good scope is one that is used.....by for now and clear skies to you all.
  14. In that case, Count my Celestron 127 SLT Mak as well.....not looked through it yet, only traded my 250 PX Dob for it yesterday...B****R off clouds!!!!
  15. What an interesting thread, well done Manok101 for starting it....my first interest in Sci-fi was at a very young age when I read my first episode of ....'Dan Dare, Pilot of the future'...in the Eagle comic. In space battles, the evil Mekon, and Dan Dare (RAF) and his faithful side kick Digby, saves the world. I graduated to Jules Verne and then 'A Canticle for Leibowitz' a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by American writer Walter M. Miller, Jr., first published in 1960...from then on it was hard science fiction all the way...Azimov, Clark et al. The best thing for me and what got me hooked on Astronomy was watching the science fiction slowly turning into fact with the advent of Sputnick and the space race, with moon landings, Shuttle developement and wider solar system missions......it's so sad that this has virtually stopped with the imminent closure of the Shuttle program .......Anyway thats my story and how I came via messers Verne et al , to love astronomy....Clear skies to you all.
  16. I moved from a Celestron C 6 N on a good mount to a SW 250px Dob...manual not go to or tracking. Like the quote from Callisto says "10" all the way. I'm in my 60's with numerous health probs, but transporting the dob from house to garden, or house to car is no problem at all...AND ... the views are fantastic. A 10" will last you for years. Clear skies to you and good luck with your choice.
  17. Hi Stargazers...It's been months since I had the Dob out in the back garden, what with coughs and colds and the ever present clouds...but tonight I got a good hour and a half in before the visibility went haywire again. I was really disappointed to miss most of the Winter skies so tonight I braved the bad light pollution of Sheffield and looked skyward.. The new Dual focuser worked a treat, though I still can't get on with the Telrad...I think I need to build a box to stand the Dob on to give me more hight to overcome the bending difficulties !!!...Anyway the first target was Saturn and once I found it in the scope it took my breath away...pin sharp with a 10mm ep and x2 barlow...not a deal of colour but managed to count four moons. I am dead chuffed, made the night a sucess. As I had a pause with a cup of tea, I looked up and the ISS powered across the sky and shortly afterwards another sattelite whizzed over. One more look at Saturn and the gang of four, then the visibility got worse so I packed up and came in....GREAT night, in spite of the light pollution and poor seeing. Night all....
  18. Patrick1948

    I confess

    I hope you get your kit delivered soon Isabelle..(same name as my three year old Grand daughter..but her's is spelt with an 'O'... Isobelle). I must admit I share the same trepidations as you with the collimating of my Newt. I've got a Laser and a Cheshire and STILL I baulk at the idea....but...like you say, "It must be done!!!".....Clear skies to you mon ami and give that half wolf a pat for me!!!
  19. Hi Iain, welcome to SGL from me in Sheffield...clear skies to you.
  20. Hi Clint, and welcome to SGL from me up in Sheffield...you'll love the 250PX Dob and you'll be blown away with the views you can get on a clear night....join the 'Dob users group' in the Community section (Social groups) and you will get a great list of modifications you can do to improve your viewing....any questions, just ask and someone, somewhere will give you an answer.....Clear skies to you mon ami...
  21. Patrick1948

    Tibbs Blog

    Enjoyed reading your blogs, Tibbs. Your enthusiasm is contagious....I've caught a good dose from you!!!. I look forward to seeing your images when you get your DSLR sorted...clear skies mon ami...
  22. Hi Andy and wife, welcome to SGL from me in Sheffield...clear skies to you.
  23. Go for a manual Dob and spend the goto money you save on eye pieces. It will (IMHO) be more worthwhile star hopping and learning your way round the stars by nudging the Dob around than pressing buttons and letting it do it all automatically. I have a 250 PX solid tube and find no problems lugging it about (and I'm 62!!!)....Whatever you decide, I wish you clear skies and many years of enjoyment.
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