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Hello from West Wales


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After asking for advice in the newbie section I thought it rude of me not to introduce myself first..

Im Daryl in Westwales (which ive read is spose to have some of the darkest skies in Western europe, dunno if thats true?)

So im guessing thats a good start living here and only a short drive to the Preseli mountains where light polution is very low, actually the local council now turn off the lighting in my street after midnight which makes a huge difference when looking at the night sky, so I may be able to get some good views from the front garden, living in a bungalow also gives a better field of view lol

Always been interested in the night sky but never really gone into the technical details, I just like looking at the stars, watch all documentries concerning everything to do about space etc but no matter how many pics you see theirs nothing like seeing it with your own eyes.

So will be taking the plunge soon and getting my first scope in a month or 2, I believe there was a club in this area but all links and info concerning them seem to be broken and all emails have been returned undelivered.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the views.

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Many thx for the warm welcome.. forum certainly has a friendly feel to it.... last few years our summers have been pretty wet though not as bad this year, winters are generally not that cold and are dry, so hopefully will be taking full advantage of the location

Hi Daryl, welcome to SGL.

What scope do you have your eye on?

Most likely a starwatcher dob...though not sure which model yet.

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