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  1. Hi Michelle welcome to SGL from Doncaster!
  2. 1. Has Light pollution got worse over the last 30 - 50 years. If so what effect has this had on your Astronomy? -- Yes,definitely with light pollution in and around Doncaster i've noticed a greater difficulty in viewing the stars. 2. How have you or haven't you tackled the problem of light Pollution ? -- Tried contacting Doncaster MBC re street lighting and pollution never heard a thing. What with cutbacks etc not exactly a high priority by the look of it unfortunately. 3. What effect does light pollution have on your telescope ? ( How have you got around this EG filter kits) -- Intend on trying some filters if and when i get chance. 4. When you were a child could you look up every night and see the stars from where you lived ? ( If answer is no when was the first time you saw a proper night sky. -- Being ahem! 57 this year as a child of the 60's i can very clearly remember looking up into the night sky and the Milky Way was very visible,prevailent weather patterns allowing of course. I've lived in the same area all my life btw so have noticed viewing changes over the years, Ah for the old days
  3. Nice to know Dave as i live in a terraced area with visible stars to now and south only.
  4. Wow!! very nice well done mate, what equipment were you using may i ask? If i can one day get shots like that i'd be very happy.
  5. A power cut and clear skies would be welcome though the incoming weather makes the clear skies highly unlikely
  6. Good news for Sheffield be nice if neighboring Doncaster do it as well but i'm not holding my breath
  7. i'd be tempted to use a motion sensor alarm hidden on your neq6 if you had one just to be on the safe side. If they can carry heavy rolls of cable, metal drain covers etc, they can pinch that too Emad
  8. When X Factor (or the S Factor as i call it, figure it out ) comes on i insist my wife records it and views when i'm not around, i detest that show and others like it. The death of decent drama programmes as far as i'm concerned. Failing that i'd go look a painted wall drying its far more interesting
  9. Sweet camera you got there mate, coincidentally i've been out today with 'Mrs Klytus' and bagged me a d600. I felt abit sick afterwards spending all that money but as you say its a hobby for grey days too eh?
  10. Well i knowing not much about AP at all, like it alot especially as its a first attempt
  11. looked at at your astrobin page Steve, very interesting. Now have it bookmarked thanks.
  12. I can not believe it the camera playback glitched a few seconds before liftoff, when the picture caught up it was already off the pad grr!
  13. Brilliant and very moving.
  14. Lucky shot on the part of the bird i'd say
  15. Hi and welcome Tony, yea agreed everyone is very helpful and friendly here. There's always someone who'll be able to answer a question here.
  16. Sorry to hijack thread slightly though found the above very interesting. Going past one of those cash-convertor type rob dog charge 1000% Apr etc shops today i noticed a Canon 1100d going for £189 just wondered if it was a bit of a bargain and what i should be looking for re any faults etc. Would have liked one at Christmas but SWMBO said no chance too expensive.
  17. Never get tired of watching these,many thanks
  18. Very sad state of affairs indeed re viewing the Milky Way, as a child of the 60's i could very easily look up from my backyard and view a veritable forest of stars as well as the Milky Way. Always lived in my home town and sad to say these days the chances are slim to remote if neigh on impossible because of light pollution . Would love to try get to a proper dark site this year and view the heavens as i did as a child.
  19. Can't decide if he's having a laugh or not, I certainly had a good chuckle. I suppose its one way of funding our 'addiction' but i'd rather show for nothing and maybe encourage more people to join our ranks.
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